beneath a sea of angry gray

a tentative tendril of pain,
slithers sinuously through
my swollen sinal cavity,
signalling a surrender to my
rational pleas for release;
daytouched nightmares abound,
sallying forth through this
rupture of malfeasanced woe,
an ever shifting ball of icy
dissonance in static dismay;

my sense of self has fallen
into this pearl crusted conch,
the tides breed turbulence
to wash over the non-euclidean
symbols burnt in cardiac shallows;
hell is a blade hanging above
this gordian knot, soaked in
damocles failings as sisyphean
burdens accumulate, boulders of
self erected penitent torture;

i seek her
the soul nurturing
she drips
onto my fevered
her ambrosial
enough to fend
off the monsters
in my mind

her pomegranate stained lips
call to me
in the darkness
of muted sunrises
beneath a sea of angry gray

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