she is (n)o dream, i am no drea(me)r

she is not a dream come true because a dream is reliant on my own experiences while she is an accumulation of her own forged into a shimmering state of pure perfection unreliant on the flames that created me now she fills my every dream in shades of emotive wonder i could never have imagined […]

(un)tethered refrai(n)

this morning i woke to find my skull unfettered by the pains that have afflicted the past few days the restless ache sat upon my brow a briar tiara in yawning echos cast aside at long last i dreamt again for the first time in days having given up on the spectre of mental speculation […]

the dragon and the queen of his coal powered heart

she has this ability when she tells me that she loves me it always comes out in cursive i am strapped in to ride the loops and swirls of that phrase that fills my emptiness with little flashes of electrical bliss as i force my eyes to stay open so every second is burnt along […]

eight or so mi(n)utes

if the sun exploded it would take about eight minutes before we knew that it happened i would imagine in that brief period i would have sent all my love to you at least one time just an absent look out the window your smile locked in the errant thought and a soft contented smile […]

a yearning for sleep, a need to dream

i yearn to sleep in not because the five restless hours leaves me in a fog where the simplest ideas take too long to percolate down from cobwebbed brain to unmoving fingers but to wait for the sun to break forth and remove the distillate of night from the unbroken sky the thought of waking […]


lately there seems to be this undercurrent of the world ending in every shuddered breath an anxious indecision rusted blades piercing tetanus seeps deeply coating every errant whim yet still i seek to wrap moonbeams into a tiara to place upon your most perfect brow trying to decipher the pulses of the stars into another […]


when i die cremate my remains crush up the big bits of bone and mix me in with a solution of ink and spread me across the page rewrite each of my odes to my love let my every drop flow through the wildflowers dancing in her bottomless brown eyes use me up in a […]

coffee and her as i bleed across the sky

i sit alone remnants of dream cling to my sullen sleep filled mind the phantom feel of her hand still entwined with my own as the slumbering sun rests beneath the eastern horizon her smile lighting the darkness of waking without the succor of her lips to wake the morning sky. i cut myself letting […]


i churn the ugliness i see in the mirror out the window all around me into pellets of melancholic beauty that i spit over the fence to grow like weeds just out of sight infusing each poetic mumbling with a sense of self worthlessness at odds with my all encompassing love for her the scent […]

sleepy kisses keep me from sleeping

tired slips between the folds in my brain coating every thought as i coax my tongue to twist the syllables of your name in a way to summon you through the electrified aether an incantation of my utmost adoration in a series of sleepy kisses dripped slowly honey across your skin a dedication in desire […]

we make love and the world calls it poetry

she paints her lips with the ashes of never kissing me gently taking away my ability to recall the taste of anyone but her she spreads glitter the crushed shells of hope across her perfect breasts and as she rocks back and forth upon me a hundred thousand prayers come to life before my unbelieving […]


i long to be the grass beneath her bare feet the breeze swirling in her lungs the sunlight upon her soft skin and the love making her pulse race she is my first thought upon waking my last before sleep and the spectre i chase in dream i am a fool with a carefully restrained […]


i sat staring out the window seeking to encapsulate this feeling that squirms throughout my entirety her beauty etched into my mind’s eye her laughter bubbles in my blood her voice sends shivers of ecstasy racing down my spine it is impossible to sum up someone so magnificent with a party twenty six letters there […]


i woke from fitful sleep punctuated by anxiety induced nightmares to the sparrows and i remembered exactly how much i love you the headache has me dizzy a shower didn’t help the coffee mixed with the taste of batteries is likely a huge mistake but the birds remind me the sun blushes when it shines […]

gardening as a full time profession

all i ever managed to plant in the garden in the heartshaped plot was a mess of tangled roots like vipers no matter how hard i toiled to till the soil the sparrows came to pluck the seeds leaving naught but barren earth my shoulders in gordian knots as i bemoaned my hands knowing only […]


there are days where i write myself empty then i sit and all i can think is i should be writing my head is killing me not literally probably maybe weighed down by so many screaming ghosts stories memories that i can feel myself sinking even the ceiling has grown bored of watching me watching […]


