Dear readers Hello, my name is Mike and I am addicted to music and writing and Her. It could be worse, it could be drugs. So I have slipped back into the spell of Idles since they did an NPR Tiny Desk concert Thursday. I’d gone cold turkey for months and suddenly the spiders danced […]

tonal deafness

i am prone to musical obsessions falling into a band no other satisfying for weeks on end once kicked i avoid them for a bit afraid of relapsing into the catalogue of brilliance again so excuse me while i play joy as an act of resistance on repeat for the next couple days or weeks

another empty poem

in his mind she was a buffet of extravagance a feast for hungry eyes for tasting tongue for savage desire a cornucopia of earthly pleasures wrapped in the most delightful package he was hungry as well he realized mixing metaphors combining hungers knowing neither would be satisfied with empty turns of phrase empty ability to […]

on icarus

the common misconception is the wax melted causing the fall another angel to plummet down ever down into the soil of an unmarked grave lost to the annals of time it was the cold that made the wax brittle that wilted the feathers it was poor design based on apprehension forged in fear laid out […]

rats, bats, goldfish and ravens

feels as if a rat has taken up residence in my head gnawing at the wires short circuiting the connections between real and dream feels as if a rat has curled up in my chest slowly devouring my heart until all that remains is the wispy memory of a fully functional being this body of […]


there is a fortune of misfortune in a plethora of ideas but an inability to settle upon one so i write a thousand words in each as an exercise to stretch my brain on the assumption one will stick my faith in my abilities has been greatly tested not in my words but the chance […]

she sleeps i sit happily

i listen to her breathing just grateful to share time with her sending my love to her as she sleeps does she understand the simple joy i receive simply knowing she exists that everyday is brighter because of it the contentment of a life with her after so long searching giving up in the face […]