five more, words

must have been something in the air over the weekend

and by that i mean pollen

tons of it

my allergies had my head gripped in a vise

even medication was laughed at

and it seemed everyone was in a bit if a mood as well

sad, suicidal, disappointed, let down

just generally down

well today is monday

and i’m here to say they aren’t so bad

a fresh start to the week

a clean slate as it is

or i woke with no headache and have a joyous feeling of freedom and flight

it won’t last

like a junkie on the second day clean

i can move mountains

until the work day begins

and it will

very soon

as the coffee drips and i sit in my boxers

contemplating getting dressed and beginning movement

broken sleep not weighing me down yet

once those socks go on it starts

and they sit there forlornly

i meant to read last night

laid down with every intent to do so

and fell asleep by nine thirty

dozed on and off

thinking of how quiet it had been

in a bad mood

imagining scenarios i somehow messed up

things i did wrong

and sleep took me

so as i lay in this small dome of hope

about to be broken by those accursed socks

once i pop this bubble it all becomes real again

and i don’t know what will happen

here goes nothing

or everything

five more minutes

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