a lot to (un)pack

i do not handle negativity well it creates a feedback loop sounding off the already less than ecstatic worldview doubling down in my strained at the best of times shfting fragility i feel quiet which is always a bad first sign a tectonic sway in bipolar hemispheres as darkness blankets my mind a silver flask […]

salted soil

watching sadly as the rest of the world sees you for exactly what you proved to me you always truly were may the bridges you carelessly burnt keep you warm as your house of cards crumbles around you there was never anything as important to you as your own precious ego the salted earth on […]

i am an albatross, you are the sea

there are moments when i cannot reckon the words i write against the emptiness i embody clutching to the dying dreamer whispering of things i cannot feel wrapped in steel wool nothingness devoid of anything except nugatory denials yet i bleed emotion from wounds self inflicted numbed as i sit a coil of rampant anxieties […]

discarded shells

if i am a shell of who i once was hold me to your ear and listen as i tell you how much i love you in hollow echoes lost to time my hermit crab soul discarded this empty broken vessel long ago now all that lingers is memories eternity won’t let you forget

a fistful of flowers

people often mistake being polite and considerate for weakness not understanding that it takes more effort to not punch them directly in their flapping maw of self absorption while nodding with a smile acid etched over disdain if you see me standing silently trying to unclench my shaking fists as i avoid eye contact it […]

laundromatic response

three little trees branchs full of little brown birds hopping happily outside of the tapatia where a line of tired mothers stand waitinf for their treats i had been sitting outside the laundromat waiting impatiently for the doors to open stomach grumbling as the last clean pair of boxers signaled the need to forego sitting […]

faster than dread

at the height of manic insanity the rest of the world feels trapped in amber as i zap from conductor to conductor going too fast knowing only a deveststing accident lays at the end of this blurred painscape collecting new scars as my worn out soul trails behind me a comet’s tail spitting a haze […]

sparks of lavender in a field of pollen coated hellsputter

pollen falls an unmelting snow heavy and cloying the green has spread over everything building a pressure pulsating fiercely in sinal rage short fused when typically the timer is set into infinity lashing back at snapping maws a simmering anger sullenly bubbles the sun came out, as i sat trapped indoors, a wasted day babbling […]

corpulent pigeon

the pigeon didn’tland with a flutterof wings and gracefulhop on little stick legsbut with a solid thudand i was taken abackat first thinkingit to be a turkeyso porcine was the birdthere seemed to bea double chin inviridescent greencircling its throatit waddled as if itwere in charge of thestrip of sidewalkjust outside the coffee shopwhere the […]

eyeliner fatalities

i admire the lack of concern as she does her eyeliner going seventy down the congested highway never bothering to look away from the mirror one time i figure this will be how i am killed hit by a white car as the lobotomized driver with an applicator driven through her eye and into the […]

long term ineffectual memory loss

each day i find i have forgotten something new i cannot tell what it is just that there is a gap a pool of nothing left congealed a vacanacy like pins and needles in my mind perhaps i have reached maximum mental capacity ejecting things to make room for new ideas or perhaps it is […]

self loathing is the key to relatability

a gaggle of writers is like the thanksgiving day parade their egos floating above the city demanding to be seen cockamamie idiots recycling the same tropes expected to be recognized as the geniuses they have stolen from they make me sick self aggrandizing constantly shilling begging for attention while churning out tepid trash by the […]

14131 midway

even when work finds a way to keep my fingers turning wrenches all day the gerbil races in its little wheel squeaking out words i trace in braille along the side of the machine tap tap tapping knowing they fall to the tile officially unwritten yet fully formed at the height of concentration where efficiency […]

burrows and barrows

i am a cicada burrowing far underground screaming every night without end in these barrows beneath the city there isn’t a parking garage that hasn’t been forced to endure the words of a fool no sparrow left unbothered by the constant flow spilling from my heart into the electrosphere a cloud of static polluting the […]

death rattle

the city aches tremors coursing an abandonment of tired souls a caffeination in sultry desanguination rippling outward from the concrete heart of crumbling commerce tainted dreamwisps caught in rusted nets of the failing grid sending waves of synaptic dysfunction in pulses of ravenous dismay to spark ineffectually in ozone scented kisses and streaks of melted […]


the day has been a flurry of activity with little time to scribble words so i have stared out from the thirty fifth floor at the city and sent my love through hazel beams there aren’t always words necessary when my eyes say everything my lips and hands cannot

