her image dances across my brain like the shadow of branches swaying in the hot texas breeze the sunshine is too bright so i close my eyes yet somehow her beauty makes the light outside a candle compared to a bonfire

celluloid ravens

if they made a movie about the fool the cast would be fifty three ravens and her the director would claw his eyes out as the conspiracy of ravens sought to undo each take with primadonna antics all while she happily sketches another masterpiece on a weathered park bench under the chilly autumnal skies the […]


into your eyes i cast the net of my gaze in hopes of capturing a hint of the light you so effortlessly shine onto my mind my head was filled with the headstones of hopes long dead before you razed the top soil of decay exposing fertile earth once again


she walks across the room absolution in her every step turning the pages of my unread novel with effortless grace i am transfixed upon her every mood lost in her eyes


she has infinity in her eyes light streams in waves across the distance between hypnotizing with an allure that is indescribable my eyes are tea cups that can only be filled by her my mouth a saucer aching for her overflow my fingers are quills that can only be dipped in her ink my mind […]


i used to have a harmonica it wasn’t punk rock but it was in black sabbath so i didn’t really care what anyone thought about it then i forgot about it moved to texas gave up on the dream of being a famous musician hard to be a musician when you don’t play an instrument […]


one in a million just like you one in a dream just like you one in a billion just like you i need you one in a million i want you one in a billion i love you one in a dream starlight coagulates on her skin, drips down her flesh like a fantasy, when […]


she painted her toenails black because she knew that always got to me dragged her fingernails down my throat, just shy of drawing blood bit my earlobe, whispered her love gently into my ear knowing it would all make a growl come up from throat sitting on my lap, squirming in just the right way […]


the shelves are lined with someone else’s odes to a her i have never seen not imagined in a way that brings her smile to life the twinkle of mirth in her eye the soft emotion in her voice the bookshelves in my mind are a different tale altogether they sing with her laughter exude […]


her touch was the morning sun on hiroshima awash with radioactive afterglow she is my post nuclear eve splitting adam into isotopical decay my every cellular break down a dropped call a missed mixed message contextually sent undeliverable beyond her comprehensive disinterest


you look so good with sin dripping from your bloody lips sex oozing from every pore a hemlock and lust popsicle on a summer afternoon i want to lick every inch of you the angelic disguise a mirage gore me with your horns leave me bleeding out begging for more

(un)titled ode XXXI

i wonder in what seems like hour nineteen of dancing thoughts about you do you ever look to the sky night or day and a vision of me dances with you no music needed just cheek to cheek across the kitchen swaying softly in one another’s arms no of course not we both know i […]

(un)titled ode XXX

i imagine in two million years the light from your smile will grace the skies of an alien planet when it does an astronomer there will have that butterflies in the stomach feel of love at first sight probably won’t call it butterflies though but he or she or it or whatever will know exactly […]


somewhere in the sky a lone star looks down on both of us i whispered a secret to it for your ears only let me know when you hear it


she told me the lamp was magic, that there was a genie inside that would grant three wishes, i just had to rub it, everything would come true i laughed then after she left, i was alone and that lamp sat on the table, her smell filled the room yes wildflowers yes, i know and […]

(un)titled ode XXI

the tissue of my heart has crystalized a rigid structure formed of former flesh her lips are the chisel her eyes the hammer i am dust in her presence my soul is sand between her delicate fingers spilling to the ground under her feet

(un)titled ode XVIII

she carved the outline of a door into my breastbone with her sharpened fingernail. i stared at it and her in a mixture of pain and confusion. she smiled and knocked upon the bloody door. it opened. my heart soared from my chest like an owl from a snowy perch. now it is free to […]


they wore long white coats carried clipboards syringes filled with murky green solutions to issues i didn’t know i had but no matter the treatments when i close my eyes i only see you. they cannot cure that i wouldn’t let them if they could.

