Dismember December, words

repeat, retweet, react, rehash

rinse and repeat the cycle all over again

my mind has become a contortionist, an origami wizard, able to take the same three thoughts and repackage them as wholly new

look, a swan

now it is a dove

now it is the crushing realization that it is december

that fucking swan was always the dove which in turn was always the crushing realization that this year is almost over and all I have left are the eggshells of a former life

walking on these eggshells like a pachyderm with vertigo, this is how the deserts are formed

bake at a constant temperature of too fucking hot, wait until all moisture is gone, bake longer

then cast the winds across the kitchen, never ending until the dried out husk is broken

repeat until all that is left is a fine dust of everything you ever held dear

now throw yourself into the wasteland and search for the evaporated hope

stay there

let the heat pull the liquid from your very cells, Golgi apparatus and mitochondria tearing themselves apart trying to keep the cell wall in tact and running at optimal performance

now divide and try again

the giant eye in the microscope looking down on you, silently judging your failings and watching you flail about in your own petri dish of discontent

worn smooth by the barrage, all jagged edges and rough spots perfectly circular and precise

now put yourself back together and do it again, but better this time, put your back into it

the eagle comes at sunrise to eat your liver

that boulder seems mighty comfortable, mind if we chain ourselves up next to you

the waves erode the rock into sand, the winds erode the rock into sand, the lovers erode themselves into bland misshapen versions of the they they were once were

the bitter cold changes us into new versions of the we we once were

the silence erodes the words until they become biting mockeries and novelty acts in place of the great debate

argumentative and seldom sought, slighted by the same image that once brought glory

the stories are different but the end result is always the same

replaced, defaced and disintegrated by the foolish want of an immature elder statesman

hydrated, water boarded and whipped into shape by faceless men in black ski masks that just want to know the truth

felons and falcons and fallacies and fundamental laws of quantum molecular displacement theory set afire and branded heresy by those that couldn’t get past the second line

the second try

the second time

the second place finish in a solo marathon one second while this gumbo of inefficient codified self made remedy reaches its boiling point

let it stew

true boil is when the bubbles do not form at the point where heat is applied but throughout the entire formula

formulaic and benign

shifting from state to state to change at the molecular level, apply frozen nitrogen to change the crystalline shape

what you have before you is the same as it was but in a new form

so is it the same

chemically speaking yes, reductive and demonstrative, no

rinse and repeat until the compound, compounded by trial and error, confounded by trying and air or, denounced and despaired at the thought of deglazing the dish of self perceived foibles

fables and fiction and friction and redactive polarizing forces

negative and positive, prancing prose and ragged orifices

mediocrity in moderation, oedipal inordinance, enuii instigating inept intuitions of religious biodegradation

thirty more days and this year falls into the rearview, like lighting the fuse and never looking back as the world burns

thank goddess, fuck the past, future forward and fully erect

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