sheep of she

there is a frighteningparallel tothe times of confuciusand the currentstateof the world. he railed out againstthe crumblingof society as autumnfaded to winterbreakingthe country apart. who speaks now out nowin a worldwhere families are fracturedby false idealspropagatedby unsocial medias. torn apart in the pursuitof beingupstanding to the detrimentof its meaningdeceivingourselves of the truth.

negative space

he is a negative inhabiting a positive space inverted so that he can never reflect photons just ever slowly absorb them. he is a negative desolating all positive space monochromatic in a land of technicolor half truths burning to death on a glacier of dream. if he was ever really there at all.

dark this morning

seems to be a rusted coil keeping my light from ever shining or this photo-negative reality absorbs the feeble glow inside i asked the ceiling for answers but like asking god silence reigns so i sit in darkness unsure if any of this is actually occuring at all murmuring my love from the black hole […]

rowing into the void

he sits on a row boat immobile upon waves of calcified despondencies a lone albatross circles the frozen sea slowly starving so very far from home. bottles lay discarded on the stony waves missives sent with the best of intent undone by the latency between god’s shadow and heartshiver pleas etched in lonesome sighs.


every line leavesa piece of my sorrow,roughspun silk, to drapedown your thrummingache. a filthy kite stringconnecting tragedies,burrowing blow flies inthe dessicated heartof passion. i would gladly holdevery broken soul tightlyto my steam powered heartin hopes of sealing thecracks. but i cannot, so ileave a trail of discardedodes to litter the highwayscattered bits of souldanderemptiness.


torn apart by hungry hands seeking succor in the swirling sand i was never going to slay demons or save the day not the prophecized hero or chosen one any royal birthmarks were beaten into a mass of ugly truths the only star that fell on the day of my birth did so out of […]

three sad sacks

she gyrated absently around the brass pole as the bass thumped and all i could do was stare at the pitcher of piss yellow just as apathetically bubbling on the table with one short leg that wobbled like the waitress with the fake leg that kept winking at me. we may have been the three […]

lost whimsy

inter me in your salacious vanity carve my hollow bones into a flute to play as you skip down the winding trails of lost whimsy crimson drips from gluttonous cumulus the road is scarred the reminders of when innocence was plasticized by the seven hundred degrees of separation when i get angry my pockmarked indecencies […]


amethyst flashes in the once serene small town skies an ink blot pools just beneath the fleshy chunks draped over bone calling out through the tides forced though arterial by ways pushed along the fractured incongruence that makes up his entire state of unbeing. there are creatures in the darkness just beyong the scope of […]

hollow earth theory

the earth is as hollow as every half whispered prayer to the emptiness above. the earth is as flat as every half returned affection from the nothing inside. the earth simply wobbles in the wake of missed connections static in the malaise. each morning i seek to reconfigure the globe in a way that brings […]

the rains

and the rainshave comeagainafter surrealceruleanuniform graythe day diesas the skycries frigid dismay. and the rainshave comeagaina day spentdriving in aself made foglost in herinstead of lostin my own defeat. and the rainshave comeagaina steady showerunable tocleanse the filthfrom a worldof dirty secretsand sultry lies. and the rainshave comeagainto soak throughmisapprehensionsgently freezingover woundsweeping poisonedblood to etch […]

destitution turns to prostitution

m ennenbach patreon hey everyone the fool has had enough of going negative every month while waiting for that one book to hit. so i listened to one of my bestest friends. Patrick C Harrison III (PC) and started a patreon page. i plan on writing poetry that is exclusive there for a period nd […]

wildflowers a(n)d sunshine

my love is my definition of beauty her heart and her mind illuminate my shadows shining bright when i wake ugly again and i can be so very ugly. she is everything which helps balance out my nothing without diminishing her wonder in the slightest. sometimes i fear i am her only flaw and i […]

three note refrain

the sky looks like pollock found a surplus of pinks and oranges and in a fit used up each and every last can the world is too still one lone bird repeats a three note refrain staring at the mass of fresh bruises in dayglow aftertones hopefully signaling the end of this entire goddamned world […]

mendacite mirrors

is there anything less clear than the lies reflected by the mirror somehow made less than the sum of accumulated scars a jigsaw menagerie missing all of the important pieces in this mental distortion in curved glass funhouse refractionary relapse is there anything less clear than the lies reflected by the mirror i think not.


