1332, words

the putrid stench worked it’s way into every crack and crevice of death and misfortune as if a portal to hell were opened and out seeped the smell of endless torment eyes water gag reflex engages cramping it pervades all it comes in contact with desperation and loneliness a cologne made with distilled heartache and […]

bent, words

i understand why junkies would rather risk overdose and death than quit the junk why smokers always return adrenaline addicts jumping out planes it makes sense because dreaming about something and waking up with the feel of it in your skin and then feeling it fade away all that is left is the intoxicating need […]

redux, words

is it possible if you try really hard maybe live a good life charitable kind nurturing could it become plausible in the realms of probablility even for an instant to find the inverse of this impending doom to wake and not shrug my way into this automaton form fuel the machine interact with the intricate […]

become, words

when i needed someone most there was no one there the silence was deafening as the momentum gathered and rock bottom was the only stop that was when i realized how alone i truly am as i claw back broken fingernails like little bloody outgrowth on the barren walls it is this that i cling […]

about love, words

my daughter asked me about love the other day we talk about everything openly and honest drugs, religion, politics i always tell her exactly how i feel but when she asked of love i froze was I supposed to expound on the virtues of love the butterflies, tingling electricity at every errant touch, the endorphin […]

ouroboros, words

had a breakthrough i don’t know how to handle when things are over i’m incapable in the middle of twelve books but unable to finish one of them just start another binge watch something until the final couple and let it linger but it is a state of flux i’ll snap to a new mind […]

nevermind, words

instead of mirrors the world would be a much more wonderful and strange place if we could see ourselves as others do no reflective surface needed no taint of inner turmoil which manic stage are we at today the one where everything is beautiful nope it is all shit the mirror is a one way […]