i can see my breath
hanging heavy
with sighs and apologies
vapor filled with
warmth from my
steam powered heart
steadily pumping
brackish sludge
through failing organs

breathing out these
accumulated cumulus
a tempest rising
in frozen effigy
icicles jutting from
tear streaming eyes
stalactites grown in
statistical anomalies
to pierce deep with
every forlorn blink

wrapped up as snug
as a bug in a rug
with a cold front of
depthless depressions
in a seductive dance
with sudden hot flashes of
anxietal melancholies
as my breath expands
in a billowing fogbank
of languished longing

your smile
stoking the embers
of this flailing
perpetual emotion machine
sputtering stoically
into the calming waves of
serendipitous surrender

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