give me somethingto keep this fooltongue busy enoughto lose the poeticmendaciousness, letme show you the realpoetry born as youwrithe against thisfont of meanderingsemi-legible loopsa cunning linguistof cursive cunnilinguscarefully inscribingmasterpieces acrossyour every secret joy.


the words are singing loudly yet incoherent the ice cold metal of a straight razor, honed to a near monomolecular edge skipping across goosepimpled flesh the rhythmic slap scratch of a brush on canvas the scratching of graphite the cutting of flesh i cannot see past my self contained torments to decipher the intent today […]

twenty four pointless lines

feeling around this gaping absence swirling absently random incursions shifting electron orbits the image reflected in quicksilver sighs trace iconography neither elusive nor reclusive redactive reactive reductive an ocean of unbound sin algebraically deductive in linear inconsistencies another foolish pouring of pitiful obsolescence accidentally spilling a poetic emblem of sheer mediocrity penned in the darkness […]

half dreamt nothings

i woke distraught at three o’clock my first thought was to murmur my love into the surrogate pillow the next three hours were spent staring at the ceiling lost in the haze of the turgidity in irreconcilable schisms in this wondrous world of half dreamt nothings the neighbor was screaming into the same void i […]

a remote with dead batteries

deep in the throes of another episode in a series of hellishly episodic angellic hunger pangs crawling across broken promises of forever for a night for a weekend forsaken taken as the fool he portrays effortlessly on television shows broadcast on inverted satellite arrays beaming along the hollow birdbone skeleton of exceptional insufficiency there are […]


a woodpecker has joined the cacophonous cavalcade of feathered minions. i found myself staring at it while it stared back at me both in confusion. but frankly, i am not nearly as important as bugs writhing benath the bark. so we agreed to settle back in to our routines whilst pretending the other is a […]

blank expressionism

i am not invisible just on another spectrum of unvisible shades made up of incidental pains casually inflicted with icy disregard a ouija board remnant a love unreturned a frosted trickle of clumsy disenchantment a splintered facade along the bindings of my coal dust heartshatter memoirs when hope wasn’t just another four letter casual misdirection […]

am i real?

i have become less a man more a slab of meat slow roasting over the perpetual heat of self imposed hellfires depression holds tightly to my less than significant state of being ephemeral mists where a person likely never truly ever existed i scream silently watching as you drive past slowly without a glance phantom […]


days occur where it feels as if the world is out to get me unfortunately other days occur that just prove it really isn’t there is not enough value in this personage to incur anything approaching that level of spite an empty glass bottle is worth a nickel in michigan an empty souled poet is […]

self portrait in phlegm

i am a goldfish in an empty bowl, mouth agape, yet drowning in air an unbound suture over an angry wound, pus filled disasterpieces; moribund, heavy reenactments of heaving breaths suffocating in an excess of nothing


i lay listening to the sounds of morning the truck barely turns over the neighbor sings as she walks to her car the birds begin to call out for the sun my heart weakly slaps against the ivory cage as my lungs feel filled with liquid i woke at three staring at the ceiling as […]

sick and whining; a poet is

i feel radiant in shades of gray drawn so petulant in fragmented meh my insides feel rusted and clogged my unsides reel in staggering instances of grave despair church bells ring signalling the end of selfish lividity i scream until blood flecks my spittle into the howling winds raging forth so impetuously unimportant hell has […]

lady lazarus

shed so many scales using them to build this treefortified home of blunt force trauma shelter from storms just behind my ever shifting occular windows to the broken screaming for release callused hands wrapped callously around the throat of adorations watching the lips once so tenderly kissed go blue as they are starved of the […]


she wrapped i love yous around my throat and i sat festooned with this prettiest noose smiling as she tied the end to an acorn she carefully tended in the nutrient rich heartsoil of many sundered loves in the graveyard fitfully sitting behind my crystal cage ribbed for her displeasure knowing one day i would […]


occasionallysleep escapes myclumsy fingersnow i fumble abouthalf asleep andhalf pissed offwaiting to seeif the sun willrise or if thiscold that settledin my heartquiverwill ever ceaseas i sit hackingand wheezing andlonging to dreamof her.