good morning moon

the moon still shines a thumbnail cleanly cut a banana hanging from a celestial palm it is defiant forlorn in a patch of steely blue ignoring the light brightening the pale horizon as it stares through the open blinds bathed in happy whistles as it slowly rises from my view as if to say good […]

twilight’s transition

i dip my fingers into dusk to paint the skies in vivid pink flashes of simmering surrender waving white flags in accumulated cumulus to dispense with this parody of helping hands tearing pounds of sweaty flesh they have no right to claim just for the piece of mind given unto war time tirades from the […]

one dimensional

ever feel as if you woke up one dimesion off everything looks close enough to whatever normal is but the shadows seem sharper the faces are less distinct the roads all lead to a slightly different location curves inversed and colors muted it itches at the back of your brain blood red dandelions pushing through […]

pigeon feathers strewn about valhalla

the ground around where i am parked is covered in pigeon feathers gray as the skies blowing around with the plastic bags and scraping cans opera plays loudly an odd contrast of class to the filth perhaps the gray feathers once were festooned upon the helmets of valkyries the song of the epic battle sounding […]

the skies are as indifferent as the ceiling most days

the gray skies have been unrelenting teasing storms doing nothing except blotting the sky in dreary odes to sleepless romanticism in restless wonder the park is lively just myself and the sparrows staring from a verdant canopy stray kittens prowling in the high grass and a woman arguing loudly with herself a squeak squeak squeak […]

corpse robbers

a cloud of gnats buzzing in my ear supping on the rotted flesh of the last attempt to flog the fetid corpse of creativity until their stomachs grow distended all while begging to add one verse thus calling it a collaboration they can peddle off as original content i swat at them doing my best […]

n’s sonnet

i dreamt as always of wildflowers, the type that blossom in her perfect smile, of her beautiful heart that does beguile, as the minutes drifted into hours; her eyes flashed lightning and promised showers, i stood before her a man on trial, just to prove my love without denial, to write an ode of all […]

best laid plans of dogs and fools

the dog has been barking nonstop for two hours now enough to drive away the sparrows there is no one in the causeway nothing to agitate the little monster yet as i sit solemnly it barks and barks and barks sunday mornings are best spent with coffee ryo playing softly the wind and the planes […]

do something

what good is eternity when we count it in seconds clawing for reason in the face of common sense passing off pithy nonsense in place of earnest attempts at making the world a better place in the miniscule time allotted bullshit philosophers and braindead poets waxing about concepts they have no grasp on like love […]

repackaged theology

lost in the ontological discrepancies of being as applied to the pursuit of defining is as a state rather than a uniformic isentrope where objects of inanimaticy are related to the intimate internality of dissolutions by way of inauthenticity turning an inward eye onto the false meanings of contextualization foregoing the abstractions of discourse as […]

do demons dream of carnivorous sheep?

i wonder have i finally fallen asleep the world is still as a corpse i (slept)walked watching as the planes glitched re-entering the same cloud bank on infinite loop the birds aren’t singing though the static carries the call of distorted crows which may be my beard scraping across the pillow spiders crawling across my […]

i won’t sleep when i’m dead

the wind chimes at night will always be one of the loneliest songs they have come to represent the only sound to break the silence i long to tear them down to smash them into pieces and let the wind scatter them to curse someone else with their cacophony but they are all i have […]


the windows shook a warbling noise echoing down the empty street the solid panes deform waves rush through the delicate crystalline in clear melted silica sand i watch physics bend and can’t help but hope one shatters and rains down shards to pierce through my waiting body to shred me into slivers quivering on the […]

wishing wells and magic fountains

the city workers stand by the fountain green nets with long plastic poles sifting out the wishes unfulfilled dumping coins into large white buckets oxidized currency exchanged in good will for dreams that will never see fulfillment another long con selling off hope for a moment of peace wishing well reactments of sending prayers into […]


a yellow car flipped on its back as traffic snakes slowly down the highway alight with red and blue the skies shift from a manic melon back into the dismal berth that never rains just hovers over in judgment of the admonished sinners seeking an ending to a week of pious capitalist worship a green […]

cut out

learning to excise the words that seem to go unacknowledged to not reach out to be content with things unsaid rather than choking on them a strategic retreat in the face of overwhelming waves of apathy a piss poor poet finally understanding the power of staying silent after jabbering on alone for far too long […]


when i write someone out of my life i always wish them well and i always wish them exactly what they deserve it’s a polite way to tell them they can go fuck themselves and while i don’t really believe in karmic retribution i do find that you tend to get back exactly what you […]

canal road

we used to pick fat red raspberries and plumb blackberries from a great patch of briar thorn bushes fingers and mouths stained with the sweet juice as lines of red blood welled large yellow spiders with intricate webs and a flurry of brown happy robins swooping in for a snack it would be hot as […]

