winter wonder(land)

she stabbed again and again with the blade made of ice so in the end there was no trace of the means to this end just another puddle of red diluted down to a sheet of black ice on the highway of lonesome travelers searching for home on a dead end lane she wanders with […]


this latest zeitgeist is one of looking away looking through never really seeing not caring for anything but keeping the status quo opinion is only accepted if it fits the mold the latest loudest lamenters find acceptable all else will be decried as hate heads down eyes averted comply or comform fit in or fall […]

thus the angel sleeps

years of acid rain have pitted the ivory stone from which she was cast yet never once in her vigilant watch has one of those beneath her gaze risen yet after so long keeping guard over the restless spirits interred under her wide spread wings the facade begins to crack as even the most virtuous […]

lush lifelessness

john coltrane plays a wistful riff that echoes down my flaccid soul playing against the vertebrae introvertion of another nightmare left festering across the sleepy pockets of my mind in daydreams like this i know i am just the soft piano accompaniment to the staccato high hat that shivers in the lulls between notes the […]

self distressed expansion

the universe slows down for me in brief moments of clarity these insipid seconds stretch on and on until all of infinity itself can be boiled down into a craven feeling of fear and remorse these singular instances dance across the cerebellum like sparks drifting from a lightning struck tree split in twain deep in […]