false (in)tensions

angels and demons snarl at my heart’s worship, brimstone warbles through a tempest of harmonies, a glorious cacophony of dreamshivers. the predatory gaze of jackals in sheep’s clothing tracking what they hope is wounded easy prey, while pontificating their best intentions. being chased through the snow by bumbling villains, hiding cruelty in self serving semi-literate […]

just like always

i cannot getwarmon the vergeof frozen tearsshakingin anger they knewthis would happenand yetthey didnothing rather thanspendon improvingthe infrastructure they left usto freeze how do youforgivesuch negligencehow do youforgetthe silence there will bea new crisismanufacturedto divert eyesa celebrity scandalor somethingequally vapid and the only oneswho will paywill be the onesthat suffered just like always.

late wi(n)ter thaw

in every breath turned to mist in the frigidness that gripped me tightly, a cerulean lover hungering for every bit of my fleeting warmth, in those clouds of lingering dreams, expelled into the aether a million unwritten odes, of my love for your immaculate wonder, your name etched in cursive on my tentative pink tongue,so […]

seventy seven

never before have i had such a clear account of the bastards reigning in incompetence scrambling to save their careers as children and the elderly sit in silence waiting for help and the only weapon i have is my words is my frustration as i huddle in the car shivering from the sorrow of being […]

as the magpie screams in the darkness

the caper rolls across the plate indignant to lay on the cream colored tablecloth you sigh as i watch the evergrowing stain as it races down the fibers as the magpie screams in the darkness i blink the flickering light of the candles ceased i wonder were they ever there i reach out into the […]

Splatterpunk Award Nominations

the Nominations for the Splatterpunk Awards were released and i see my best friends and best writers on the planet getting nods. Patrick C Harrison III and Chris Miller are up for novel and novella and together as Cerberus, we are up for collection. That’s crazy. And then Kenzie Jennings and Christine Morgan are up […]


the biggest plusof this digital ageis no one can see mesobbing as i lieand tell them i am fine it’s snowing againand i am broken fifty six hourswith nopowerwith nowordwith nohope i can feel mychest tighteningas i fight the tearsthat don’t seem to stopsitting in the cardreading going backinto that frozen helltime for the earlymorning […]

a reckoning is coming

a power outage is temporary a power outrage is brewing as the poor freeze in the ghettos yet there is no relief In sight. infrastructural failings as the sky turns gray above more snow is coming with no plan in play how does the state make up for this catastrophic ineptitude? they won’t because fuck […]

brittle the edgeof my serene ifeelbroke. yet strangely.complete it is warmunder all theseblanketsyet the comfortersoffer no comfort. the worldis a mazeof amazingnothingnessdappled withshades of longing. i see herin the darkyet i cannottouch her. that is true hell.held beneath the the edgeof my serene.


vague nothing seemingly deep explanation metaphor nothing still. quasi intellectual statement (misworded) turn the message to now shine a light on the writer feigned humbleness. repeat vaguely while still keeping the light on the writer without saying a word with depth. repeat daily to thunderous applause. a gift of celery words they crunch but are […]

twenty nine

it is seven in the morning it is forty seven in my apartment and it is one degree outside been without power twenty nine hours now and i just want to feel something except this bone deep frozen depression. my heart aches as the scent of wildflowers hangs in the still air yet i am […]

