dastardly intent

a silhouette
in the tree
sits staring
into the lone lit window
a shadow
among the dappled branches
swaying gently
in the early morning breeze.

she undresses slowly
in the full length mirror
watching the reflection
running hands
slowly down
the supple flesh
a lesson on self love
desire happily given.

the silent watcher
cares not
for the flesh
on willing display
it stares
with dastardly intent
palpable in waves
of rolling hunger.

as the sky becomes
with pink streaks
to unveil a host
of gray and reds
staring diabolically
at the bird feeder
hanging off the balcony.

to the squirrel hoard
formulating a plan
of attack
the neighborhood
ginger tomcat sits
patiently waiting
to complete the cycle of life.

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