1933, words

are we really so vapid that we must have nostalgia for everything

fifty years ago did they post about missing polio

one hundred and twenty years ago do a big retrospective on how great the civil war was and why we need to bring it back

did someone write a whimsical diatribe on putting more lead in the water

right now someone is saying curling up in the fetal position in case a nuclear attack is a smarter solution to underground bunkers

maybe the things from my childhood weren’t better than the things i have now

as a kid we had crappy el paso taco night

now i can get brisket tacos at torchy’s and actually enjoy myself

i’m nostalgic for now

the weed is better

tv and movies are better

everything is better

except the news and politics

that shit went right off the rails

i don’t take a lot of photos, or need keepsakes and souvenirs

i lived it man

still do

this constant barrage of nostalgia is detrimental, it makes us think things were better then

bob marley broke his toe playing soccer and died from cancer because of it


look that up

that was not that long ago

they put lead in everything and lowered the median iq by over ten points and didn’t realize it until the seventies

or didn’t act on it until then

the past is not so great

crystal pepsi sucked, so did the blue one, and those candies you liked so much

they sucked too

super mario bros was awesome

mario odyssey was a joy to play

neither will age well

books, wine and paintings age well

everything else is shit

nostalgia is a gimmick to get you to spend money on stuff you didn’t spend money enough back then to keep relevant

don’t be a sucker

live now

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