map of nowhere

i bedazzle my clothing with panic buttons in case of inadvertently crossing paths with other people as i stomp my way through the mythological lands of mirth filled indignation a dogeared copy of the art of war clutched tightly in trembling hands as the cold of summer’s shadow breathes onto exposed skin sending lines of […]


the crow peered down over the battlefield with milk white eyes unseeing of the carnage below circling the stormy skies as rivers of crimson run in spurts and sprays from mangled forms it’s lone caw echoes as the screams of agony become one static burst in the chaos of war


the world is blanketed in white mist as rain teases from above there are too many souls roaming endlessly in pursuit of that which is freely given yet hidden behind facades and here i sit wishing for five more minutes with you

heavy handed

my life feels like the lyrics to a tom waits album left in the garbage bin because it was too hard to relate to just the memory of his rasping voice calling out to the gutters where the drippings of famine and family once supped a punk rock version of cardstock with safety pinned pinings […]

What I am thankful for as a writer

What a year. Seriously. I am blown away. And still have 2 more coming in December. For those of you that might not know, this blog has been going for just over 2 years. It took a while for me to find my voice and grow as a writer. But beginning in March of this […]

childhood holidaze

dad is drunk on the couch while the turkey slowly burns the big plans become forgotten at the bottom of the twelfth can i am stoned in my bedroom with the music way too loud trying to drown out the sounds of fighting in the living room it is another wasted thanksgiving a stroll down […]

should be

the street should be beautiful lined with trees the color of embers as the fall season settles in fits across the land it should be as the sun peeks through heavy gray clouds to give the briefest sign that it isn’t all bitter winds and even more bitter memories of holidaze to come if you […]

fifteen years ago

fifteen years ago i held you for the first time after months of singing the alphabet telling you i love you promising to always be there that moment of clutching you close to my chest changed me to my very core i had floated along aimlessly for so long no place that seemed to fit […]

(un)poetic paperback is live!

The paperback is live! (un)poetic paperback! In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have decided to drive myself insane and begin my next epic poem, not that I’m calling it epic but that is the definition for a book length poem. Just to clarify. If you read Persephone in Notches, you know what I am […]

there is a blockage in my creativity a tumor of depression compressed into a stopper between the words and the screen. lost in the loss of the vision of you that sends thoughts spinning with no release into the inky black of another lonesome longing

yearning for home

the time change has made it so every morning starts off with no glimmer of hope the zones pull farther apart leaving each daybreak filled with a sense of need unrequited abolish this insanity so that the day can return to a feeling of home so this void can be filled with the smile that […]


havocados crushed into guacamuerte happens all the thyme split the skin carve through the flesh to find the solid pit of despair within fill the mocaljete smash it down against the rough stone until all that remains is paste blame the onion on the tears the burning rage on the jalapeno and this sense of […]


the world seems skewed on it’s axis tilted at an angle just wrong of the normal leaving everything off from where it should be burning up from this fire blazing just beneath the skin this desire reducing my brain to ash a viral infection defying detection a subtle defection from how it should be leaving […]

sunday dinner

chopping onion smashing cloves of garlic for dicing water as salty as the sea meatballs float in the sauce the noodles bob in the bubbling pot a quarter cup of the starchy salty water to help thicken the sauce before being mixed thick slices of buttery garlic spread bread toast gently in the oven the […]


words slash from tongues like blades flaying the skin from innocent fools traipsing along the road to ruin peeled with angry intent like the flesh of rotting fruit in a dish on the table of incontinence the hoarse cries of those who lost their voices wailing for salvation on the precipice of sundered hope begone […]

statistically average

had i been born ten years later there is a better than average chance i would have never been born at all just relegated to an another anonymous abortion but as luck would have it that wasn’t truly an option then for two stupid teens that let hormones dictate the next eighteen years of miserable […]

feathery regret

from the soft unmarked flesh erupts the blackened wings of one too many trips near the sun of one too many accidental affections of one too many sanguine sunsets spent surrounded by surreptitious soundings singing sweet surrender into the sultry abyss of her warm embrace an angel tarnished by hellish desire a demon cleansed by […]


