beware the thorn pierces the sole of the barefoot wanderer injecting itself into the very fiber of laconic belief foolish oaf brandishing the banter of wayward souls drifting along the banks of the stream in search of shelter the milky dew of infection drips down from cancerous sores yet still blistered feet carry the nomads […]

tea time with kafka

kafka and i shared tea while hiding behind the thick dusty curtains as burroughs banged on the front door he had a haunted look in his sunken eyes as ginsberg ran naked from behind a bush with a shrill cry i saw a cockroach the size of a large dog scurry into the kitchen with […]


i am not courageous no i am contagious just with symptoms that don’t affect the normal effects of living in a monochrome daydream of the american scream the worn carpet beneath my bare feet with black painted nails feels like the threadbare soul of hope stretched down along commerce street around where kennedy got shot […]

missing you

it was like a stack of pancakes drizzled with real maple syrup a pat of butter running down the side with the face of a sad clown in the nooks and crannies that made the whole thing taste like batteries thats what sitting alone on the couch missing you is like a wilted flower hanging […]

city mouse

the miles tick by nothing but trees along the roadside no buildings of concrete glass and steel i feel as lost in the countryside as i do surrounded by millions in the city


call off the dogs frothing snarling beasts sheathe the blades hidden under pink tongues running through mudpuddles in mismatched socks as the bite of the whip finds fresh skin to furrow this labyrinth is one straight hall leading ever forward into the loss of direction as the magnetic compass spins furtively