dreamglass whispers

scorched earth left salted as we tip another glass to the burning bridges of yesterday’s smiles the clouds mushroom to kiss heaven

rammakins of diuretics left in lucid daydreams of fishing on the shores of toxic spills off the coast of her fevered breaths and moans

we writhe on the burning sands lost in one another gyrating to the slapping waves of burning petroleum as it sweeps over us

there is nothing subtle about orgasming into the abyss as the flesh is burnt to cinders nothing quite like the flash of pain

letting the seed soak into the ashen ground while staring into one another’s eyes to see the nuclear reflection of absence

let the waves of purification wash over your bare flesh as we fall apart together to blow on the winds scattered across the land

deteriorate into nothingness in my embrace my love to be born anew in the shadows of tomorrow’s last gasp of delight

drift into temporary permanence with me as the sand in the hourglass is glazed over into shards of dreamglass whispers

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