chess, not checkers

criminal misuseof basic prosedisguised in selfaggrandizing linesit justmakes me sadthese gamesplayed by childrenpretending atpious preachingcast as poetry. online lothariosnarcissistic saintsusing artless attemptsto bring old eyeswith zero interestin whatever snake oilthese thieves peddle. poetry is sacrednot a chess pieceto be played as checkersby clumsy pretenders. but you wouldn’tunderstand thatyou’d have to be ableto see past yourselveslong […]

twelve hours

i can seemy breathlaying in bedtwelve hourswithout power. i can see youwhen iclose my eyesignoring the coldfor a kiss from you. my eyelidsfeel heavyunder these blanketsdaydreamingabout you. there are daysthe world feelsout to get meif it can go badit will. but when iclose my eyesyou are thereand i rememberit’s not so bad.


a perk about being hopelessly romantic, when the power goes out and the wind chill is below zero all those candles you have for sobbing romantically can raise the ambient temperature by a few degrees may have to die alone but not in the dark or frozen. when they find my ice covered corpse the […]


it is ten degrees outside, and i would give just about anything to hold you tight and sleep til summer. i just really fucking need you, my love. scoot closer, i have poems to kiss along the back of your neck.

war(n)ing labels

poets should come with warning labels skull and crossbones printed on their pretty little tongues danger! in all caps (you’ll have to imagine that) a list of possible effects may cause: prose odes insufferable longing madlypassionatelove desire dreams hopes and most importantly: once you’ve become a poet’s words how do you ever want to be […]

icy heart

in the moments between moments, there, my love for you screams loudly to echo off everything; i woke to a world covered in snow muted by the heavy flakes the only sound i heard was your name carried on my pulse i could not say with any certainty if it was the cold or simply […]

incomplete words

anxiety rocket fuel coursing through my insubstantiality haven’t been able to relax. cooking. cleaning. not writing. incomplete words keep me fretting. trapped in constant motion yet no matter how i try never moving where i desire. not sure how i fucked it all up but the raw nerves lit up with crackling burst of doubt […]

molten dreamslurry

[golden bells with coppery notes juniper berries, exsanguinated in the prepubescent moon’s low gravelly tones, crooning dirges to rattle the mountainside with malignant sapience, earth sighs in clay lumps and tectonic need] ~alienated in the sudden sodden banality, benign beams of ultraviolent ideation waxing on the weightlessness of molten dreamslurry~ the sparrows sing for my […]

cursive striations

there are days when i feel strapped to the brass gears ticking ever forward thrusting me ever closer to being ground to paste pulped as my juices slowly clog the precision timing until all that remains of my disambiguous remains seizes the perpetual notion machine ensconced in calciate striations that spell her name in cursive […]

beneath a sea of angry gray

a tentative tendril of pain, slithers sinuously through my swollen sinal cavity, signalling a surrender to my rational pleas for release; daytouched nightmares abound, sallying forth through this rupture of malfeasanced woe, an ever shifting ball of icy dissonance in static dismay; my sense of self has fallen into this pearl crusted conch, the tides […]

it’s late a(n)d i love you

the kids are sleeping the world is silent except for the wind the bastard never seems to stop howling even as everything is at peace; i am staring up at the ceiling cold and miserable my face hurts my ear hurts and the goddamned words ~my usual salvation of sorts~ well the cursor keeps flashing […]


it is hot hot hot as hell as piss (hotaspissinhell) it is hot. for the love of god it is cold cold as hell (freezingfrigidteethchattering) it is so very cold. tepid turgid tropic turmoil. none all i do not know not really. it is cold cold cold cold and i feel so consumed by these […]

five sparrows, one fool, and her

the sparrows have decided to avoid the storm and take refuge on my porch they are lined up on the grill lid watching me watch them i am not sure what it is they see when they hop little eyes locked as i whisper poems about you, my love they seem nearly as enthralled as […]

winter’s kiss

can’t tell if it is snowing small crystals wafting slowly to the icy concrete or if the world is slightly granulated in the cold with this aching need for you can’t tell a lot of things in this eerie fogbank that fills the frost lined hallways in my mind i told you i love you […]