16th floor

the thin veneer of window tinting along with skies of roiling cloud cover give early afternoon a dastardly sense of encroaching evening ten lanes of traffic already at a standstill a frantic scramble for a slow crawl towards the drive thru line that snakes around the orange and white stripes into the street and around […]

none see so clearly as the blinded saints

there is a sense of calamitous indifference floating through the spheres of underlying circumspect circumstance a wavering dissociation where nothing is as it appears in the mirrored lenses of dismissal leeching lethargy from the leaking heart valves where maniacal longing crashes headfirst into a compression of insight billions of disparate souls blinking out in unity […]

an augury

polished bones etched with runes rattle in the wooden bowl a crow caws loudly an invitation to murder beckons as fate tumbles in the torchlight dancing over sweat streaked skin an augury of prophetical pondering in the swirling mist of potentiality dark omens cast in uncertain need the future laid bare on the hardpacked soil […]

tha(n)k you

on the days the words flow in exuberance i tend to be at my worst on the days i have nothing but i love yous on my tongue i don’t feel the need to frantically scribble those days are my favorite existing in a panicked need to unburden an overdose of too much emotion is […]

14800 landmark

there is a still pool of sorrow crystal clear yet with an immense crushing weight i cannot recall any of my dreams but i am unable to shed this steady suffocation of melancholic dismay colors washed out a single wilted daisy in a vase silken petals fallen onto the table facing a dusty window morosely […]

wrong side up

i sleep in fits a tulip bulb planted upside down in the cold winter soil i wake confused uncertain where i am staring up vertiginous and alone gathering up the flecks of dream from the rocky soil seeking answers stunted in the darkness i cannot tell if i sleep or lay awake if i think […]

in the thrall of spring

fat slugs feasting in the blooming bushes butterflies float in the stillness of late afternoon a heady sleepiness as the roads are bare bluebonnets swaying to the chorus of planes circling the clear blue a chipper squirrel scampers on the gray bark as the cardinals speed flashes of brown and red among the branches heavy […]

willow branches

the wind whimpers in the willow branches a fluttering sigh in tender resignation as the sun glints a million daggers of golden light on the choppy lake resplendent with frolicking waves there is an unquenchable agony in witnessing this overload of wonder to be surrounded by unfathomable beauty yet knowing no single seed will ever […]


if life is all part of god’s plan i am a footnote forgotten at the bottom of the page an ink spill marring an otherwise pristine parchment a rorscharch blot showcasing futility a cautionary fable for lost souls seeking meaning in a paint by numbers canvas of the void


i light myselfon fire to illuminatethe darkness billowingthroughout my minda siege of sinsin quiet apprehensionferal mongrelssalivating at the gateswaiting for a breakin a haze of greasy smoketo savage fleeting wondera subcutaneous flamesizzling deep bluea frozen infernowhere skin splitshope drips in thickglobs of sputtering pusoozing slowly intothe shadowed maniawrapped tightly arounda delirium of dream


the past swells a mausoleum in a state of constant construction as the future crumbles, tumbles a stack of wobbly misshapen nows carefully crafted into sturdy brick to be dwelled upon in the quiet later of today’s tomorrow an epitaph unwritten a prophecy as yet drifting in the silence unforetold

of astronauts and fools

there are days when i imagine the loneliness of outer space is less bitter than the loneliness of driving around a big city surrounded by a myriad of faces yet having no one to speak to flying through the emptiness of the vast regions where there is only the ship and your thoughts the distant […]

naked skydiving

skydiving naked through a hailstorm but inside out outside in anxietal downpours on the fragile pane of untempered soulglass sending fractures bolts of panic through the cheesecloth mind of a man slowly driven mad by the burden of consciousness a conceit of funhouse mirrors distorting dysmorphic blindspots on the son incapable and doggedly determined to […]

