terminally waiting

chaos churning as everyone seems either uptight or talking too loudly into phones this terminal feels terminal everything feels as if it teeters on a crux in the midst of accidental fatalities fatalistically fanning the flames of fearful reproach i am petulant in the face of fate flicking her fickle middle finger in my face […]


he sits in the park staring off into the woods around him but seeing none of it his mind is lost far from his physical form away from the bikers the dogs the other people staring in a rough approximation of where his eyes drift off to he sees into the past the future ignoring […]


sleep deprivation mental distress love songs too loud singing on the couch with broken voice tear streaked cheeks lost in the pit of despair heat seeking missile in desperate desolation need for a bosom to fall head first into i love you even if i am ugly if i am ruined if i am a […]

the devil in the mirror

nuclear fusion in spinal inversion therapy, twisted into knots by the invisible hands of stressful discombobulation, lost in terror, dreaming of fire, all alone in misery unable to bend reality the devil is in the details, the details seem pervasive as the life of the search party with a fine tooth bone comb through every […]

saturday sleepy morning

the laundromat is quiet, just me and two ladies watching the dirt of another week slowly tumble loose in metallic dissonance another sign from up high as the television shows australia above me, a hint of things to come, a new life washed clean of stains the mexican bakery is busy, the air smells of […]


i spend so long daydreaming i assume my brain has developed chiseled definition yet when i snap out of the blissful state i find the world seems unfamiliar altogether it isn’t as if i miss that voice of impossibilities intruding on my mental meanderings but i worry i may disbelieve gravity finding myself drifting into […]

Tuesday is like

moth chewed soul like swiss cheese in the caves in the south of france brain damaged from slamming against the built in roll cage of another car crash scar tissue raises like the mountain ranges on the face of a globe in a dusty library bitterly sad like lemon rind grated on the smiling face […]