i am forced to resort to hyperbole and metaphorical meanderings because the words do not exist to say exactly how unimaginably extensive my love for you truly is. it is as if every cell screams for you as if you are oxygen and i have been slowly suffocating since the moment i was born unable […]


life spent in a state of bipolarity is a series of unparalleled heights and precipitous falls occasionally in the same choking gasp she has a way of balancing the chaos her smile and effortless understanding with patient words walk me back from the edge i didn’t realize i was sprinting toward when my brain screams […]

my pulse sounds out your name in morse code

days like this consist of two alternating currents of thought vacillating from a desire for relief and the overwhelming desire for you i wear your love like a crucifix around my heart to keep the vampires and fiends at arm’s length but the goddamn pressure strives to turn my brain into fine dust and i […]


i get excited at the prospect of roads untraveled conquered by my curious hazel gaze new vistas to engrave into the sea of turbulent words the tempest within that casts shadows of my favorite forgotten journies on the ceiling when i cannot sleep and i long to tell you about the oddities a lifetime of […]

loving you in downtown dallas

there are occasions when i am in downtown dallas finish my job but still have time ticking away on the meter i sit in the car watching people or staring up at the buildings there is art statues a million and one things to catch an inquisitive mind but the thing i do the absolute […]

stygian blue sunset

on days like today every errant thought seems to be drawn to her she tickles my brain in chimeric shades impossible colors from beyond the spectrum effortlessly drawing forth these imaginary tones until everything that i thought i knew becomes hyperbolic orange with super luminous red tint her voice evoking a lull in stygian blue […]

mor(n)ing coffee

i dreamt in that dream i was a turtle on the beach sea foam condensed in my negative spaces i was an albatross watching down over a rocky beach with a turtle slowly dissipating back to the salt i was the wind underneath the great wings a thermal keeping the albatross afloat for months at […]

a fair trade

i lost a hundred or so poems in the hills around dublin texas between the forests and over the fields filled with longhorns i muttered likely my greatest works little declarations to the cloudy skies and the verdant rolling hills of how none of this untamed majesty can hold a candle to you i whisper […]

hints of wildflowers in a field of black and white

has some nefarious monster snatched the azure from the skies or have i been stricken colorblind in the absence of you? the sparrows hop chirping about as if everything is business as normal but this diffusion of shades of gray has my internal alarm system screaming panics. i fell frozen the depths of this sorrow […]

soulshatter kaleidoscope

she manages to see me at my worst and makes me better as my soulshatter kaleidoscope casts shadows on the scarred rusted bars of the prison in which my broken holds my heart hostage. she takes my poetic and my ugly in equal measure with a smile that lets me know it will all be […]

i see her wonder and weep

just beneaththe shimmering surfaceshines a soft pinkas the scent ofwildflowers carriesheavy on the frozenbreeze she is a clusterof peonies interlacedwith wrought ironstronger in her suppledelicacy than thediamonds her smilefar outshines even now she laughsdismissively at my notfar fetched claimsas my heart thundersher name in every spasmingbeat of longingto rest in her divinity in that soft […]

wildflowers a(n)d sunshine

my love is my definition of beauty her heart and her mind illuminate my shadows shining bright when i wake ugly again and i can be so very ugly. she is everything which helps balance out my nothing without diminishing her wonder in the slightest. sometimes i fear i am her only flaw and i […]

late wi(n)ter thaw

in every breath turned to mist in the frigidness that gripped me tightly, a cerulean lover hungering for every bit of my fleeting warmth, in those clouds of lingering dreams, expelled into the aether a million unwritten odes, of my love for your immaculate wonder, your name etched in cursive on my tentative pink tongue,so […]

icy heart

in the moments between moments, there, my love for you screams loudly to echo off everything; i woke to a world covered in snow muted by the heavy flakes the only sound i heard was your name carried on my pulse i could not say with any certainty if it was the cold or simply […]

it’s late a(n)d i love you

the kids are sleeping the world is silent except for the wind the bastard never seems to stop howling even as everything is at peace; i am staring up at the ceiling cold and miserable my face hurts my ear hurts and the goddamned words ~my usual salvation of sorts~ well the cursor keeps flashing […]