it was an arrangement of arraignments arranged in random order sighted in the eye of a ridiculous reticule of ridicule and remorse it was absolutely normal in an errantly abnormal sense laid out according to litigious lies lying as laying laying while lying it possibly made sense as dollars make cents in abstractly abhorrent change

a crimson slash

she stood nude in the pale moonlight the snow crunching under her feet she appeared covered in liquid onyx her eyes reflecting the many stars above her posture tense her nipples erect as the slowly congealing blood pooled in the virgin snow around her she smiled a fierce little grin a crimson slash that promised […]

clumsy self promotion

hello there dear readers another week draws to a close and we grow closer and closer to the release of (un)poetic, my first poetry collection. it’s a nerve wracking thing, knowing something you poured your heart into is going to be unleashed into the wild to live it’s own life. yet, here i sit on […]

ramshackle blues

another day living the ramshackle blues nothing but the dust of the road miles traveled equalling less than the total sum of miles on the soul. the trees along the highway blur into one bark covered blur as another semi shifts in the wind crossing county lines the ramshackle blues blare with a puff of […]

a moment

for just one moment everything in the universe just simultaneously decided to stop it all hung suspended in a stupor as the laws of fundamental physics ceased in that moment all that filled my head was you then in a rush the symptoms of the universe came rushing back into focus yet i didn’t pay […]

hall of mirrors

the constant pounding the ringing the chorus of demons singing screaming dreaming this illusionary sense of peace of pieces of shattered mirror inserted just inside my cornea to reflect the misdeeds of missing deeds to lands of milk and honeyed lies her thighs her eyes the flies so thick on the unconcealed blood spread across […]


the land is at odds with the weather it is overcast drizzly yet warm with a colorful drift of leaves blowing lethargically across the pitted concrete from the glass view of my rolling sarcophagus i expect the cold winds of childhood to shred through my shirt yet the warmth feels foreign i cannot make amends […]

just a seed

just a seed planted in the shady side of oblivion left to take root in the sand rich soil of bitter memory a stunted monstrosity gnarled under the selfish need for more in a land ripe with opportunities yet always placed just beneath notice (un)requited forgotten yet unbroken by callous cosmos insipid in design yet […]

boomboxes and dictionaries

listening to gaslight anthem while the media gaslights the nation doomsday prepping in an effort to avoid apocalyptic warning signs of tuesday being a second monday it’s like driving down the road as my father explains the impending divorce a discourse unnecessary in the grand scheme of granular streams in angular screams that maybe possibly […]


tie a string around my heart take me to the park run let the wind take it high into the sky a bloody kite for your pleasure my paper thin skin catching the breeze cracked ribs make a perfect frame for you to set me free at long last

nothing to say

a room full of bored faces stare expectantly at the lone fool sitting under the glaring spotlight he opens and shuts his mouth repeatedly as the words evaporate before hitting tongue this was a mistake a foolish miscalculation yet here he sits expounding upon nothing ladies and gentlemen allow us to present an idiot with […]


the needle pierces the skin as ink floods deep into the soft tissue over and over again the gentle hum of the motor an illusion of solidity constant stinging as the stencil is traced to become part of the road map a destination on the path to one’s self yet this sixteenth marker finally shows […]

beauty in nature

she threaded her way in between the nervous system of impulse and adoration wriggled her way deep into the marrow to imprint tiny breaths upon every red blood cell speeding through a vascular system punctuated with her every whim snaked deep inside the soft tissue so each movement bore her wonder inked her name upon […]

who are you

this skin feels like it belongs to another itchy off putting a costume rendition of another being carefully placed over an all consuming ball of doubt this face stares back through shattered glass to reflect a thousand broken images ranging through a rainbow of insipid lies in the guise of emotional incongruence i speak his […]

dear diary

dear diary i can hear her laughter, when I close my eyes it is as if she is still here, her feet on my lap as we absently tap on our phones, just the contact necessary to be united it’s so empty, both in here and in my chest, as if she pulled out the […]

steel wool bedding

it’s the little things the incidental contact the secret looks the smell of her hair on the pillow a million microscopic instances of her that make the gaping void where she once sat feel fathomless in scope the world carries a her shaped hole that all the light seems to pour into leaving nothing but […]

yet, here we are

i never imagined things would work out this way in every dream plea prayer manic state or depressive crater i stopped following the road signs years ago after my last near fatal wreck in a string of near fatal wrecks driven by trying to do what was right even if that sent me careening over […]

