it’s late a(n)d i love you

the kids are sleeping
the world is silent
except for the wind
the bastard never seems
to stop howling even as
everything is at peace;

i am staring
up at the ceiling
cold and miserable
my face hurts
my ear hurts
and the goddamned words

~my usual salvation of sorts~

well the cursor
keeps flashing
while the story
says silent

i am
as damned
as the words
are dammed
my only thought
is of how
you feel
wrapped in my embrace
as the world
fucks right off
around us.

it isn’t
writers block,
the words are there
i just don’t care
about anything
but you,

the silent
doesn’t exist
as the vacancy
of you pressed
tight against me
lies unfulfilled.

have i mentioned
just how crazy
i am
for you?

it likely gets lost
in the shuffle
of my normal crazy,

but i am.

more than anything
(except the ceiling)
could ever manage
to convey.

(and it ain’t talking.


the kids are asleep
my heart is pounding
howling in my ears
like that bastardly wind
and i want you, just you
to love all through
this frozen night.


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