five sparrows, one fool, and her

the sparrows have decided to avoid the storm and take refuge on my porch they are lined up on the grill lid watching me watch them i am not sure what it is they see when they hop little eyes locked as i whisper poems about you, my love they seem nearly as enthralled as […]

my heart screams for you in rusted gasps

i am an empty suit of armor, a sword scabbard, a stump, a target, a thin sheen of ice along her pulmonary painstutter watching the frozen world spin backwards, every good intention reversed, every utterance of love gone unseen, unread, unwanted vitriol and virtuosity evenly decrease the viscosity that keeps my steam powered heart vibrating […]


the pressurebehind my eyeshas the worldin a falsesense of half speedas i struggleto containthe rapid eruptionsraging throughmy inner ear so i dothe only thingi know i throw everypiece of mybroken intoloving her letting go ofthe acheinflaming myevery otherinsipid thoughtpouring accelerantover the infernoshe igniteson my everyraging desire


her poetry wrapped itself around my throat with her silky elegance until i hung from her every beautiful word


i struggle the ache throbbing through my tender wrapped in this silent cacophony a warm cocoon struggling against this metamorphosis seeking only to become entangled in you

souldew refraction

i am a droplet of condensation hanging solemnly from her web sunlight tickles through my supple translucency erupting ashadowplayofsoftlywhisperedodes tohersingularwonderfromwhichiam sothouroghlyensnaredenchantedby themajestyofher over her delicate beauty as she shimmers in my souldew refraction


uranium two thirty eight courses through her smile irradiating my carbon core rearranging this insipid heart pulsating in atomic dissonance there is a mushroom cloud in her eyes that leaves nothing but ash in her wake, all i want is to burn in the purifying flames of her embrace as the world fades to white […]


i long to feel your breath upon my lips the moment before we kiss as our mouths blossom into a soft sweet moment where everything simply stops i long to feel your breath upon my lips for in that moment i shall be complete

sheer pulse flutters from her heart to mine

continuity static discharge across the binary passionwhispers of the elongated sighs reticulated in spectral benevolence on the obsidian shell of past agonies a mask of denials wrapped in layers suffocating truth with pandering lies best left to dreamashes her breath travels down my every detraction, reflecting the image of me she has planted firmly in […]

chromium tinted soulshatter

the rain falls in silver daggers cutting through the detritus of a fractured sphere neon dreamshivers cascade through mercury chemtrails illuminating the tumored expanse between rhythmic heartthunders in her chromium tinted soulshatter i scream your name in the midst of dream, seeking the salvation in your arms, falling falling falling, ever into you, the world […]

oil slicks and webbing

there is anoil slickon the coffeefractalsthat prevent my lipsfrom crackingthe amorphous shellbetween wakinginto another hellor strugglingto find solacein five minuteintervallicsleepwitherswhere dreamis an elastic bandaround rusty valvesin cardiac distress i wokelooked for yourealized exactlywhat new fuckerywas being imposedby realitythen stubbornlydrank coffeewhile glaring atthe ever brightening skyintermittentpalpatationsheartshivers tremblingover the invisiblesilken webthat connectsher wonderto my sense of awe

pangaea subtlety

she excites a feeling of unknowing nakedness across the heartspatters that frame my willing desires of petulant flame casting off the multi-hued dispersions of aches before dancing shadows on the quiet cave walls of painted dream a momentarily [motionless sea on which we float in stasis] swept upon lingering tides of calcified lustshivers carved from […]

coffee and the last dream vestiges of her

the last dregs of dream cling tendrils of foggy unwaking adding a hint of her held tightly to my chest in every absent thought as the coffee brews and the sky lightens outside half rapturous half agonizing wildflower petals softly spoken declarations in a haze of dreamslurry the sparrows line up to watch me watch […]

between heartbeats

we occupythe momentsbetween notesas ryo playsin the silencebetween heartbeatsthe instant beforethe synapse sparks slow dancingwith youas the worldstares at the high-hatshiverunaware of anythingbut you andthe wildflowers in your smile


empty parking lots across the once bustling city nothing remains but stray fools spilling their guts across the broken pavement as plastic bags hover in silent judgment if i can find a way to tune the satellite array attached to my aorta i can beam this signal across the aether to find your perfect heart […]