a candlelit vigil for the working class

woefully unprepared for another day spent in the pursuit of another person’s riches an angel of commerce a half burnt candle my halo flickers as rivulets of waxy flesh run down to pool around my tapping toes impatiently shedding the best parts of myself to chase down a payday that is insulting at best wobbling […]

hollow night

an ethereal abstraction in the crooked maw curled into a mirthless grin a demonic supplication between crooked teeth an unspoken acknowledgement to hollow moons tidal distortions in an awkward ebbing a celestial attraction in miniscule flashes cascading behind the holes in the vast skies where clouds were thumbtacked in place by these same crones bent […]


a laceration on systemic limbic limitations (fight)or(flight) hysteria a transcendental ascension absconding swiftly along a jagged rainbow slicing along ocular nervousness an optical illusion a topical intrusion limply lobotomizing an overdose of need . . . the hourglass is laying on its side the sand settled in an equal amount within each glass orb balance […]

emptiness lingers

as the afternoon becomes filled with earnest objections they don’t want to go i don’t want to stop existing again but none of us has a say in things so they gather up their stuff as i clean the messes leaving a blank slate for when they return and i reawaken again i know they […]

out of coffee, hope, and time

no words can be said to exonerate the velvet extravagance where uncommunicative lulls of dead waters disintegrate upon the discarded shells still sounding the white noises when the tides recessed back to roil upon themselves in acrimonious spite crusted salt extrusions mark the flood line for future archeological excursions into caves lined with mislabled religious […]

alone in darkness

another ill prepared autonomous autopsy nonessential organs bagged and tagged fingers cramped as the thick black thread hangs loosely from the tattered edges around the empty hole that once consumed me whole a long why bother incision exposing saw dust reveries a speed bag hanging between wizened lungs sloppy odes etched left unread in the […]

lemon bread

a loaf of lemon bread cooling beneath the dour gray that wrested the skies from shimmering light the notes of citrus wafting on the perpetual breeze from the ceiling fan calling forth a summer dream in this dreary spring dismality i lose myself in the regiment of baking when the words feel stuck in my […]

harvesting agony

a casual retraction distending roots from salted soils retreating back into a seed of ruin a defense mechanism once the nutrients have been extracted as the ground beneath takes more than the fleeting light can possibly renourish to roll along until the next patch of seemingly barren dirt can tease with thoughts of growing strong […]

fallen fallen fallen

fallen angels endless bands of fire and eyes plummet like stars from the off balance universal sorrow encapsulated in a river of silver tears an everflowing siege of divinity in torrential bands of infinite nothing to wash up on shore charred viscera in tortured piety fossilized husks never quite dying yet unable to live

pops and clicks

i can feel the amino chains unraveling the thunderous rattle of unwound double helix folly as i slump to the hot ground a pool of subtle anxieties and an overabundance of abandonment in rational delineation the incredible proof of rampant devolution in random pops and clicks


she came out of the store graceful as a gazelle with curves that needed a big yellow caution sign attached and strutted down the sidewalk as if the cracked concrete moved in time with her long legs the valet slid open the door to her white flashy sports car and as she shimmied her way […]

1601 elm on a mediocre at best friday

a roaring waterfall whitewaters churning on the building at the end of the block a striated chrome bubble beckonings with light from the lackadaisical sun a distortion of myself glaring in infinite reflections of dismay as a herd waits patient for the flashing white to scurry into the testaments of reckless expenditure in a good […]

schismatic dogma

the ochre ichor in penitent drip unyielding fever an infection in innocuous inoculation vicarious chills sweep brittle bones tiny cuts all along the inflamed tender burning tinder releasing cancerous particulates over carnivorously callous incidental wounds defective dereliction in dank dismissal a sickness burrowed in despicable decent as the alarm sounds an end to another insomnial […]


a lot of motion for going nowhere following the inverse cataract of ripples flowing throughout the city tires spinning mind in neutral engine red lining stuck in the muddy fields of enervation damp with swirls of enigmatic gloom the video billboard projects advertisements directly into the unsuspecting marsh inside frontal lobes a hiss of variable […]


i kept waiting forthe revolutionto be televisedinstead it gotcorporate sponsorsand was monetizedthe unurly mobin branded solidarityutterly commercializedby the bastardsin the one percentthey had demonizedand none evennoticed as their dreamswere swiftly liquidizedthe people didn’tcheck the fine printthus were victimizedand the loudest voicesof dissent werequietly ostracizedand the revolutionnever really happenedas hope was euthanizedthe talking headsappeased the masseslife […]

