sixth state

in my scientific endeavors to help propel mankind into the 20th century (look around and really tell yourself this is the 21st, i will wait) i have discovered a new sixth state of matter a shade off of antimatter yet flavored with the same essential spices and oils to give it a flavor that has […]

hypoglycemic merry go round

in my dismay with heavy handed strokes i have painted the veil of misery in anthropomorphic shades of unsubstantiated morose to drip down the heavens forming a hard candy shell along the sedimentary cracks of belief. with steady hands on shaking ground a hypoglycemic merry go round a carousel of mixed metaphors in languid repose […]

from dream to nightmare

as the nation burns in protest to an ever increasing set of of what is tinder to the sparks of orwellian dystopia and the old wounds that are never allowed to heal in the face of systemic racism and abuse become cyclic as if by rote and planning while no one is looking is when […]

comet’s chasing tails

they chase their tails like mongrels in the tepid day while i sit sipping whiskey waiting for it all to end. this grotesquerie nothing but the flaccid afterbirth of another fetid wish abandoned in the sewer drain of tomorrow’s lost desires. can you see me? or have i fallen from grace to plummet headlong through […]

harvest moon

she called it an indian moon that giant orange orb staring balefully down at us in the too bright night as the world seemed soft around us i learned later it was called a harvest moon which always happily reminded me of neil young’s heart of gold and her long brown hair there was magic […]


it will always be the way that curtain swayed on the spring afternoon as she left that breaks me down into my elemental sorrow her scent wafting towards me in a final kiss goodbye as the lace danced in the wake of the slamming door that signalled an ending there are days i sit sipping […]


the steady trickle since old mother reagan falsified a war on drugs while taking the news out of reporting now we need not question what is real or false in every facet of our stream how dare they point out the lies how dare they correct the ones that deem themselves above petty inconvenience such […]

blinded by inability

the optometrist asked me to read the lines of random letters in progressively smaller fonts until i fell inside myself looking at the random scars and open wounds in search of sense she found my myopic internal view of the cavernous hell that resides within my mental landscape is twenty-twenty while my ability to see […]

sundered failings

learning to be satisfied is a foreign concept to me. the turbulent seas keep life exciting even if for all the wrong reasons. i sometimes wonder if it weren’t for the constant feeling of sinking beneath the surface the oceans themselves gently waterboarding the will to live, what would i do in the calm waters […]


it begins with the quill the pen the pencil the hammering keys the plastic board the tapping screen no it begins with a whimsy a sharp pain a barely held sob a ray of sun a biting wind anxiety depression love hate awe splendor all i know is it begins then it grabs ahold of […]

ebon eyes vixen

just wasting your time in these circular discussions of pre-revolutionary war statuettes of dominatrix spinning about among the branches of the canopy that shields us from the blank stare of god herself rationality is fleeting like pre-orgasm promises whispered in the sweaty sheets of adolescent radiance in shades of need begone begone frail vixen with […]


cool as a cucumber or cool as a corpse the level of frigidity rivals that of antarctic revulsion the blackened skin brittle flakes left like gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs through the glacier of redundancy an indifference or insignificance left to infiltrate the fragility in the wake of buffeting sorrows last respite

OneLeggedReviews on Hunger on the Chisholm Trail

Hunger review This is a humbling and wonderful review of my debut novel, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail. I’m not used to or prepared for receiving praise as a rule. This made me ecstatic. I am not a typical writer on the best of days. When I was approached for this series, my first panicked […]

humdrum king

he was the humdrum king of the dingerdoo nation. filled with thumbs, whose faces were a whirl of fleshy whorls. he smashed the bits of half baked notary notions into the batter of battered remains with insolent insignificance baked into cakes. scattered matters of gumdrop fools with insulin memories of chocolate streams. the fallen marshmallow […]


i live in a constant state of waiting for the other shoe to drop. actualizing every possible way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. a self fulfilling prophecy based on the recurrent data of an entire life spent in a crater as the bombs fall around me. of huddling next to a lightning […]