(un)titled ode XXIV

i wrote a new poem earlier it was garbage except it was about me loving you and this one is just about me writing about writing about loving you like the earlier one i trashed was a premonition it isn’t as if i stopped loving you i just stopped enjoying it being the only thing […]

one dance

the music plays as i stand to the side and watch as the couples smile and twirl to the beat one day i shall hold you close stare into your beautiful eyes and the room will stare at us though i won’t know it blissfully unaware i only have eyes for you

(un)titled ode XXII

i wish i knew your favorite animal the one you love the most the one you would keep as a pet if i knew which animal that was i would study in tibet behind enemy lines go against the chinese government learn the secrets of reincarnation of karmic return then i would commit crimes just […]

organ donor regrets

i am an organ donor but i am having second thoughts they say the ones who receive the organs sometimes have flashes of the donor’s feelings and thoughts can i risk that does saving a life and inflicting pain still equal a gift take my eyes and see the image of her burnt into the […]

a muse’s day

today starting now in my time zone at least it is the day to celebrate the birth of a muse she doesn’t celebrate it herself but i do see ever since i blindly stumbled upon her tapping my cane in front of me peddling pedantic odes her words opened my eyes made me want to […]


she stared into my eyes and smiled it was a smile that all smiles strive to attain it was a sliver of sunshine it curved like the pommel of a throwing axe it curved in a way that fit perfectly into the gaps of me it curved with a promise of blue skies of forever […]

she swirls

she swirls in a long black dress through the rain sending droplets in her wake her bare feet glide upon the water ripples spread out a web of waves pulling me in her every step a masterpiece her body saying the words no lip nor tongue could ever utter spellbound drawn ever deeper into her […]


she told me to let the words rest on my tongue like wine, to savor the myriad of flavors, identify the notes inherent within a hint of coffee, the sanguine whorls of dream, sadness and joy, a ray of light, soaking in my mouth she was right, she writes with righteous purity, she rights the […]


her eyes were as clear as a mountain stream and held the same strength and serenity but like the mountains she has steel within her, forged by fires but never broken no matter how it may feel at, times my story is not quite as… my eyes are like a mountain stream after a storm […]

the between

i relish in your silence, in your quiet moments, your doubts and fears manifest, those times between thoughts and words when you just exist as my only thought is to take you in my arms, to soothe the solemn hurt in your fractured soul yet it is not for me to do so instead i […]

color on the bayou

my sleep was filled with hanging moss and willows weeping into the lazy river winding in the back it was a black and white southern gothic syrupy accents and barely concealed tension behind an affluence of manners biting sarcasm you were there you and i were the only ones without accents, the only ones that […]

science of magic

she sat and stared out the window watching the people on the street her finger idly stirred the ice in her drink as she bit her lip schopenhauer described her best at first i refused to admit she existed, when i found her i was petrified to approach, now i calmly accept her as fact […]

fall heavy

it’s raining thunder rumbles outside and i sit with coffee and stare at it my mind sees none of it though inside i toil along with the raging storms a hurricane of my own brain lightning flashes leaving a purple after glow and still my eyes see nothing the coffee grows cold in the mug […]

shine so brightly

you shine so brightly, a flickering flame in the darkness of the world i dance in shadow, drawn to the fires that will surely burn me to ash a moth to your flame, a human projectile destined to explode with your touch can’t you hear my begging, open a window and let me dart about […]

she, she, she

it’s not often the words fail me, not often i’m left without something to say, they flee my head and scamper off but nothing clever comes to mind, no flowery phrase finds blossom upon my tongue and spreads it’s pollen down the page she sends a flurry of electrical impulses down my every nerve, lights […]


mountains don’t rise until after the earthquake, the caves don’t form without the stream glaciers carved the plains into valleys, the volcanos created the islands of paradise every crag so painstakingly accidentally created, random works of wonder what will happen to me now that i have discovered you, what new piece will be formed, be […]

still renderings of inadequate art

cerulean skies and warm beams of golden light to bask in, the rustle of leaves on threadbare trees, the squirrels search for hidden spoils unspoiled by the touch of man seeking solace from this wracking cough, this somber sickness that infuses and drains, the scratching of pencil on the pad and furious erasing of another […]


i entered the club with a secret knock on the bannister in the hall, shave and a haircut the dour hatchet faced man that stood like a pile of stones stared at me as i passed him i nodded and went to the bar, the girl behind smiled at me and got my order without […]

irregular tapping for you

i thought my heart was in a state of arrhythmia, my head aches and my mind only seems capable of focusing on her out sequence throbbing in my veins i rest two fingers in wrist and try and call my nerves two quick pulses one quick one long two quick three long three quick one […]


