Nut Job part three, A Gear Dreary tale

So I went to see the doctor at the chop shop a group of homeless men recommended in an effort to not die from the nonstop torture I had endured over the course of what seemed to be just short of eternity at the hands of a group of asshole Weresquirrels. Something no person should […]

Nut Job part two, A Gear Dreary tale

“There is a girl that has been taken. A special girl. Now I would be remiss in saying that this reflects poorly on my organization. There are traitors in the Pride. Someone pulling the strings to sow discord in my business,” the large shirtless Boss of the Pride said. His black eyes seemed to look […]

Nut Job part one, a Gear Dreary tale

I stepped over two corpses, gut shot and throats torn out, and tried to stay silent as I enter the hole. It is a five story apartment building that has seen better days. The East side of the building is mostly rubble and the rest is close. The air is filled with a palpable sense […]

the flu, words

fever, burning up from the inside eyes strain and feel like they are boiling, the only source of heat in my shaking and frozen form pounding rhythm in my skull slept so much the green liquid just makes me feel like i am swimming through the act of staying awake eat an orange, citrus spray, […]

Gear Dreary, Super Heroish – introduction

“We have good news and some bad news Mr. um, Dreary. Which would you like first?” the overly charismatic doctor announced as he entered the room, hand out like an overly orange panhandler. I could practically feel the spray tan flow into my hand. Piss poor bedside manner in my opinion. Who walks in with […]

Dust and Ravens, a tale

He stood staring into the sun, face set into a grin tinged with madness. That unblinking stare continued for what seemed to be hours. His black suit was covered in fine red dust blown out of the dry creek to his left. His shiny head glistened with sweat. The treeline to the right was sparse […]

Business for Demons, primer one

“Berry, get me a coffee with two sugars and have those twits in accounting send me the latest spreadsheets yesterday.” I just nod. Already on my phone sending the twits a message as I head to the break room to grab the coffee. I can only imagine the scrabble as they try and put together […]

notes, words

following the chord progression, singing along to my depression, my former flame of obsession the staccato drums and gently lifting horns, bass driving the mix, stunted and undertonal dissonance beauty in the beat, safe harbor in the lyrical longing, a reflection of my own dismissive drone reverb echo chamber smooth, soothe the savage bestial moans, […]

Filters, words

i disappeared into a bottle of Nyquil i had hidden from myself yesterday had spoken to a friend and she told me what she had been going through and it made me sad and she was so positive and i just got worse when you hear someone else’s pain and then look at your pain […]

Hope(less), words

can you remember a time without fear a time without sorrow can you remember what life felt like before loss before the bottom fell out the time when the world made sense, when truth was a real, when heroes existed and we aspired to be like them villians were cartoonish foibles, shadowy figures behind the […]

Cooking, words

when everything is falling apart, dissolving back into the baser bits, simmered down and gently deglazed, white wine and butter, heartache and tears, take stock, add broth, low heat and immense pressure life is made equal parts butter and flour, salt and pepper, smiles and throaty chuckles, skip to the roux my darling i miss […]

Missed Call, words

i may have missed my calling i have wasted so many words, so much time, seen so many things that seemed to be succulent insanity traversed through time and place to find myself fraudulently forward facing always looking back and drifting off into memories of things best left forgotten, of things that didn’t happen, of […]

respite, words

not sure which personality is in charge today been teary eyed, at the edge of breaking down, chest under pressure, head hurts, gonna cry any minute need release need relief missing the feeling of missing someone, missing the feeling of being missed miss mattering misplaced, mischief, misaligned, maligned, maladjusted and saturated with grief feel so […]