it’s cold in this land of codependence home of the pharma deadened media controlled rancid melting pot of a fatal traffic accident on public dismay the roads covered in black ice hazardous to unseeing eyes unfocused by the steady drip of narco supplements in the water supply the dotted white line becomes a deafening blur […]

(un)social media

they are so caught up in being righteous they act as dictators telling us what to like to feel who to befriend it is a mob mentality no longer sated with moving on or ignoring that which we disagree with public shaming personal attacks not seeing the line between them and that they hold so […]

an ode to seeking something close to fitting in

i wish to curl up bend my limbs into a fibonacci sequence find nature in the unnatural recombinant strands of innocent abuse a simple pavlovian response to the indecent orchestral arraignments drifting on the theorems of the bell curve the bell jar the latent depression of existence crack my painful joints into whatever patent pending […]

passionate dissent

blood seeped from the open wound where once a sparkling amber orb had lain sweat from pain and exertion flowed down the lined forehead to sting the remaining eye with a salty lick it isn’t as if he asked for this life of constant misery the struggle the fight the rampant need for violent discharge […]

(life)less need

the rind falls off of the fruit exposing the rotten soft flesh of putrefaction a sickly sweet smell of sugar mixed with decay rancid like the sickness that affects every living thing in microscopic bursts of entropic intoxication kiss me like we are not slowly falling apart ravish me as every cell breaks down ligaments […]

transcendental tragedy

it was a transcendental tragedy told in three parts in the end all that remained was the stain of what could never be scattered light across the pieces of shattered soulstuff littered along the dimly lit lane of heart ache magnified