bad mood, words

brandishing my fists like an outlaw with a six shooter

rootin tootin bare knuckle brawler

spitting blood and teeth in equal measure

i don’t back down

it ain’t in my dna

got my ass kicked a fair number of times

but i never quit

never laid down and accepted defeat

chipped a couple teeth with my left hand

broke a couple noses with my right

these knees have pulverized

these elbows go for the throat

so when you say you’ve seen some shit

i understand

but when you feel like stepping up

get it straight that it ain’t over until one of us cannot stand

you’ll be pissing blood and seeing stars

i’m not scared of pain

i live it everyday

what’s another concussion or two

not like i’m pretty to begin with

i have nothing to lose

can you say the same

run on back to momma

go on

there is no shame in rabbiting from the bad man

tell your friends i had a weapon if it helps save face

convince your girl there was three of me

i’ll forgive but never forget

now decide

is there a spine back there

a brain attached

what are you gonna do


walk away

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