he floats on emotional currents like a kite bare skin catching the airy dismissals going ever higher until in an instant they turn into concrete to crush his flimsy sense of self into a ball of loss splayed across the barren earth he sees the hawks drift in lazy circles the ravens watching from the […]

pointedly pointless

another coin tossed into the wishing well another wasted quarter another unheard plea shackled to the dream of belief of hope of tattered rags spun into formal wear the mice turned into horses to pull the pumpkin coach cinderella worked her hands to the bone to die penniless while her step sisters married into nobility […]


the sides of the elevator were made of glass as i rose higher floor by floor it became indistinct if i was rising or if the building around me was lowering the rational part of my brain said of course i was going higher by means of pulleys and cables but the dreamer wondered if […]


the difference between propaganda and advertisement is which side of the poverty line you find yourself on butterfly or moth both desperately hungry as a caterpillar to sleep in the same cocoons the only difference between prison and gated community is the location of the razor wire if they want you in or out


i have always loved by the train tracks there is something soothing about the rumble rattle of them passing in the middle of the night the fascination of the former coal fueled metal dragons crossing the landscape like blood cells following the iron arteries the wild west was conquered by the train and telegraph the […]

dallas at 11:36am

she shuffles down the sidewalk in a dirty pair of slippers with smiley face socks crying softly to herself as she listens to a voice on the other end of the phone he walks down the street with the cocky swagger of someone who has absolutely no clue about the state of affairs around him […]

too early to be so damn late

the elevator smelled like urine with flickering yellowed tubes above dirty green linoleum beneath the empty hallways seemed like something right out of a horror film a squeaking sound from around one of the blind corners set his nerves on edge the cleaning woman smiled nicely as he swallowed the lump in his throat smiling […]