even the darkest night must end

the shadows dance in the darkness where osiris sleeps beneath the duat sky as anubis weighs hearts against feathers pitch black tears swell the mighty river ra’s boat creaks as day is born anew in phantom rays refracted on the viridescent shells of scarabs caught midfeast

the past is rusted hooks straining uncertain futures

is there any worse possible fate than to be a self aware ghost haunting an empty apartment as life goes on outside your door to be remembered as something i was not from the safety in the greener pastures of tomorrow’s rot a chained phantom unable to escape the clarity of hindsight while old flames […]

my tongue is stapled to the roof of my mouth

children are honest and loud new pilots in awkward meat rockets as yet unashamed of who they are the world hasn’t snuffed them out like a cigarette butt beneath the boot of bastard time everything is new and they revel in the experience of being alive as adults we chase after love desperate to feel […]

dead men’s names

the main struggle with being alive is the constant feeling of being dead inside they don’t teach you about this in school they make you memorize dead men’s names and teach you how to write out your own never mentioning that one day you’d be just as dead yourself but no one else would have […]

flashes of color

so muchof the cityis decrepitbarren landfilled withempty buildingsif you onlydrive thehighways themirage remainssomewhat intactbut i drivethe backroadswhere rustis prevalentamong ruin every flowerthat pushesthrough cracksin concreteis a reminderthere is joyin birdsongeven as decayfeels constanti lose sightin my tired angstso i travelmy aching chestseeking salvationsin the desolatecorners of townlooking forflashes of colorin an oceanof cardiac decay

above, in front, inside

waiting out the rain in an empty parking lot a vast expanse of empty gray above, in front, inside all drenched in unwanted damp a hollow drip of nothingness rudderless in the face of a terminally bleak lightless day

an act or cowardice

she saved her deathbed confessional until the last possible moment her burden left unspoken until letting the truth exhale along with her stain glass soul to sputter out into the void no longer concerned with repercussions or the pain expelled onto the world in her passing


rain falls from the melon colored sky a confusion of precipitation in the bright bowels of hell as the sinister sunlight casts inverse rainbows on a city of ruinous dread

plucking maggots from dreamcatchers

in those fleeting seconds where the day coalesces with the death of sleepless night anything can seem possible in strained notes of anticipation before the sudden weight of wakefulness expels lingering dreamwhispers from the tongue of insomnial murmurings momentarily plucking the larvae twitching in dream catchers as reality falters under its own devastating gravitational pull […]

prolapsed wonder

there is an elasticity in emotions that begins to wear itself out as they become stretched out as we worry around the edges like the neck of a favorite shirt hanging sloppily the comfort grows tattered as it is taken for granted no longer does it cling tightly until it is nothing but rags a […]

some days i wish it would never stop raining

the stormswept over theclustered apartmentscool air blowingthrough the screenbetween bright flashesand low rumblesthe gentle downpourfalls in aa discordant harmonyin odd synchronicitywith the music playingbass pulsingsending ripplesacross red wineover as soon as begantraffic racingthe wet roads addinga faint buzzin the now silentmoment as dayfades into eveningthe yellow grayslowly going full darkthe paper maches heavenshidden above cotton […]

permanent marker

i write all of my i love yous in permanent marker across my whiteboard heart painting your name in pastel as your words whisper in electrified cursive along my every nerve as i try to remind myself i need to breathe falling farther into you with every stray thought as the marker squeaks upon the […]

pioneer and 161

smoke hung heavy hints of red and blue in a demon cloud of roiling black malevolence stinging the eyes burning airways as the traffic light in muted red swayed in the billows i tapped my hand rhythmically against the steering wheel the music thumping just beneath claustrophobic panic encased in this volatile inconsistency trying not […]


when will we be forced to excise civil from civilization where we finally acknowledge it holds no meaning to describe the ferocity of humankind the news is nothing but a paid advertisement for whichever fallacy you choose to subscribe an echo chamber bloviating in an endless cycle reminding you the other side doesn’t think like […]

perpetual now

we chase a future we will never see while the past clings to our souls like so many barnacles on the hull of an overladen ship taking on water just too far away from the port so much of our effort wasted in a futile attempt at shaping a tomorrow that likely never comes while […]