a few of my favorite things

a mud puddle soaked through my favorite sneakers, the world weary glances from all of the tweakers, small plastic baggies loaded with a variety of pills, this realm is a hell filled with peril and chills all of the people with masks covering faces, six feet apart in all of the public places, there is […]

either way out

the full gray arteries eventually spill themselves out into the openness of texas after so long snaking through the filth of dallas to the west running over the waves of the hubbard reservoir as if snatched from the lone star transplanted elsewhere the red clay tiles on false pink stucco signals the cabana impossibilities of […]


does the water running from the tap to fall insolently into the unglass of petroleum flavored plastic ever yearn for the freedom of it’s ancestors does it relish the breaking of the shore in tiny nibbles to return all to the bottom of the seas that once were inseparable from those above and below is […]


the rain slapped at the concrete as the sluice runs down the side of the overflowing gutter to crash down over the entrance to the causeway the coffee pot trilled out to the new day of fresh caffeinated sludge to coat the tongue from the bitter taste of memory all along the railing outside the […]

a crow

i found myself hopping, curiously like a magpie on sticklike legs the angular prism of thought; catching the errant rays of burnt umber in the collander like diffusion of confused post adolescent squallor. the stream filled the soft dusk with cacophonic distillations that swam across the vast emptiness between reckonings with a heavenly keen not […]

waking in longing

there were these faint amber pulses that seemed to flicker at the very edge of the very edge of the very edge of my vision whenever she came into the room. like the iridescent trail of glitter a cartoon fairy leaves behind her as she darts directly into the face of a villain. they sent […]

peculiar vintage

she looked haggard hard worn given up of pretense settled into who she had been molded into by external pressures she didn’t care what you thought didn’t need your opinion sure as shit didn’t ask for your help thank you very much i liked her for the very earthen quality of simplicity and expectation she […]

distemper and sin

she says the lack of polish the pitted veneer of the regurgitated nonsense i spill is infuriating to the image of poetry she demands with flowery utterances piss poor forced vernacular to appeal to the pretty people that stand in fields of ochre reading pedantic rhymes to one another in a bland facsimile of poetic […]

vile serenity

she painted her disdain like frida kahlo sketching in pursuit of identity in the traditional colors of indecisive need i was her canvas to cut carve reshape then splatter with blood bile spit and pure desperation in huddled need magnified she wrote her dissertation along my ribs with hammer and stake like oppenheimer having shaking […]

new constellations (a hint of (un)poetic

do you remember staring at the stars that night lying on the hood of the car, still warm as the chill air surrounded us watching our breath blow clouds into the sky orion’s belt seemed cocked at a funny angle and we laughed that could have been around his feet as lupus and lepus pranced […]

morning coffee

neither of us were fully awake yet as we sat sipping coffee watching the sun lazily make it’s way up in the east she looked at me with a gleam over her steaming cup with an unspoken question of why we left the cocoon she groaned and stretched with a sinuous grace that made the […]

last cigarette

i just stood next to the fence smoking the days last cigarette as the neighbor dog threw itself at the fence’s backside snarling slobbering the affront of this bald stranger daring to encroach the sacred territory the acrid smoke in the already fucking hot air the constant creak of the fence boards as the idiot […]

greasy smear

i don’t set out to write scene when i set out to write a poem, i don’t fret about syntax or word choice or really much of anything i let my finger trail in the waters around me picking up whatever fragments the song chooses to sing in hushed tones sometimes that is all it […]


she saw the white picket fence as another set of bars but she played along for the sake of appearances long sleeves to cover scars self perceived flaws cracked while desperately trying to stay unbroken she is the brightest soul that blinds you with a single smile. she doesn’t see it that way. he sees […]

the woods

the basket rocked in her hands as she made her way through the all too quiet darkened forest a howl in the distance set the silken hairs on her ivory neck to standing her heart began to thump within the woolen red hood as she thought of grandma waiting at home for the meal she […]

gaping expanse

as i pulled the ripcord watched my carefully packed clothing fly into the air around my flailing form it was only the lack of oxygen that killed the laughter bubbling in madness out of my raw throat i may leave an ugly corpse but the crater will be one people will talk about for years […]

