(un)titled halloween

the mist gathers at the feet of the tombstones a swirling fog obscuring the brown grass the weatherfaded plastic flowers left in half-hearted memoriam the moon casts a baleful glare down upon the cemetery cold uncaring as the scene of loss becomes a cloud of distant malaise a single howl shakes the too silent land […]

(un)titled home

the taste of her on my lips the feel of her against my side as she mumbles sleepily how long has the bed been empty devoid of dream lost with no anchor to keep me in place against the turbulent tides her gentle breathing in a room so silent for far too long waiting for […]


this sudden flash of intense intentionality sends quivers down an already jelly like spine introvert introvert hiding in the dark introvert introvert tinder waits for spark the need to ravish lavish speak a language of erotic nonsense hiding biding waiting for time to end another surge intentional intensity sending spasms down an already vapid dream


it is all gray grey dimmed demure distressed the entire world blanketed by clouds in a state of never ending storms unpossible to tell if it is the artificial lighting or the sun desperate to show it’s face it is all gray grey shuttered solemn stupefied it isn’t the end of the world just the […]


i speak in spiral staircases in the quiet spots of my mind rounding each level to end up exactly where i began i can no longer tell if the thunder is in my head or shaking the windows as it rolls constantly in and without when i shut my eyes every sound sends flashes of […]


the emptiness seems particularly alluring as the gravity of low wave emissions from the satellite heart careen off of yet another comet bearing down on the tragedy of lethargy solar radiation tickles the marrow of bonethrust beneficiaries impossible to get bearings when the lodestone prefix is randomized in the flames of fallow indignation can you […]


she shivers like a fly in a web sending teases of desire rippling across the threads of silk attracting the spider in search of an easy meal