looking for you

i couldn’t figure out why i always felt a disconnect to the world around me until i found her and it all became clear my body is right here in texas my mind is lost in the words and my heart is beating two hours behind in west coast time while my eyes keep looking […]

quicksand soul

the deeper ingrained into my heart you become the more i worry about how my quicksand soul will swallow you whole i vacillate between my need to pour my love across your tattered seams and the knowledge i break everything i touch so please accept my sincerest apologies as i spill my feelings across the […]

coffee and her

the early morning ritual for the fool plays out the same most mornings with variable rates of anxiety wake an hour before the alarm lay halfway between states of consciousness as his heart sings a soft serenade lost in her until the alarm sounds coffee drips as the shower sputters to life the electric razor […]

bedside table

she keeps my heart on her bedside table so in the middle of the night she can listen to the murmurs where my dreamself whispers the lines i can never get quite right to the moon who understands this longing that tugs at my pulse much the same way he can pull the seas but […]

nebulous(lost in you)

i fell into the whorls of her fingerprints running down my side evaporated into mist as her breath touched my skin drowning in the storm signalled by the thunder in my chest the lightning in my veins while the scent of her pollen drifting along my psyche keeps this smile stapled to the edges of […]

a(n)other morning ode to her

in the quietest part of the morning when the world is still sleeping except for the poets and thieves as the sun sits just beneath the horizon as the sky transitions from black to shades of ultraviolet wonder while the coffee brews in sputtering drips my heart screams your name so loudly i fear to […]

her words/my skin

her quicksilver tongue runs along the indecent curve of my feral desire her smile a razor carving my inferno into bonfires to guide her fingers around my heart her breath across my flesh my scars erupt in neon my pulse adapting to her rhythm her jagged pierces my smooth, our venomous blood no longer sated […]


i wokewith a wreatheof wildflowerslovingly woundaround my heartevery beatsending herpollen deeperinto every nookof my stainedglass soul possession isfour fifthsof the lawand i am hers

plucking stars

she sat calmly plucking stars from the sky i watched as she peered at each one carefully murmurmed softly before setting each gently back in place she handed one to me from orion’s belt a swirling expanse pulsing in my shaking unworthy grasp i leaned close cupped it in my palm breathed an exhalation of […]


she speaksdirectly to my heartthrough thesilent syllablesleft hangingoff of the page i screamhoping she hearsthrough the clutterin the empty crieshollowing outthe soul of poetry i am in lovewith this womanwildflowersin her hairdripping poetrywith every smile every odehas been to hersince the momenther words took rootin my mindi knew i was hers she reachesinto my chestto […]

tips of our tongues

the air feels electrified as i stare up at the ceiling thinking about all the new mistakes we can make the new experience of doing things we have done a million times alone now together comparing battle scars as the sun drags itself across the sky no one can save us from ourselves but at […]

have it all

when i handed you the blade i hoped that maybe somehow you could make me a real boy carve a window in the side of my head so you can see how i am always lost in you cut a door into my chest so you can see the cuckoo waiting patiently for the clock […]

magic of her

some quiet moments weigh as much as a black hole growing in your chest she said consistency was the key to her heart but little did she know i had been consistently falling apart since my first tremulous breath an apocalypse in half measure but in those quiet moments the swirling sorrow that entwines itself […]


you sofill my mindat timesi cannot recallif ihave writtena poemor just beenso lostin youthe worldhas becomeone there are onlyso many waysto tell youthati love youso insteadi whisper itintothe ears ofevery squirreli seeso they cancarry itthrough the treesif any squirrelsstareit’s becausethey justwant to seewhat all the fussis about maybethat could bea poem


we float along on the backs of alligators down the slow moving river, turtles sunning on a lazy day, there was nothing exotic about our lounging though the eyes of gators seemed unimpressed; and you laughed your laugh that plays the bones of my spine like a xylophone, shimmering symphonic waves of pleasure, a tuning […]

the sun over texas lacks definition without you to focus o(n)