you see a tripwire, i see a means to an end. it feels as if society is a dogearred copy of salinger from flipping its collective shit. all the while i cut myself not to make the pain real but to make sure i am still capable of bleeding. that they did not swoop in […]

seraphic serenade

shifts in time zones and early morning flights a full body sense of discombobulation i meant to read but woke three hours later as the tablet fell with a surprisingly jarring impact against my face panic set in where am i, whose bed is this, why is it so cold in here eyes refusing to […]

another sloppy ode to her

a lot of my sloppy odes are directed towards her, the mystical she, the not so well disguised metaphor for love, for pain, the incarnation of ache, of unrequited need she is the culmination of a life of bitter regrets, of poingant rememberance, of heady need and passionate lust she has the face of every […]

she is, i am, and this is

she is a bolt of lightning that courses through my every thought, from the moment i wake up to when i stare at the walls halfway through the night the personification of dream, of desire, of hope, of love, distilled and made whole she is the dull ache, the sudden rush of adrenalized creation, like […]


i came to the realization today the wide open eye, breath choking in my throat, sweaty palm conclusion i’m dying it’s fine i’ve accepted it one of these days instead of angrily opening my eyes and muttering a hearty fuck you to an uncaring world i just won’t the poems will stop everything else will […]

dancing for scraps

my guts feel twisted up in knots as i sit here crying from words of beauty that cut through me like a hailstorm of rapturous shrapnel fired directly into my heart tapping out words of the most exquisite sorrowful joy onto a screen i can not see to a world that doesn’t see in a […]

maybe we won’t

did you see me staring out of the corner of my eye at you, trying my best to seem disinterested as my heart nearly ejected from my chest, the thin line of sweat on my brow, nervously tapping my foot to the beat in my head face half hidden by my phone that had a […]


he has a heart like a hand grenade beware when he pops the pin his eyes are alive with radiation his gaze known to kill tongue like a rapier swift strikes deftly carving the air around him but it his heart you have to be wary of a perpetual dome of alienation surrounds him he […]

two as one

they never should have been allowed up there the two of them cheek to cheek slow dancing to the music in their hearts on top of the zepplin the sounds of bombs falling guns firing explosions and distant cries of pain but none of it mattered as they gazed into each other’s eyes the starlight […]

a dream of you

i dreamt of you last night even unaware in sleep you fill my mind it seems it was cold far colder than kentucky or texas and i was wearing a hoodie and jeans which struck me as odd because it was too cold for such a light jacket and i don’t own denim and i […]

my arsonist

i’ve got a request for you my one and only desire be my arsonist and i’ll be your fire i don’t care about what comes after we’ll torch the whole thing from floor to the rafter set me aflame with all your passion and desire be my arsonist and i’ll be your fire let me […]

she (a sonnet)

she stands still and perfect like an angel my heart shatters at the mere view of her of beauty and grace with no parallel i would approach but my heart isn’t pure she embodies all of my deep desire and my longings i’ve always kept hidden her gaze that of ice and uncut sapphire cause […]


i am an amateur astronomer, studying the tidal affects of ever growing hunger and insatiable gravitational pull on light waveforms caused by black holes in the darkest reach of space i am cheating though, watching in the bathroom mirror, witness to this dark birth in the pupils of the eyes that stare back, all of […]


she sat pensively, i knew the moment i saw her that i would do anything for her if she would ask it, the sun didn’t shine upon her but framed her exquisiteness, and all the words in my head fell onto the floor with my jaw, my heart skipped three of four beats when she […]

nonverbal cues on poetry night

i went to an open mic poetry reading last night sat hunched down in the back listening to everyone spill their pain and positivity a lady sat next to me and saw my face go through the motions of emotions i had stumbled in while on a walk with no intent to read my inner […]


flipping the channels on my non-existent cable package not even sure the television is on been watching a documentary about a man living with manic depression, it is so sad, daydreaming that he sits on the couch smoking weed all day, he writes nonsense and yearns to drink himself to sleep, he is teetering at […]

escape artist

she disappeared vanished as if erased from the face of the earth the globe feeling off balance at her absence my heart tilted to the side and all of the softer parts poured into the cavity where my guts had shrivelled and ceased to work i had not expected this disappearing act a trick houdini […]

