tips of our tongues

the air feels
as i stare up
at the ceiling
thinking about
all the new mistakes
we can make
the new
experience of
doing things
we have done
a million times
now together

battle scars
as the sun
drags itself
across the sky

no one
can save us
from ourselves
but at least
now we have
to be with
as the world
to cinders
as we lay
in the grass
with each other’s
the only thing
on the tips
of our tongues

there is hell
buried deep
in my heaven
and baby,
your breath
trailing over my
is a surefire way
to unlock
a door to perdition
in slow spirals
along your
inner thigh

but there is
just beneath
your hell
that calls to me
so clearly
i have never
wanted anything
more in my life
than to drown
in you

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