maude, words

if i hadn’t cheated on Maude

done her wrong with half the town

if i had treated her better

i wouldn’t be laying in this box six feet down

she turned a blind eye to it all

always greeted me with a kiss

but i finally pushed her too far

and this time she didn’t miss

oh maudlin Maude my darling

the one who loved completely

my darling Maude my sweetest

she shed a tear as she shot me

she cried as my blood leaked out

and the world it grew so cold

now she’s locked up in that prison

missing me and growing old

i slept with both her sisters

and the lady who runs the inn

a mistress on every block round town

living fast, this life of sin

it was the lady at the bakery

or the one that puts make up on the dead

possibly the cute girl at the diner

she was a wild one in the bed

but maudlin Maude my darling

she just had to let me go

my darling Maude my sweetest

now i sleep six feet below

but i cheated on poor Maude

with every girl i’d see

and in the end i finally realized

she was the only one for me

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