soft upon the breeze

i was naught but a moth seeking the light only to find myself ensnared in her web the more i struggled against the bonds that held me the tighter they wrapped themselves soon all that was left of the me that had once flown so freely through the warm summer air was a dessicated shell […]

on surfing

i have never surfed never balanced on the crest of a wave as it threatened to fold over swallowing me in the endless brine but i have skated the edge of a total breakdown as the world crumbled beneath my motionless feet requiring deft motion to slam shut the door to demons cackling in the […]


she trickled little anise flavored kisses across the pallid skin of eternity with the unrestrained sexual force of a hurricane damaging all who dare cross her path. she is a behemoth of mottled rage beneath an exterior of divine beauty. as easy to love as an umber sunset as impossible to hold as the gale […]


the rustle of fabric alerted me to the fact that i was not alone the figure blended into the shadows as if stitched together by the same diaphonous darkness a low chuckle wheezed from my liquid-filled lungs as the knowledge of whom my visitor was dawned across the haze of fever thanatos, i murmured he […]

puffs of art

he sets aside an hour every afternoon for arts and crafts. quiet time to create. pensively gluing macaroni noodles to the construction paper in seemingly random places until the scene he sees comes to life. once he knocked over the plastic vial of glitter sending tiny pieces of silver and green like an avalanche across […]

dead patches of joy

i may never paint a scene like vincent but i can most certainly understand his mindstate. i may never write as well as edgar but i will always be able to feel his pain. the more i dive into the lives of the greatest the more i find hairline fractures that trace the agony within […]


i may be the villain in your tale but my story sees it from the opposite end sort of like how marilyn choked to death on pills after she had already been long dead it’s all about how you spin the story putting whomever you prefer as the victim letting yourself play white hat so […]


her anger was embers my reaction an inclination to pour accelerant across the floor of our house of cards let natural tendencies take care of the rest. her passion was an inferno my reaction was to smother the oxygen from the bedroom leaving nothing to fend off the encroaching ice age. ours was a shameless […]

winking out

the grass beneath my feet seemed to wither to fade from verdant life to brown nothingness of dust to blow about as if the bankrupt nature of my very soul was leeching the very essence of existence from the sphere beneath and she sat there in her loveliest dress watching the ravens with an abstraction […]


it was that flying dream again not the falling not yet just soaring right over the lapping waves the storms off in the distance weightless painless thoughtless the wind wrapped around me like a funeral shroud a teeter a totter as physics begin to take hold but i choose to forget the thereafter lying awake […]

cave in

her smile managed to invert light an anti-chromatic spectrum of imaginary hues a hint enough to quench the superheated center of his indomitable will to cave in


it appeared one of two conditions had been met upon his possibly once striking visage either a swarm of bird sized mosquitoes drained him into the perfect recreation of a human raisin or this man was potentially seven thousand years old he smelled of talcum powder old spice and aggravated rot in a hunched over […]


every poem is a tiny cut while a novel is full organ removal both an offering from the fool to the universe neither enough to justify the pain. slicing chunks of reticent flesh to grill in front of curious onlookers looking for the next big thing. keep walking. nothing of substance to be here.

origami dreams

fold me into an aeroplane launch me across the sun dappled waves to soar face first into the rubble of formerly civilized vistas. make me into a crane with elegant wings to settle on the shelf with the dusty remnants of all the dreams left to decay as life makes another crater in the place […]


they called it a tragedy called a lot of things throughout history tragedies tragic events that have befallen innocent souls. the issue is that to call something tragic means there is something more to this eternal cycle of atrophy than living to die. clawing the uncaring soil in hopes of leaving a mark on a […]


he woke up with a headache as the rains fell outside he realized there was no point in the day nor most of the others as well so he readjusted the pillows scratched himself then went back to sleep. there is always tomorrow. most likely.


an ember slowly turns to ash as it rides the thermals to land casually in the corner of an unsuspecting eye. through teary discombobulation the dissolution of reality becomes less hypothetical fully embracing the disaffected disinterest of atrocious dystrophy. but sometimes a good cry is all that spans the void of suffering.

