they didn’t free the slaves, just enslaved us all

they don’t pay you a living wage they pay you a survival wage they make you a junkie to the nine to five you don’t notice it is really an eight to six the hour for lunch that they don’t pay you for but ignore you working through the greatest myth was that they freed […]

thank you

‘it’s funny how i trusted you thought that you were different but when backs were to the wall you fled how you played at being nervous as an excuse got the attention you craved and then ran away it is my fault for seeing in you something special being drawn into your web for encouraging […]

another poem about feelings

my fingertips are calloused a combination of deadened nerves from frying chicken and cranking a wrench and soldering iron this thick build up of ritual scarring my hands have endured may be my down fall the sacrifices to the gods of groceries and electricity rent to the auspicious host sixty plus hours of devotion in […]

become, words

when i needed someone most there was no one there the silence was deafening as the momentum gathered and rock bottom was the only stop that was when i realized how alone i truly am as i claw back broken fingernails like little bloody outgrowth on the barren walls it is this that i cling […]

maude, words

if i hadn’t cheated on Maude done her wrong with half the town if i had treated her better i wouldn’t be laying in this box six feet down she turned a blind eye to it all always greeted me with a kiss but i finally pushed her too far and this time she didn’t […]

seeker, words

playing a game of hide and seek but when i go looking they didn’t just hide they pack their belongings and move to another state they have prior obligations past issues the carrot on the string is just a dowel rod painted orange but in this maddening hunger i don’t seem to care get a […]

kite, words

a kite in a hurricane whipped and torn lost in the skies once considered home no sense of direction broken and bandied about never to know peace again destroyed by the one thing it trusted meant to soar, forced to fall delicate betrayal

fuck you, love me, words

opened the door this evening and found a battered package sitting outside no return address, just my name ransom note style in cutout letters from a magazine inside was my heart, a note attached by a nail piercing the right ventrical it said thanks but no thanks, i recognized your arts and craft style i […]