Sir Travis, an introduction

At his funeral he insisted that his corpse was to be interred at twelve feet deep, a second corpse, one of a beggar was then to be placed at the normal six foot depth. They thought him insane. But being a last request in sound mind, at the time at least, it was done. That […]

Faces, words

as i stared in the mirror while shaving my head my mind wandered to you, as it has become prone to do in moments of quiet reflection, in the mirror reflection of another world where things might have been successful the last thing you said was that it was the last time you would ever […]

Rent-a-Man, words

started to see my failings, my dreaming heart, my romantic streak, my insecurities as a business opportunity, a chance to turn all this hypnotic jiggle and subversive intellect into cold hard cash, a little side money as the side piece boyfriend rental, want to feel like the top of the world and the only girl […]

Trash Folder, words

if i sent the messages i type out to the people i type them out to i think they would call the police or an ambulance, or maybe poison control the only real relationship i have is with my depression i would hit send but there is no point i spend time crafting them, changing […]

Last Breath, words

how long have i been holding my breath i remember holding it, sucking in a huge lungful until I felt my lungs would burst, my chest expanding, a burning feeling it feels like forever ago was it a month ago spots dance before my eyes and i try to remember how to exhale this gust […]

Dual, a testimony

growing up with alcoholics is living in a dual singularity some days are the best and every one laughs and the party feels like it shouldn’t even end, everyone loves everyone and life is as good as possible, my job as waiter and professional beer fetcher is one, as a child, i took pride in […]

Dismember December, words

repeat, retweet, react, rehash rinse and repeat the cycle all over again my mind has become a contortionist, an origami wizard, able to take the same three thoughts and repackage them as wholly new look, a swan now it is a dove now it is the crushing realization that it is december that fucking swan […]