map of nowhere

i bedazzle my clothing with panic buttons in case of inadvertently crossing paths with other people as i stomp my way through the mythological lands of mirth filled indignation a dogeared copy of the art of war clutched tightly in trembling hands as the cold of summer’s shadow breathes onto exposed skin sending lines of […]


the crow peered down over the battlefield with milk white eyes unseeing of the carnage below circling the stormy skies as rivers of crimson run in spurts and sprays from mangled forms it’s lone caw echoes as the screams of agony become one static burst in the chaos of war


the world is blanketed in white mist as rain teases from above there are too many souls roaming endlessly in pursuit of that which is freely given yet hidden behind facades and here i sit wishing for five more minutes with you

heavy handed

my life feels like the lyrics to a tom waits album left in the garbage bin because it was too hard to relate to just the memory of his rasping voice calling out to the gutters where the drippings of famine and family once supped a punk rock version of cardstock with safety pinned pinings […]

What I am thankful for as a writer

What a year. Seriously. I am blown away. And still have 2 more coming in December. For those of you that might not know, this blog has been going for just over 2 years. It took a while for me to find my voice and grow as a writer. But beginning in March of this […]