my heart screams for you in rusted gasps

i am an empty suit of armor, a sword scabbard, a stump, a target, a thin sheen of ice along her pulmonary painstutter watching the frozen world spin backwards, every good intention reversed, every utterance of love gone unseen, unread, unwanted vitriol and virtuosity evenly decrease the viscosity that keeps my steam powered heart vibrating […]

wednesday blue

a feeling of insignificant frustration percolates through my insular broken i miss the sun or mattering but neither are on the horizon so i clutch my aching silence tight to my chest for simple lack of anything else

the canal

the sparrow flits from branch to branch on the slow moving canal behind the industrial park that looks much the same as every other industrial park in this rundown section of the ass end of the city the mallard dives i am unsure for what unsure if he is aware of why but he dives […]

cold tin

my cold tin heart beaten into form by the callously disregarded sighs regurgitated in soulless embers of these dreamscarred wispy unoblivions frozen in amethyst these alabaster lies on the subtle edge of brittle recompense left drifting alone the incidental wreckage swirling sapphire sorrows in my scarecrow brain my love is a bucket of filthy water, […]

it is cold and i am tired

no sun today just the miserable promise of rain and cold shivering on the couch a lack of sleep a lack of concern drifted off soundly as the alarm sounded left feeling just as unimportant as always on a below freezing morning spent staring out the window wishing softly for something more but frankly sick […]

limited edition hardcover

hey dad. just me. i got my first hardcover today has my name on the spine. you’d be so fucking proud. but you don’t have a clue. i was pretty much a collosal fuck up took you dying to straighten me up by breaking me down. but i started writing. to maybe ease the ache […]


as the blade runs down my chest i bleed technicolor in a world of gray nothingness each droplet of spectral malfeasance poisoning the colorless painschism that exists in this contradictory hellscape of monochromatic self serving delusionary malpractices i am nothing in a world made of ashes daydreaming of her


the pressurebehind my eyeshas the worldin a falsesense of half speedas i struggleto containthe rapid eruptionsraging throughmy inner ear so i dothe only thingi know i throw everypiece of mybroken intoloving her letting go ofthe acheinflaming myevery otherinsipid thoughtpouring accelerantover the infernoshe igniteson my everyraging desire

no sun today

the clouds are thick angrily tossed over everything and it seems the sun ain’t gonna rise today the chimes sound apathetically in monotonous tones as the coffee sits steaming and forgotten a new day begins as the pressure shifted from cheek to ear sending shivers of ache along the petulant day fell asleep with your […]


mycelium spores impregnate my collosal flaws sprouting down the empty entry of rampant remnants tearing through the essential building blocks of who i once could have been if it hadn’t been for my own inability to evolve into someone worthy of love an empty vessel interlaced by mycelium spores living in the dark untouched by […]

dog rose

i am the vase, she is the flower\ i am the crack, she is the matisse/ there is a loss in transience debuffering a compression conflict lost lost lost. i am the vase, she is the transcendental wonder inherent in life i see the masterpiece hidden in peonypetals somedays love is a bed today it […]

dinosaurs and dismalities

under gray skies where even the birds don’t sing as much as scream at the utter pointlessness of it all the damned feathered rats, undiagnosed dinosaurs with hollow bones, screaming screaming squawking yelling only to have the sound bounced back by disinterested heavens vacant mothers on thunderously gray dismal squalls i sit alone building little […]


her poetry wrapped itself around my throat with her silky elegance until i hung from her every beautiful word


i struggle the ache throbbing through my tender wrapped in this silent cacophony a warm cocoon struggling against this metamorphosis seeking only to become entangled in you

souldew refraction

i am a droplet of condensation hanging solemnly from her web sunlight tickles through my supple translucency erupting ashadowplayofsoftlywhisperedodes tohersingularwonderfromwhichiam sothouroghlyensnaredenchantedby themajestyofher over her delicate beauty as she shimmers in my souldew refraction