as the coffee swirls along the subtle empty that spirals deeper into the darkness summing up the essential blocks to building this blank faced fool with ink stained fingers twitching to accentuate the confusion in his bewildered gaze as the monochromatic skyline blurs into concrete edification highlighting the spaces between a train whistles off in […]

it is

i wanted to write something romantic something to curl your toes as you realized just how deep the longing burns inside of me with you as the accelerant instead i sat for fifteen minutes smiling because you make me feel so fucking alive so fucking happy it might not be romantic but it is real […]


no matter howbadlythe day is goingit simply takesa few wordsfrom my ladywith wildflowersin her smileto make it allsnap backinto focussomehowshe guidesthe anchoraround my throatto shallow seaswhere i canmanageto keep my headabove water when i tell herthat i love herit means morethan the simplicityof the wordsit meansmy heartbeathas shiftedmy pulsespelling her namein cursivealong every inchof arterial […]

with tongue and teeth and lips

i am no artist yet i dream of painting your flesh with tongue and teeth and lips an endeavor to rival the sistine chapel with a passion so all encompassing it would surely strip michelangelo of his feeble brush and paint with an indignant fury in the face of true artistry on the most perfect […]


she and itended a gardenthat grew deepbeneath the wavesa hidden sanctuarywhere the sunis only a dream we made loveon the currentslit by thebioluminescencecarefullycultivatedalong rows of kelp i didn’t questionour submerged lifewell awarewhereverher smile leadsis the only homenecessary for me

jar of fireflies

she kept her heart in a glass jar with fireflies tucked next to the cosmos in her chest to say i was smitten was to ignore the laws of magnetism as suggested by her irresistible pull i likely knew i loved her before i ever knew her name so caught up in the tempest in […]

astride a winged mare, afloat on winds of chaos

she exists in the center point of the gaping eye of madness a crystal clear sanctuary of serenity in the clouds of insanity and despair a faint haze of sunlight breaking forth from the silhouetted cyclopean gaze softening the clarity with supple surrender that comes from knowing she exists

one woman pantheon

in the infinitesimal bombardment of invisible forces that influence every facet of existence she calls to the chaos before my unbelieving eyes she takes the different flows weaves them into a tapestry she is lachesis she is athena she is aphrodite she is clarity wisdom love a one woman pantheon unaware of her own divinity […]

the desert of dream, the oasis in your smile

fell asleep with your words on my chest as the exhaustion of constant anxiety wore through my sullen the same way a creek carves through the mountains i chased a drifting balloon across the rooftops of a nameless city sitting on the edge of an endless desert facade encircling my photonegative smile losing the reason […]


the power in someone putting themselves into the focus of someone else’s words being able to wish for those phrases to highlight the things within themselves they wish to see means one of two things the words hold power or the reader holds their own sense of self too high i have never seen myself […]

one track mind

it’s impossible to describe how you make my soul feel incredibly free a drink of water after days in the desert an errant ray of light on a cloudy day an ease that sweeps through me when i think of you just you being you

the air was gold, your lips found mine

the street was nearly bleached out by golden light that didn’t seem to come from the sun but almost emanate from the air itself we walked together hand in hand in this yellow nimbus talking about the world around us watching the people laughing as it all seemed so silly the rush the angst the […]

nōōmê nän

i have sought the term to describe the woman that i love a game of pains for a poetic fool one that strikes the words from the sodden mining new scars out of the aether in solemn oaths of undying adoration noumenon – a thing as it is in itself, as different from a thing […]

simply stated

there was a duck something something fell in love with a swan things happened (lessons learned) he was a swan (bird logic) the whole time they realized that they were both (blah blah blah) sunshine happy images the truth is i fall asleep with your name on my lips i wake with you filling my […]

why the mockingbird sings

the mockingbird sits in the old oak tree watching the silent world as the first hint of light ignites the far eastern horizon it hops from one leg to the other ready to fire off into the slowly filtered dawn a cacophonous blast a fire burns in the black orbs a need to shout to […]


i know you would roll your eyes at me if i dared say you are perfect you would brush it off or try to convince me that it is far from true you’d think i was overly romantic the fool was too much in love to see reality with lavender glasses bleeding out the hard […]