News and reviews for Hunger

Excellent Review for Hunger on Goodreads And this one I was floored with these great reviews today and yesterday. The nerves of having my first novel come out have been playing hell on my mind. I have no issues with poetry, flashes that come and go. But hoping to convince someone I can make you […]


there was an air of situational racism nondenominational fascism free range sexism topped off with cheerful alcoholism it was just where we grew up. right from wrong was smudged into a gray area. some most escaped with scars a fluency in innuendo with a smidgeon of hateful terms in a hidden locked away part of […]

whistling through a wish list

i wonder aloud to myself as i add items to a wish list that will never be fulfilled where do all the dreams wishes hopes that are ignored go to die do they just become calcified bits that cling to the soul weighing it down until the slowly sinking shade becomes so encumbered that hell […]

sail boat

and out on the white topped waves the sail boat sailed as it was born to do. she could be lying on a fancy bed in a ritzy hotel but she had chose lying on piss soaked newspaper on a cigarette burnt carpet in a run down apartment in any city in any state excepting […]

a prompt from Chris Miller

her tears were like acid on my heart leaving etchings of longing that scarred the inner ventricle of daydream. the rapture of her gaze left lines of burning devotion down my spine as the evolution of her seeming revolution hammered nails through the phantasmal miasma of everyday lies.

acceptable losses

can the coroner tell the spot of impact that sent ripples along the supposedly solid core making hairline cracks that raced along the obsidian cage painstakingly crafted to keep the beasts at bay? or will it be chalked up to just another case of broken hearted despair? does it matter? in the grand scheme of […]

evolution in reverse

i don’t recall transforming changing becoming something less than. yet here i sit broken a flesh bag filled with crystalline emotions left in fractured shards that slowly saw through the bands of atrophied muscle to spill onto the overcast sidewalk of the same nightmare hell as always. the acrimonious harmony of wheezing for death or […]

a tease of (un)fettered, van gogh’s other ear

i will never make truly beautiful art women won’t sigh their hearts won’t skip a beat their breath catch in their throats at my words i’ll never be matisse rembrandt whitman braugtigan neruda or bukowski my name will never be uttered in hushed tones but still i write destined to be forgotten van gogh’s other […]


there is an absurdist beauty in a funeral during a pandemic. the grieving forced to maintain six feet of sorrow betwixt the maximum ten allowed to silently watch the box get lowered. even the clouds above seem disinclined to break the new norms. the world now has a tinge of a meth smile as everything […]

good intentions

never have what is needed never get what is wanted. the invisible man with the empty account a blank slate no name no recognition. if it were not for the overwhelming sense of loneliness filling the hollow desperation. i would be as devoid of will as i am of talent. another arm of the abyss […]


i can’t even make myself the hero of my own tale. just another passing pedestrian walking down the sidewalk of someone else’s book. and i am just so fucking tired of it all. never mind. i am sure there is someone doing exactly the same thing that you should give your attention to instead. i […]

mother’s day

in the beginning there was darkness, the waters above were seperated from the waters below, and as if by magic with a flick of her finger against the light switch there was light. most likely also yelling that it was past time to get lazy butts out of bed. every cut every scrape every bruise […]

saline rivers

it’s the things left out the words unsaid. the plans made with no prior notice the hidden agenda. these make the wind feel strangely artificial as the things once thought known were proven myth by the emptiness of doubt. another daydream cast into the ashtray of abstract longing. of all the four letter words none […]


is it more graceful to say as of late i have considered retirement rather than admit i feel beaten and just want to quit? as if that way i am going to that same farm stray dogs are sent to there will be plenty of outside time we can mill about speaking pedantically on what […]

than gold

i have a friend she is a goddess that once masqueraded as a barista. she plucks the emotion from the breeze to lay lines of pain across the sands that slowly give themselves to the sea. another friend is an artist a mother a butcher of moose a maker of jellies. she takes photos physical […]