target practice

i stand against the oak tree knees trembling holding an apple over my heart you insist your aim spot on and i trust you because what’s the worse your arrow can do pierce the soft meat of the fruit and embed itself into my chest milady your smile does far worse and with little to […]


i feel like a balloon floating where ever the wind takes me not in charge of my own destiny pulled by a string in the hands of someone i cannot quite make out while buffeted by winds i’m losing helium slowly drifting down a lazy descent for such lofty aspirations if i could i would […]

exceptional charade

the world was killing her incrementally day by day a little at a time carving off little bits of her and it killed me to watch it occur standing by helplessly wishing to help to hold her to let her know it would all be alright but i couldn’t lie to her hell i found […]

if wishes were fishes

if i could i would kiss you gently on the cheek and whisper sweet dreams wrap my arm around you and hold you until the alarm goes off i wouldn’t mind a face full of hair or my other arm in an awkward postition not sure i would sleep just bask in holding you close […]

she and he

the sweet melancholy grips me i should be used to it’s embrace be able to shake it off ignore the smell of roses the gentle prick of the thorn but it has roots in my every cell tiny tendrils of sorrow it permeates my very breath she her no is it wrong to assign a […]

lovely day for a funeral

she pulled up in a hearse the windows tinted nearly opaque and as she climbed out, her legs in torn stockings and scuffed black heels on her feet, a veil covering her face to hide the running mascara with only her quivering lips exposed the black dress tight and showing off her body and not […]

vindr dreams

the wind rattles the glass of the window and i find it kind of funny see a window means wind eye in old norse vindr is wind and auga is eye vindauga and the wind is rattling the fuck outta the eye and i lay here tired enough to pass out yet just awake enough […]

my bonnie

i would pick you up and we could just hit the highway, spin a pencil and go where it points, leave the cares of out former lives behind stop at a sporting good store and shoplift some ski masks go on a spree rob a jeweltry store to get matching rings, like mickey and mallory […]

you and you and me and her

it was a dream i was there and you were there and you were there and she was there and you can fill in the who and what’s as we go i was a spoiler god but not capital g god but a god god and she was always off screen but i was searching […]


after a brief reinternment due to pushing too far too fast chapter title in my life story a quick iv bag and fresh script of pain alleviators angry stares and disbelief nurses and doctors and a general sense of disapproval basically dropped off the kids and went straight to the hospital so when they say […]

love letter

you see a tripwire, i see a means to an end. it feels as if society is a dogearred copy of salinger from flipping its collective shit. all the while i cut myself not to make the pain real but to make sure i am still capable of bleeding. that they did not swoop in […]


the words these goddamned odes to the only lady that sees me for me the grand dame depression every morning my eyes open and she whispers hello and holds me close and i hate her so much but she’s all i have the world is so empty and every time i see a light it […]

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]

she knows

she is my cleopatra the queen of denial, the lily of my mind’s eye i would erect the pyramids for her to give her shade, reroute the river water for her to bathe break my back to make her dreams come true i think she knows it she is my marie antoinette my luscious croissant […]

hate poems as lists

1 depression is like clinging to nothing 2 falling into the void with willing abandon, swimming in the cold comfort of her vacant 3 her eyes on me from across the room, burning into me, pulling me into her orbit where i am hopeless, only able to gaze in adoration before feeling the flames of […]


the light entered my cornea, refracted and hitting my iris like a laser it passed through the vitreous, the gel that maintains the shape and supports my retina there is was changed into an electrical surge and raced down my optic nerve my brain interpreted the signals and an image formed, this all happened in […]

she as a metaphor

it is just another one of those she is a metaphor for love things another contrite deluge of longing in metaphor and is given the form of her who is she she is the shadow of jayne mansfield behind a silk curtain the promise of dangerous curves her voice is sultry crackle of tobacco on […]

blood type

i don’t know my blood type if something happened and i needed that knowledge for a transfusion i would say she is my blood type, she is the fluid flowing through my veins, my vanity, she is my type, she is the current that shifts, as she grows near it rises, races, pumps a million […]

hard to complain

she came into the room wearing nothing but a bloodstained apron and a smile her eyes gleaming with passion i could nothing but stare at her in love and appreciation ready i can only nod not daring to speak to break the moment she smiles sadly a hint of bittersweet to the pure sugar of […]