dine alone

i am well aware
that on a list of
dream men
to sweep you off your feet
carry you away
to a land of
dreams come true
fulfill your wildest fantasies

i am most likely
going to fail
at every turn

if hearing rambling odes
to birds trilling of
where they store
the bodies of
their vanquished enemies
nefariously plotting
tennis balls
with a sense of freedom

just bleak
depressive lines
mined from real
emotional disarray

i am
most readily
good for a weekend
or so

anymore and
even i
cannot stand myself

check expectations
at the door
prepare yourself to think
what is wrong with him
in increasingly
alarmed tones
and get ready for
a diatribe on how
the bushes outside
reek of brimstone
as demons scurry
among the branches

it’s all i bring
to the table

i tend to dine alone

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