atlas moans piteously as the fool complains

atlas holds the entirety of the heavens upon his shoulders while i struggle through the day with this ache in my chest traveling to my skull as everything feels just too goddamned heavy for a fool alone with his thoughts if i could wrap my arms around you and forget every other aspect of existence, […]

insomniac laments

a crack forms small at first but gradually spreading dancing down the supple subtle of sultry sanguine sorrows as i sit hearing the cry of the cuckoo still trapped in between my aching gasps illiterate alliteration the only means to pacify the persistent painful pangs of prickling pins i left myself in the pool of […]

fleeting disinterest

the sun becomes binary splitting the angriest atom not content to consume itself but willing to reflect a secondary superheated ball of malice upon the already furious white caps storming the beach a watery recreation of normandy less blood and screaming more little gulps of sand as the indomitable will inherent in choppy surf meets […]


cleaned the inside of the windshield yesterday an act six months ago i could not force my broken shoulders to perform didnt realize just how clouded ny vision had been until it was no longer refracted through the residue of resinous sorrow that seemed to linger over everything now i squint into the morning’s no […]

ashen angels

today i lay on the ground ignoring the cold bite to make angels in ashes as the world smolders around me staring at the sky with funnel clouds pulling at the plumes of greasy smoke a big smile stapled to my face little ashen angels in a row across the yard my heart screaming out […]


wrap my heart in banana leaves fry my liver in olive oil slow roast my thighs consume every ounce of me until all that remains of my remains circulates the paradise inside of you

empty praise

in a moment of foolishness i believed in myself thinking perhaps my words had value but then i saw the other lines that made you gush and i realized it was all just a goddamned lie playacting by fools pretending to enjoy every insipid word until the truth is as vacuous as everything else


she looked at me very seriously if you could be pretty or talented, which would you choose? i just laughed made it this far without being either guess i would pick the talent. she nodded yeah, pretty would be wasted on someone like you. i didn’t know what that meant just that she meant it […]

uglier today

i am ugly today uglier than normal as the world is reflected in my dull gaze the sky the color of bile the clouds toxic puffs poisoning every absent thought even the birds sing as if congested with wheezing whistles the day is ugly like me uglier than normal i will avoid mirrors and windows […]

her apothecary

she smelled like nightshade a dab of hemlock behind her delicate ears the almondy taste of cyanide on the back of her knees sirin on her lips notes of wormwood in her salty sweat every taste worth the risk as my need outweighs the steady shaking in my weakened limbs just a side effect of […]


uranium two thirty eight courses through her smile irradiating my carbon core rearranging this insipid heart pulsating in atomic dissonance there is a mushroom cloud in her eyes that leaves nothing but ash in her wake, all i want is to burn in the purifying flames of her embrace as the world fades to white […]


no color today the world is a mass of gray tumors while i am black and white and dead inside a piece of lumber left to rot ascotmycota fester along my surreal my sublime coated in spiral angst my shell is cracked in this world without hue in this bed without you


of fables and foibles on oceans of sin, in moondust distractions and the stardust within; in flickering flames hidden in shadows cast, prismatic speculations lashed to the past; i hear the melodies as the sparrow sings, long to take flight hollow bone meanderings.


i long to feel your breath upon my lips the moment before we kiss as our mouths blossom into a soft sweet moment where everything simply stops i long to feel your breath upon my lips for in that moment i shall be complete

sheer pulse flutters from her heart to mine

continuity static discharge across the binary passionwhispers of the elongated sighs reticulated in spectral benevolence on the obsidian shell of past agonies a mask of denials wrapped in layers suffocating truth with pandering lies best left to dreamashes her breath travels down my every detraction, reflecting the image of me she has planted firmly in […]


i see the harpies in the branches preening each other whispering words of encouragement for the world to see all while unaware everyone knows the game they play every unmeant compliment given builds themselves with no thought to the recipient masking the ugliness in their hearts with a manufactured facade of sweetness pulling in fools […]