clumsy self promotion

hello there dear readers

another week draws to a close and we grow closer and closer to the release of (un)poetic, my first poetry collection. it’s a nerve wracking thing, knowing something you poured your heart into is going to be unleashed into the wild to live it’s own life. yet, here i sit on pins and needles waiting for just that.

being given this chance by River is the ultimate honor possible. he has spent more time reading my lines than i have as he edited and formatted this tome. it is gigantic, somewhere around 200 some odd poems. he did things like hyperlink and pick fonts and dance naked while cursing my ever sending it to him. poor, poor bastard.

as much as i would like to see it succeed and possibly encourage readers to write their own words and pick up my other scratchings. i want it to succeed for his hard work. i invested my own pain and longing, he did all the heavy lifting and work. i have thanked him before, but i am as bad at thank yous as i am self promotion. so, to you, River. a thousand thank yous are not nearly enough.

and to you dear reader, the link to this thing of beauty that he, Don Noble, and i put together.

(un)poetic by m ennenbach for kindle

but little things like nerves and fear aren’t enough to stop the words from singing. i have started writing the sequel to the first story in Notches, Blue. Blue was written in an hour while i lay chattering in a hotel room in Louisville Kentucky. the sequel has taken a good while longer to pen. but i think it is going well and could be a long one. while the original was written as a series of letters from husband to wife, this is a tale of aftermaths. it doesn’t have a home yet, but might one day. at least in my next collection of stories, which is shaping up rather nicely. i think.

and that is where the Fool has been lately. there have been new faces around here lately so i may try and give a weekly update if i have anything of note to say. as if the poetry onslaught on a daily basis isn’t enough.

forgive a fool, his ramblings

hugs and sloppy wet kisses


5 thoughts on “clumsy self promotion

  1. I can see how much you appreciate River through your words here, you heart and affection for him shine through. You are far far from clumsy with words and I think you made me like him just a bit more even 🤔
    (sorry I know this is bro stuff and affection is a terrible word to use but it’s all I know 😜)

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