(un)titled need

i have never been so jealous as when i watched the sunlight play across your gorgeous skin the wind blow through your hair as the scent of you wafted lazily to infuse my entire being with your very essence i knew without a doubt i was yours alone

coming December 3rd from Potter’s Grove Press

What a few weeks for the Fool. The pre-order for my poetry collection, (un)poetic by m ennenbach, has gone live. Coming December 3rd from Potter’s Grove Press, this is the first of a proposed three book poetry series in the (un) series. (un)poetic by m ennenbach for kindle I finished a short story that really […]


reciprocity of devilish intent the paint cracks in the antique frame the cherubic smile falling flakes of lead based skin to drift across the room the smile turns to frown the joy seeps into sorrowful tears where once love did flourish only seething hatred boils beneath the surface hidden in deft strokes underneath the angels […]

dreaming of an end

the light ravishes the dark the quiet simpers in the busom of screaming dread bipolar opposites seeking the warmth of frigid lies searching the empty cages of freedom for insight skirting the edge of the poverty line living hand to mouth check to check dreaming of an end to this existential nightmare

seeking definition (spiraling)

he sits alone in flickering candlelight carving every name he has known into the soft pink flesh with a cheap pocket knife across his ribs his chest his arms his legs red angry letters spelled out poet father failure dreamer lover loser liar every drop of blood every tear shed added to the anguish yet […]

with pomegranate stained lips, we sit in silence

her lips tasted of pomegranate lush with dripping juice yet slightly bitter like the falling autumn breeze blowing along the nape of my neck i pictured her as a girl with dirty feet scuffed up knees playing on the rocks as the pomegranates hung fat on the branches above now her lips are stained deep […]

thus, the world falls gray

her memory washes over every tiny facet of this agonizing existence like an angry poltergeist knocking over the mementos of pallid gravesense the sun shines cold light on the vaporbreath of water filled lungs in the early morning pantomime of going through the motions of emotional ressonance can you see through the crooked veil can […]

carapace of fate

she wafts an aroma of reticent remorse in a cloud like buzzing gnats circling around greasy hair the dark circles beneath her rheumy eyes like the shadows of monolithic disinterest yet something about her lack of care self or for the world around her is alluring in a tepid way she skirts around the truth […]


it’s cold in this land of codependence home of the pharma deadened media controlled rancid melting pot of a fatal traffic accident on public dismay the roads covered in black ice hazardous to unseeing eyes unfocused by the steady drip of narco supplements in the water supply the dotted white line becomes a deafening blur […]

(un)social media

they are so caught up in being righteous they act as dictators telling us what to like to feel who to befriend it is a mob mentality no longer sated with moving on or ignoring that which we disagree with public shaming personal attacks not seeing the line between them and that they hold so […]

an ode to seeking something close to fitting in

i wish to curl up bend my limbs into a fibonacci sequence find nature in the unnatural recombinant strands of innocent abuse a simple pavlovian response to the indecent orchestral arraignments drifting on the theorems of the bell curve the bell jar the latent depression of existence crack my painful joints into whatever patent pending […]

passionate dissent

blood seeped from the open wound where once a sparkling amber orb had lain sweat from pain and exertion flowed down the lined forehead to sting the remaining eye with a salty lick it isn’t as if he asked for this life of constant misery the struggle the fight the rampant need for violent discharge […]

(life)less need

the rind falls off of the fruit exposing the rotten soft flesh of putrefaction a sickly sweet smell of sugar mixed with decay rancid like the sickness that affects every living thing in microscopic bursts of entropic intoxication kiss me like we are not slowly falling apart ravish me as every cell breaks down ligaments […]

transcendental tragedy

it was a transcendental tragedy told in three parts in the end all that remained was the stain of what could never be scattered light across the pieces of shattered soulstuff littered along the dimly lit lane of heart ache magnified

hunger(for flesh)

she swooned her voluptuous breasts heaving in desire at his exposed manhood her nether bits pouring like a broken faucet in desire she grasped the thick member with shaking hand her free hand wiped at her salivating mouth in anticipation then with one quick slash of the wickedly sharp blade it was freed she smiled […]

