something to be feared

everything seems to find a magical way of getting worse

but i keep on moving

the cement blocks on my feet

and chains around my neck

all they do is build the muscles famished from oxygen deprivation

my neck is like a bull’s in a yoke from tilling the farm

my spine replaced with diamond

and in my head the stress has hit and fractured like light through a prism

is it insanity

or perseverance

doesn’t matter

all i know is i may be irrevocably broken

but never down for the count

i rise stronger and more determined from every trial i go through

strengthened and hardened into something more than human

a cobbled together golem

a homonculus

dr frankenstein would be proud of this creature

now i just need his secret of necromantic art

so i can raise a partner of my own

one who has tasted the dark and revelled in it’s cloying taste

one that can stare down the barrel of a gun and laugh at trivial things

it doesn’t kill

it beats and batters until you become a shade of your former self

a demon made flesh



something to be feared


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