training for a marathon barefoot across the remnants of every childhood dream that was shattered every year i die waiting to be reborn into something half as twisted half as infected half as ineffectual something more suited to be injected directly into your open mouth training for extreme depression by locking myself into the closet […]


she cut the wires to my self destruct button so now when i jam down hard on it in my moments of extreme weakness it just plays her smile on a loop sending the bitter sorrow back to the basement where it belongs she knows the affect she has on me yet never uses it […]

left alone

i just want to be left alone the world can go fuck itself the chatter can stop the people can turn to dust blow away into the sunrise i just want to be left alone with my thoughts my mania my pain my scars where judging eyes are blinded by the light refracted off the […]


we all stand by the water’s edge feeling as the cold slowly climbs a gradual drowning so many loved ones have disappeared beneath the waves the emptiness reflected in the placid lapping i close my eyes lock your smile into my mind as the the water tickles the tip of my nose uncaring of the […]


i have missed you in that missing came to realize how deeply you run in my veins so when i miss you i feel my pulse on my throat right where your mouth should be and i whisper my love into the darkness


i just wrote you another poem as i drove it was possibly my best prose yet so i cupped my hand around a stray beam of sunshine whispered it with every nuance then let it reflect off my mirrored pupils to find it’s way to lay upon your skin

hope burning

some days the entire world is beauty today i drown in a pool of ugly the only thing untinged is you, my dearest that’s enough to keep hope burning

dumbo octopi

they dart around my head shadowy octopi with fluttering ears propelling themselves through the humid air of early morning dissonance writing in duplicate seeing in triplicate lost in the waves of this ocean bearing down down down on the battered fool in desperate need of relief she comes over the horizon draped in gossamer golden […]


the tarnish runs too deeply on my soul to ever do anything but reflect your beauty but like a slick of oil on a serene pool sometimes the light catches me just right and i shimmer that’s how you make me feel inside shimmery and maybe a little pretty

dream woven

i lifted my head as the final line of a poem floated off my tongue a declaration so true that it willed itself into half dreamt existence i inhaled sharply to try and pull the words back so i could feel them in my mouth once more infuse them with the image of you burnt […]


the morning is still heavy but not in a crushing way more in that pregnant pause way that i almost wonder if i woke or if this is a precursor to some dreamschism the edges don’t mesh from dream to reality or my adventure in the land of nod in dream we walked down hallways […]

lavender sun

i drive down the streets at a hundred miles an hour with my arm hanging out the window painting the city with my amethyst innocuosity singing at the top of my lungs as a cloud of joy radiates like a comet tail behind me a heart full of you a mind full of words too […]

coffee with demons

most days the world at large for me can be summed up with two separate time zones pre-dawn promises in which all offers for my soul will be considered for the right deal and after she wakes up to be reminded that my soul isn’t mine to offer no matter how tempting the trade so […]


a sense of confusion sweeps across my paper maché wombnestle, a shuddering wave plays along the straight curve of my dasein-ersatz can you hear my heartbeat’s morose morse code tapping into the aether, the burlap sense of self calling in stutters and stops to your subtle nocturne or is this just a case of the […]

concatenation of perfection

to my mind she was a series of non sequiturs because perfection is a stand alone trait even if her perfections stretched beyond the typical scope inherent in mortals as i fell in love with each facet bound in beauty like dream captured in amber in the very randomness of her concatenation there is a […]

lush spasms

she captured secret lightning hiding the discharge in mason jars squirrelled away in every nook or cranny she never did say why she hoarded the crackling forks of purple hued dissonance or where she even got them but once she kissed me after a bottle of wine and i still have a faint scar on […]

a thousand

there are crevices in your soul that call to me secret places where no one else has been hidden spots groves of splendor where you pull leaves off flowers far from prying eyes in my longing to learn your classified currents to navigate your silent deflections i lose myself in the simple affection infectious the […]

permanent snooze

some mornings the alarm is the harbinger of hellish defaults the indifferent screams of the bill collectors digitized to slap the still dreaming hippocampus into fraught wakefulness a steel toed boot nudging the limp limbics into a perpetual state of anxious motion this morning it was your voice whispering love through dream through the pillow […]