abstain (darkness as a lover IX)

i watched carefully
as she stroked
the petals
of the flower
in the wan light
of the moon

my breath caught
in my throat
as my eyes locked
onto the slight motion
of her fingers
gently at play

her eyes
were closed
her teeth biting
down onto
her bottom lip
as she spread it open

the nectar dripped
it’s sweet scent
calling to me
on a level
i wasn’t aware

low moans
filled the room
but from her throat
or mine
i couldn’t be
quite sure

she dipped her finger
into the swell
of the flower
with a shuddering gasp
i longed to be that digit

she whispered
in the quiet
of the night
to me
me to breathe

asking me
to join
in this subtle dance
in a low
throaty voice

i shook my head
afraid to speak
my will
feeling very tentative
at best
as i stared

she smiled
knowing the painfulness
of abstaining
from something
i so clearly
wished to take part in

as she lay there
met my eyes
as her gardening
took a tinge of frantic
as her mouth formed
a delicious o of pleasure

16 thoughts on “abstain (darkness as a lover IX)

          1. Well. When I open up mike ennenbach (not literally) I hope to read mike ennenbach, so I’m grateful that it sounds like you.
            You and I have spoken erotically often enough even though we laugh hysterically while doing it, so, that’s like mike too 🙂
            These poems are pretty too, just like mike

            Liked by 1 person

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