News and reviews for Hunger

Excellent Review for Hunger on Goodreads

And this one

I was floored with these great reviews today and yesterday. The nerves of having my first novel come out have been playing hell on my mind. I have no issues with poetry, flashes that come and go. But hoping to convince someone I can make you sit still for around 200 straight pages?


So far, the response has been wonderful. Far more than I expected and still question if I deserve. But I do what I do, and that is forget what I just wrote and begin the next thing.

What’s that?

Dang. So much. We finished our nine novellettes experiment as Cerberus. (The brilliant PC3, Maestro Chris Miller and me). I have read all nine of them. They are each so varied and amazing. Six of them at least. But I like what I did. A lot. Probably wrote my favorite piece (Baptized in Lethe), maybe my most David Fincheresque action film (An Incident at Barrow Farm) and first attempt at summoning Algernon and HP to come play (Fifty Words: A Decline). And what the other two did? Double Dang. We keep saying you’re not ready. You’re not. Together we made something special. You’ll see.

And in August comes (un)fettered, my second collection of poetry. Potter’s Grove Press did a fantastic job with this. I’m not ashamed to say, it is a wonderful book. I hope it can get out there.

And I’m still plugging away on that epic poem. Halfway done at 24k. It’s a beast and a beating at once. But I think the best things are painful to make. Hope it holds true. Then there is the new collection of shorts I have four new tales written for. And so much more. I am bursting with ideas.

And no small part of it is due to you, dear reader. Your support as I churn out daily poetry. Your willingness to read my words is a gift I cherish. Truly. Thank you.

The Fool,



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