traffic, words

traffic like a herd of angry lemmings

all headed to the cliff edge

but vying for first over the edge

am i the only one who wants to live

to not plummet to my fiery doom

to just make it one more day

for the promise of sweet lips as a reward at the end of the daily struggle

feels that way this morning

i assume ham overdose has them grumpy

all the brain left the considerate portion of their brains for their stomachs

all distended and bloated

uncomfortable confined to the rolling prison that send them hurtling to the day of confinement after a long weekend of too much family

drinking and worship

big meals little arguments

or perhaps they just hate the lives they fake their way through

that sounds legit as well

all i know is the meteor shower i find myself a part of

navigating the currents of insanity and rage

i just want to get it over

crawl back into my cave

and soak in the silent murmurs of my nothingness

too early for road combat

this psychotic dystopian present

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