too tired to hope

damn the laws of nature that keep the waterfall from flowing back up the craggy spires of time

damn the laws of physics that make it impossible to understand the bumblebee’s majestic flight

damn the stars damn the sky damn the infinite cosmos with it’s immensity in the face of reality

ever expanding with the greedy mouth of toothy devotion laid out like the most succulent feast

damn it all back into the stardust back into the mist back into the corpulent corpse of divine regret

damnation is yet another roadmark on the winding trails of the blind crawl into cold forever

contemplate your navel the inane scar that once connected you to the matriarch of bitter ruin

damn the sun for shining the moon for reflecting the wind for blowing the world for spinning

so damn the smiles the frowns the unblinking eye of infinity damn it all because i am too tired

because i am
too tired

too tired
to hope

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