or not

she scribbled frantically as i numbly made coffee we both muttered at each other not to when i came home her scribblings were in an envelope that smelled of her perfume this became the last trace of her as far as the rest of my existence was concerned whether i wanted it to be that […]


she smiled at me sadly a storm in her eyes the only thing we shared in common was slowly dying by inches inside

close up

he realized just how much of his life was framed by a dirty windshield like the laziest director was in charge of the motion picture of fumbling incompetence. he isn’t insane not totally not yet but he is constantly watching for the credits to begin rolling. he doesn’t remember auditioning for the lead role in […]

varying shades of naked

there are varying shades levels of nuance to her nudity. she could lay naked on her back droning endlessly about something so mundane the majesty was lost. or she lay on her stomach hips arched ever so slightly inviting exploring lips tongue or fingers. usually all. stomp her way into the room toss herself onto […]


my future is so clouded like the l ron hubble telescope introverted with an as yet uncorrected lens. some days feel exactly like what i assume being caught in a whirlwind of angry owls whilst naked trying to figure out what delicate bits to cover knowing eight arms is never enough. i dream i am […]

wrong lane

the birds fly carrying bits of yarn in beak to build a nest i imagine. the burden bears down upon me as the hollow bones ride the air above. and i feel a burning inside to matter to build a nest or be the string in which it is started. it feels like everything points […]


there is a fracture a convergence that makes it impossible to decipher the dual nature of your slovenly soul are you just fraudulent so wrapped up in the lies you effortlessly spew or simply so freudian that you don’t see the simple truth as laid out by your mother’s sultry touch. the dreamhammer slams the […]


she would send me snapshots of heaven. i would pen missives from hell. there is a flow in this dichotomy as her halo appeared dulled my weeping wounds began scabbing later as i viewed the world from the bottom of another empty bottle i would remember those glimpses into the other side with the fondness […]

cathedral of hope

i woke to find part of me had gone missing over night. the problem is with so many missing parts how do you tell a new gap from the old. the ever dwindling cage of consciousness bones or impulses keeps the array of insidious worries doubts fears and misinterpretative dance numbers to damn near overflowing. […]


they say both the few survivors and the lying bastards each, that the sight of the city burning the flames high in the sky as no building was spared. you can tell by the look the hidden hunger that flashes in their eyes the real from the pretenders. when they describe the oily smoke of […]

overdue thank you

i have been luckier than i have any right to have been by the people that have come into my life. i am a bad friend. there for you during mania gone for months in the spiral. but when that connection occurs no matter how long it lasts the imprint is forever. i think about […]

Hunger review and milestone

Chris Miller reviews Hunger A biased and glowing review from Author Chris Miller. And I was alerted that my debut was number 1! Holy cow. I’m beyond floored. Thank you to all who have shown me their support. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, available now.

river’s wit

he spills lines of darkness infused with light. it is an art. the deft strokes that draw you in to the battered heart of the matter. then you get to know him. he is hilarious. kind. generous. and. kind of an asshole. that is his secret. a rapier like wit. you somehow find yourself enjoying […]

pc3’s scowl

he has a way surgical precise. he stares at you with an intensity that crushes. it is the scowl of legend. truly. then he talks. the illusion is shattered as you try to make sense of the slurry. you cock your head in confusion. he snaps the scowl back on. as if you are to […]

chris’s lament

one time i got kicked in the testicles. it was an explosion of intense pain. i felt instantly nauseous. i fell to my knees on the gravel ignoring the sharp stones against my boney knee caps. then i saw her shoes. even through the tears falling down my cheeks i couldn’t help but admire them.

one line

in the thrall of sleeping pills where the world is syrupy slow the will is sapped serenely but the events of the day leave the mind cloudy with excitement that won’t quite wash away the random screaming agonies. win some lose some remember the small victories even in the face of crushing defeat. it’s funny. […]


this jagged edge is too much for me to navigate so i have decided to just sit for a spell let the raggedness of this world of pain settle into my weary bones. it isn’t the setbacks but the continuous line of them that tarnishes the spirit. i am a stargazer looking into paper bags […]