glitter, words

shimmering lights all around me

the fever has hit one oh two

i am shivering under three blankets

another day in paradise

force a long shower to cool down and get dressed

the rain is messing with my knee

insult to agony

the pounding of kettle drums behind my eyes and erratic driving by the protoplasm guiding thousands of pounds of plastic and metal like weapons down the concrete scars across the ground

a rollercoaster for suicidal mitochondria

my golgi apparatus seems destined to fall apart

there is not enough coffee flavored liquor to keep me sane today

so i play rock em sick em carrier device to every one i meet

that nurse tried to give me her number and i gave her a cold instead

probably a sign of why i am still single and starting to tingle

it is the fever

i am vibrating out of sync with the world around me again

hovering in the edge of a new dimension

unsullied by my hubris cube

a fresh land to defile




dissect and stitch together again in the form of trapezoidal delight

maybe i never got out of bed

this is an illusion

but the constant honking seems all too real

the bass line keeps my legs bouncing

the teasing guitar licks my brain stem and sends flashes of glitter into view

like metallic snowflakes falling

or sparks of electricity shooting off into the night

i’m in a parking garage waiting for a conference call and everything seems wrong

the glitter and glimmer, the shimmy and shake, the fever and fire, all culminate into a tribal dance around a fire pit at the amazon delta

wish i were here to enjoy it

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