the flu, words

fever, burning up from the inside

eyes strain and feel like they are boiling, the only source of heat in my shaking and frozen form

pounding rhythm in my skull

slept so much the green liquid just makes me feel like i am swimming through the act of staying awake

eat an orange, citrus spray, every movement agony, feels like every nerve exposed

the flu and love are kindred spirits, agony of the most divine mistreatment, burning from within, your own body and heart turning against you

every muscle aches, movement a sweet dance in delicious pain, can’t get comfortable, can’t ignore the wracking ecstasy of torment

want it to be over, want to luxuriate in it, swim through it, become one with the swirling waves of nausea, dizziness and suffering

some pay for this pleasure, some pay to have it taken away

i live here

last reading one oh three point five, running up to the redline, all that enter here abandon hope

delirious, serious, furious, superfluous existence boiling in a sea of frozen heat

like going ten rounds with a trained fighter with both hands tied behind my back

like falling in love with a beautiful woman that is always one step out of reach

a hurricane of hurt, sickness of the mind body and soul, seismic waves of ever increasing unpleasantness

nothing i haven’t felt before, i’m a dreamer in a world of lies, this is easier than seeing her, feels like nothing compared to the indifference in her eyes

i’ll take the flu any day of the week


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