vellum prayers

the ravenous raven aflight on ebony wing to perch precariously upon the shoulder of sweet sorrow

the darkness harkens to serene motion in faded sepia languish laid out like a flayed offering to bored gods

the waves batter the unseemly seawall in decadent need for sluice to fill the ever empty belly of dreamhate

solemnly they stab with wicked implements of inquisitional torture seeking the black heart of hemmoraged hope

the raven preens itself as light plays in greens and royal purples down shimmering pinions of opinionated peril

the poet pulls a feather which illicits a shrill caw before plunging the quill in the flesh betwixt thumb and forefinger

the inky blood pools beneath the obesity of sullen reflection as he scratches an ode to a she far from his embrace

of ebon feathers set adrift on stagnant winds until naught but dessicated words dangle haunted on vellum prayers

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