a typical day is filled with routines born out of chaos

the day begins with a thought of her
i luxuriate in that moment of peace

it is the first
of dirty water
that launches
the nukes
in my mind
a rollercoaster

the sun/the birds/the breeze/the clouds/pet the puppy/adjust the mask/do i have my mask/set the map/write a poem/more coffee/three more poems/where is the story going/did he say it is my best writing/he did/shit/talk with friends/post something stupid/this fucking traffic/pull over/another poem/

think of her

human, you are human, you can do this, deep breath, don’t forget the mask, smile, they like it when you smile, you’re not a robot just because they can’t see what is going on behind the scenes, what are you doing,

thinking of her

repair/paperwork/another poem/write in the story/set the map/fucking traffic/drive too fast/was that a cop/keep going/thread the needle at one hundred miles per hour/ brake lights ahead/screw the map/the squirrels running/ ravens circle/that cloud looks like an hourglass/what time is it/parking lot/another poem

this one
is about her

on a loop
until the day ends
the nighttime loop


2 thoughts on “a typical day is filled with routines born out of chaos

  1. Always a loop. ❤️

    Once upon a time, when I was young I had a brief but steady interaction with a fabulous minded crazy man about my age. ‘Crazy’ minds are rampant with brilliant thoughts and ideas, legendary information, and he was always talking about the loops of life (universe)
    It would skate through my mind and I ignored it for the most part because I had no idea what he was talking about (in typical EC fashion) When one day I asked him to explain looping he did and it now in my brain. I notice it everywhere these days 😂

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