apologies to ee

i don’t(really)care
for ee cummings

but i am
by his layouts

even if
i don’t believe
he says anything of note:
his work is/interesting/

let me curl up with Sylvia on sheets of the finest silk; smothered by a comforter filled with ebony feathers; let the downy barbs or hollow calamus cut lines of hot red as i writhe in poetic serendipity;

her words of erudite sorrow dipped in honeycomb; vociferous cries as the burden of existing settles

or just
a bottle
of red
close to vinegar
the keys
find the nuance
in debussy
as hank
near to black out
the beauty
the lines
leaving nothing

the filth

let me
in the dark
reading about
betting the trifecta
passing out
in my car
after a pint
of scotch
trading stories
the whores
that prowl
the alleys

(style)brings in
curious eyes

but raw
keeps the fool


i am a proponent of
substance(abuse) over style maybe that is why
they say

i am a poet

but i know the truth

i am just
a goddamned fool

2 thoughts on “apologies to ee

  1. All poets are fools. 😉

    Joking aside, this is such a raw and beautiful poem. I’m more of a Sylvia fan myself too, but I still adore E. E. Cummings for his originality in his time, and for the layers of his poetry that provoke startling, amusing imagery.

    I feel you evoked the spirit of both Plath and Cummings in this piece. It’s an amazing poem and I really love the structure. Excellent wordsmithing, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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