she swore there were maggots burrowed just beneath her skin as she scratched herself raw in the dark of her cluttered home. as i stood in the open doorway shining weak sunlight in i could see them squirming under her parchment like epidermis occasionally peeking out from one of the open sores. it was obvious […]

expiration date

hard to tell if the illness is viral bacterial or depression based in origin hard to care hacking wheezing glands swollen cold radiating in waves as sweat pours head pain hard to swallow she screams in the night of love unanswered unrequited odes never given voice just softly murmured not ignored just left unspoken to […]


they wore long white coats carried clipboards syringes filled with murky green solutions to issues i didn’t know i had but no matter the treatments when i close my eyes i only see you. they cannot cure that i wouldn’t let them if they could.

a warning

having trouble catching the air, like breathing under water feel so cold even as the fever flares If this is the end let it come, i’m ready so tired of feeling this way and ready for a fight bring your pale horse you rotten bastard, i’ll feed it apples til it chokes your scythe means […]

needles and need

i don’t much care for needles, but i would let you inject yourself into my vein and travel throughout my body just to feel you in my blood as it pounds against my head, to know that in that rhythm you played along and sang i don’t think about the needle when the nurse jams […]

cette méchante douleur coule à travers moi

no fake smile today, no pretending it doesn’t hurt, that it is not falling to pieces reserving the right to write the truth, when truthfully the lies come easier less poetic to usher in the fall less romantic to curl up in a ball but jagged aches are all a part of the process, and […]

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]

a prayer for someone else for a change

one of my neighbors is an old white guy that smokes like a chimney everyday he sits on the stairs and chain smokes and says hi to everyone that walks by his skin is leathery and his moustache dances like an angry tarantula on his upper lip he’s got teeth like tree roots that just […]


i’ve decided to pursue a glutton free diet my doctor says i have hypchondria i haven’t looked it up but i’m pretty sure that it, along with the other symptoms i’m feeling equals up to bad news restless heart syndrome nervous ladder i threw out a loaf of bread because i read it could give […]

the gall of the bladder, words

four days ago my email stopped sending me new emails no new poems no notifications i thought i had become unvisible this morning a flood after signing the oath with my new electronic overlords missed so many good things some repeats a deleted angry missive my fault really had my gall bladder out friday kept […]

same story, words

i’ve noted i’m telling the same stories over and over again moments of confusion an inability to do simple chores and tasks telling the same stories over and over again tempura deja vu lightly fried temporally in a wok telling the lame stories over and under again moments of contusion repetition the sky is gray […]

glitter, words

shimmering lights all around me the fever has hit one oh two i am shivering under three blankets another day in paradise force a long shower to cool down and get dressed the rain is messing with my knee insult to agony the pounding of kettle drums behind my eyes and erratic driving by the […]

seeker, words

playing a game of hide and seek but when i go looking they didn’t just hide they pack their belongings and move to another state they have prior obligations past issues the carrot on the string is just a dowel rod painted orange but in this maddening hunger i don’t seem to care get a […]

the flu, words

fever, burning up from the inside eyes strain and feel like they are boiling, the only source of heat in my shaking and frozen form pounding rhythm in my skull slept so much the green liquid just makes me feel like i am swimming through the act of staying awake eat an orange, citrus spray, […]