dream starved

bipolar resonance in a dusty sphere of shadow cobwebbed distress filters the vibrancy of light into the darkness of depressive detour there was a boy who never spoke for fear of being seen hidden in the remnants of wonder clouded with the pungent scent of fear there was a girl trapped in the aether between […]

almanac of bitter truth

hoarse screams rise from the dry well of solemn truth ignored on the heavy wind of tumultuous denials mossy stones laden with erstwhile memories she carries a pack of gum in her front pocket a knife in her purse walking unsteadily on high heels after one too many one too manys the night hides the […]

Tales From the Book Dragon review of Notches An incredible review of my collection, Notches. The last three stories are not to everyone’s taste and I willingly accept the critique of them. But the rest of the review is truly exquisite. Hope you enjoy and maybe decide to grab a copy for yourself. Notches: A Collection Hugs and sloppy wet kisses […]

(un)titled desert

i dreamt a dream of swirling sands of thirst of crawling across the arid land in dire need of something undefinable primal necessary yet incomprehensible she shimmered like an oasis a cool drink of water in the middle of desolation where cracked bloody lips spilled lines of poetry lost in the vast dunes of forever […]

wayward words

lie down let the gentle autumn rain wash the feel of sorrow from weary muscles knotted in anxious necessity let the cool mist act as a balm against the constant grating of reality like an obsidian blade thrust into the heartwomb of tomorrow’s many insults behind the gray wool clouds of rendered dreammucus lies the […]


he stripped the meaning from the words then plastered them across the room in hopes someone saw something in the hollow outlines all that was left was the prose of a damned soul stripped of purpose muscles cramped eyes clamped shut as shuddering waves of anguish sped from feverish forehead to curled toe leaving no […]


lost in a maze of maize the stalks grown in irregular patterns mutated into monstrosities with stinging leaves that cut the supple flesh of childhood aspirations in dead end paths wisps of silk on the humid air as frantic breathing fills the rows


the heavy scent of lust plays like motes of dust in the humid air of a rainy morning spent tangled nude in bed his hands hunger for the smooth feel of warm flesh as her gentle breathing resonates with his heartbeat outside the world continues to spin with the fierce locomotion of angry need while […]

the dusty room where hope lay beaten, a soliloquy of one

a tarnished silver tray in the flickering candlelight of a darkened room fruit long into rot moulders under the constant buzz of flies crawling with fat maggots the wallpaper hangs in tattered strips from warped wooden boards heavy cobwebs with fattened black spiders wrapping feasts of quivering forms she sits alone mascara running in thick […]


does she realize she is poetry that her gestures her words her beauty so simple yet stunning she is the definition of the words i struggle to find so effortlessly painted upon her perfect flesh.


you don’t know what you need until it finally arrives like a dagger poised to strike it isn’t until the plunge that it is truly alive the things given up can be the most fulfilling when they arrive from out of nowhere to fill all the gaps leaving a sense of contentment where only ache […]

chasing(the wrong)dream

he said he was worried he would be the guy that just photographs the sunset at the beach he wanted to be known for more i understood but as we walked hand and hand and she told me his fear it dawned on me that a lifetime of sunsets over the ocean beats the shit […]


her clean taste drips onto my tongue no matter how much i taste i cannot get enough as her moans fill the room i need more and more of her divinity to infuse my being she begs me to stop at the edge of insanity that just makes me want to drive my tongue deeper […]


the difference between callus and callous is if it is your hand or heart the difference between affect and effect is merely intent versus act i knew each callus on her dainty hand as i held it better than i knew my own with the callous disinterest i held myself in she knew the effect […]

walmart 5am

five in the morning roaming the aisles of the store she looks on in wide eyed wonder at the excess the everything all gathered in one concrete tomb to consumerism does she know i watch her every move her every expression with nothing but adoration for the simple beauty of her being her in a […]

deprivation vol I

there is a fine line between bone tired and finished walking along that fracture does things to the simple mind that years of boarding at a black ops site could never hope to replicate a gallon of water may mimic the effect of drowning but the third day with no sleep is a sliver of […]