placid sway

there was a way an ethereal sway to the hidden currents making her hair dance as i stared in horror at her broken form just beneath the placid surface she appeared as if under glass poorly formed by an arthritic glass blower at the end of another long day with sore hips and back i […]


as i shed this skin like a diseased pauper loosing my spoiled meal into the gutter of indignant spite the wretched clouds that mask the cerulean skies cast naught but bitter spittle down to smear the rot of this incomprehensible failing across the cobblestone streets that spiral leading deeper into the nowhere of lost ambition […]

earthquake (darkness as a lover X)

as the sunset over his shoulder the last flickering rays gave way to implacable dark the stars awoke from slumber the moon peaked it’s head out from behind the clouds and the world fell to shaking around him buildings swayed as tectonic dismay pummeled the ground below as night blanketed the sky above all he […]

abstain (darkness as a lover IX)

i watched carefully as she stroked the petals of the flower in the wan light of the moon my breath caught in my throat as my eyes locked onto the slight motion of her fingers gently at play her eyes were closed her teeth biting down onto her bottom lip as she spread it open […]

kitten (darkness as a lover VIII)

her brown eyes catch the light as she stretches luxuriously on the couch a low purr rumbles in the back of her throat her taut body on display in all of it’s sublime sexuality i watch the shadow of it my tongue across my lips in an unconscious display of hunger a growl emanating in […]

mornings (darkness as a lover VII)

she loves him so fiercely in the night under cover of darkness because she refuses to rise in the morning without him against her evenings of passion as the sun sets they move as one locked together then as the sun rises she fights as ferociously as she makes love against waking she is not […]

sleep (darkness as a lover VI)

his eyes grow heavy yet sleep remains elusive when his eyes close as darkness falls over him he feels her hands gently roam across his trembling body shivers of need course along his over active nerve endings his mind needs sleep yet every cell in his body aches for her he lets the dark envelop […]

execration (darkness as a lover V)

she made eye contact from across the room her lips pursed a calculating look in her bottomless brown eyes it was accidental that he caught that gaze one in which he flushed bright scarlet she stared even harder he never heard the word execration until much later but when he did he knew the feel […]

embrace (darkness as a lover IV)

the lush grass wet with rain from a rambling little storm against my bare feet as i luxuriate beneath the onyx blanket of scattered diamonds the heat of the day turns into the heat of the evening with humid breath against sweat slick skin her sky is azure brilliance mine muted by light pollution a […]

starlight (darkness as a lover III)

she is insubstantial as starlight brightening the sky but the light diffuses right before lightening my spirit a wisp that floats dark against the night smoke that lingers with a heady scent of lavender loss on the breeze this constant ache replaced with sorrowful reminiscences does she see me as i see her a shadow […]

the entrails of tomorrow

black hounds bay with foam flecked maws at the silvery orb in the mist filled onyx canopy iridescent amethyst pulsates across a spectrum of indecent mirage to irradiate the sullen sorrow of contentious wonder hark hark the lark doth trill a song of hopeless heartache the stars blink in mad horror as the darkness becomes […]

it was(darkness)

it was(darkness) the unbearable act of being, the unenviable task of breathing, the uncompromising struggle of seeing it was waking up day after day after day after day after day after day it was the incomprehensible burden of living in the skin that carried the brunt of too many after school special come true with […]

got a light

the wind suddenly died down it had been a howling hell beast for the last couple hours now that it stopped it was eerie how quiet everything went silent i have seen enough horror movies to know this is probably a portent of something horrible so i casually got up and reached to lock the […]


she might not have been the One but she was the one my heart was set upon a simple stroke of the shift key maybe life would have turned out differently the ceiling looks lovely tonight nary a hope left in the darkness

dire beauty

black tar tears blister and bubble down her cheeks rusted nails across the dirty glass of her soul she has been seasoned with needles of stringent regret and left in the heat of tortured passion the tinkling keys of a piano played like the loose teeth in her smile an angel with moth wings and […]

for she is death, my love

she comes pale as the frost so light on her feet she dances rather than walks across the darkness one with the shadows a shimmering monster of ethereal grace she comes to me as sleep encroaches, to open a vein and feed upon my dwindling strength, she is the night, pleasure and pain with long […]

as the world crumbles beneath her

she’s barely holding on as the world crumbles beneath her the sun didn’t rise this morning it hasn’t for so long now she’s forgotten what the warm rays feel like everyday is filled with cold winds of regret and remorse but she keeps getting up continues to check and when the darkness is all she […]

something to be feared

everything seems to find a magical way of getting worse but i keep on moving the cement blocks on my feet and chains around my neck all they do is build the muscles famished from oxygen deprivation my neck is like a bull’s in a yoke from tilling the farm my spine replaced with diamond […]