2023, a fool’s perspective

Christine Morgan’s blog put up the first new reviews of the year, and she had kind words for my latest collection of short fiction, dreamwhispers . the response has been a much appreciated confirmation there is room for odd speculative fiction that eschews the trends. last year River asked me if i wanted to write […]

cuckoo is finally done

hey dear readers, been a bit since i checked in. i have been writing a novel, Cuckoo, since November. last night i finished it, finally. typing the end and closing that tale is a pretty big step for me. i am used to expressing emotion in around 100 words. quick tears, move on to the […]

a typical day is filled with routines born out of chaos

the day begins with a thought of her i luxuriate in that moment of peace it is the first sip of dirty water that launches the nukes in my mind beginning a rollercoaster barrage the sun/the birds/the breeze/the clouds/pet the puppy/adjust the mask/do i have my mask/set the map/write a poem/more coffee/three more poems/where is […]


when i begin the process of culling a new collection i am forced to read my words i don’t do that i don’t read and reread, there is no painstaking process of seeking perfection i vomit i publish i begin the next so they are new to me when i go through, i don’t recall […]

johnny appleseed

he was a modern day johnny appleseed casting his soul across the infertile earth with every turgid ode tossed to absently spin in her disengaged sense of entitlement all while blindly spilling his secrets into the wind unaware intent can never be determined by the emptiness when i love you stopped being more than eight […]

sauerkraut (the fool ferments)

Hey there beautiful people. Let’s do something different. Let’s ferment. We are making sauerkraut. It’s so easy. Two ingredients. Half hour tops. You need a three pound head of cabbage. And a teaspoon and a half of coarse salt Shredded Add the salt. It seems like too small an amount. It is enough. Then squeeze […]

What I am thankful for as a writer

What a year. Seriously. I am blown away. And still have 2 more coming in December. For those of you that might not know, this blog has been going for just over 2 years. It took a while for me to find my voice and grow as a writer. But beginning in March of this […]

clumsy self promotion

hello there dear readers another week draws to a close and we grow closer and closer to the release of (un)poetic, my first poetry collection. it’s a nerve wracking thing, knowing something you poured your heart into is going to be unleashed into the wild to live it’s own life. yet, here i sit on […]

coming December 3rd from Potter’s Grove Press

What a few weeks for the Fool. The pre-order for my poetry collection, (un)poetic by m ennenbach, has gone live. Coming December 3rd from Potter’s Grove Press, this is the first of a proposed three book poetry series in the (un) series. (un)poetic by m ennenbach for kindle I finished a short story that really […]


we sat four strangers united by the pool, different tales, far from home the fool is loud, a jester with his belled hat forgotten in the room, his heart across the ocean, his home in her smile the one is loud but hurt, trying to figure out how to move on from heartbreak the other […]

have you seen me

have you seen me i’ve put my face on milk cartons across the country, stapled to telephone poles that serve no use in this modern wireless age lost in the poor reception of polluted airwaves, filled with digital signatures and trademarked registers have you seen me the sour faced fool with a chip on his […]

my kingdom for a chance

i am the drowned king of a broken kingdom filled with empty gestures fevered dedications painstakingly recreated carved in marble epitaphs for those long dead but never ever forgotten hail hail the drowned king in his kingdom of darkness sitting atop a throne of mummified hearts supping upon the salty tears of lost hopes tossed […]

translucent arrhythmia

she was the raven circling over my head, the shadow on my heart in the x-ray, the thought that kept sleep at bay, the racing in my pulse it isn’t the voltage that kills you it is the amperage, the arrhythmia translucent in her eyes how many nights did i long to hear her voice, […]


i only let myself fall in love in two very precise conditions. she must be fictional or unattainable. that way the end is obvious at the start. but i am a fool. the fictional is just a dream scenario. i am not insane. the unattainable though. i still let myself dream. because i am a […]

(un)titled foolishness

i dreamt you were my happier ever after silly isn’t it me ending up with you unpossible really but it was one of those nice dreams the kind you wake up from with a grin and an ache in your chest when you realize nah it was just a stupid dream

(un)titled he III

he is trying his damnedest yet always snatching defeat from the snapping jaws of victory a lightning rod standing in the center of the storm drawing every strike to him to protect those he loves he is

(un)titled he II

he is the sum of all his failures molded into a broken caricature of a functional being a panoramic display of anxiety and misplaced anger blurred into a malaise of discomfort he is

simply complicated

he was the product of an inaccurate conception, immaculate in the sheer accidental nature of his being are there mistakes in this chaos inherent in every atom, or byproducts of grand design flaws residual remnants of primordial ooze that seeps from his every pore born in the footsteps of giants and left to flounder in […]

quiet the fool

he acts so tough but i watched him weep as she sang, after when she came out in her black dress looking so grown, he wept as he held her the poor illiterate fool he wonders why he is alone without seeing he is his own worst enemy so sentimental, just an open book no […]

godspeed captain courageous

the last time was the last time in a long series of last times just another broken hearted broken promise that only promised he’d grow more broken as time passed but no matter the matters that so shook and shattered he found the strength to try try again a testament to ageless stupidity but if […]

twelve hours

twelve hours a one and a half hour flight took twelve total to reach it’s destination storms in dallas we flew for three hours before stopping in shreveport and as we sat stopped i entertained the angry passengers telling jokes and stories keeping them laughing even as my world fell down around me ever the […]


i asked her to put me a pedestal not a place of honor just a place far enough away that the cracks wouldn’t show with too much scrutiny a poorly lit corner at a safe distance don’t pick me up i fear the sharp edge could cut your gorgeous hands don’t hold me too tightly […]


i’m the third rail, the voltage that courses through your hand, the static electricity on a cold winter day, the tingle between your ears when troubles coming hello nice to meet you name is mike i’m a scorpio, astrologically, a rabbit, chinese zodiacally, a lion, metaphysically, a lover, tongue gymnastically, a poet, failing miserably, a […]

then i’ll see you in hell

is there a way to detect when a spell has been cast upon a soul ensnared it and threatens to consume the last couple times i tried to give my heart away ended in abject failure so i fastened chains around it and tossed it into the freezer to think about what it had tried […]