every poem is an act of rebellion

as much as i admire the writings of camus his justification for making coffee instead of killing himself feels as empty as trying to live every moment in an act of rebellion perhaps had he lived in a different age away from the wars he would have seen the cage of existence often tinged by […]

barely mobile

a thin veneer of stick paste spread across the cracked countenance staring back in crumbling effigies of trying to pull together a seemingly lifelike mannequin’s smile the light shines through the vacancy in spatial relations where time has chipped the sediment of intentional sentiment into a weathered face of craggy disbelief in static wonderment creaking […]

a kitten named frida

my friend believes i need to get a pet she called my loneliness catastrophic i countered by asking if i can barely find the will to keep myself alive why would i want a poor animal to suffer as well then had to explain it isn’t loneliness it is madness and that catastrophic barely touched […]


i dont know when the sparrows were replaced by the crickets i found myself lost in kerouac breathlessly reading a single paragraph about neal cassady when i noticed the sky was dark and sylvia began to whisper in my eager ear i have drifted between time dilation in relationship to gravitational flux and learning about […]

the moon is a lie

the moon is a lie a pockmarked paper mache satellite hung in the sky to add an illusion of depth to the blank ceiling of this wobbling penitentiary the stars incandescence leaking from the cell above twinkling as the inmate paces back and forth from bunk to toilet sink in a futility where madness blisters […]


sprawling limbs bright greens brittle browns conspire against the alabaster bricks an effusion in natural destruction clawing at mortar a degradation in stability with thorns dripping poisonous ostracism in an overgrown manic mayhem of insidious growth a reclamation of stone bones an internment of fickle whims in terminal deposition in feral conjunction with stark design […]

buried in nettles

fingers of sunlight entangle the lazy spiral invisible clouds an amalgamate of dusty silver bespeckled in the alluvion echoes of an infant crying fiercely torn free of sleep the last vestiges of the ever comforting void jettisoned apathetically in exchange for a harsh lesson learned of the inevitable disappointment in this sphere of disingenuous distillations […]

you can run, but never escape

i dreamt of that goddamned shiny red firetruck again last night telescoping ladder bit of white lithium grease on the crank reflective chrome on the rims and oversized bumper too hot to grab in the smoldering ruins of home bright lashes the snap of plastic on malleable flesh hot tears evaporating as they touch the […]


a grimace etched through the crimson flood pouring down his lips a half drowned gasp as the thunder pummels behind his sparrow bone skull i watched curiosity and horror intermingled as he tore at the gray flesh cracking his breast open to wrench the sputtering half seized valves of his own picayune value to spray […]

kafkaesque worries

my eyes openedof their ownvolition at threei did my bestto lasso sleepbut that shiphad long sailedand my bladderdecided toinsert itselfinto the conversationso i shuffledsullen and slowdown the hallthe dim blueglow of the bowlguided me as itried to convincemyself that sleepwould be a goodnext step to pursuea faint movementcaught my eyesat the bottomof the bathtubtwitching legsattached […]

morning affirmation

dreams are just your mind recycling the hells of yesterday they are not beacons lighting the way to tomorrow i don’t believe in much but i always believe in you

(un)tethered, coming in august

coming this August from River Dixon and Potter’s Grove Press, (un)tethered by m ennenbach. this is my fifth collection of poetry, which is insane to my already fractured brain. each new collection gets closer and closer to where my poetic journey has taken me (albeit kicking and screaming in lowercase). with another cover by my […]

of stones and tears

she cast him away another stone sent skipping across the waves now she swims out unable to differentiate all the sunken lovers in the silt seeking the one that gave everything only to be carelessly pitched into the brine as her alligator tears churn around her a desperation for what was thrown aside the distorted […]

dawn splinters evening

an eyelash in my eye socket every teary blink is sandpaper blurring out my vision a pebble in my shoe every awkward step a blister upon my sole a blockage in my artery every straining beat closer to a fatal infraction an overdose of memories in my fleeting sleep wind burnt from tossing and turning […]

blind in muffled defiance

dreamsplinters plunged deeply into the prismatic diminishment of distilled distraction a dire sense of life ebbing away shuffling among the morose comatose as machines wheeze in a disturbed travesty of purloined peace an ocular omission in squiggly lines swimming in a mercurial fount shifting perspective in upside down mistranslations pinging rods and cones shivering synapses […]

windy daze

wilting curling up in upon myself in a contradiction of malfeasance crisscrossing spectral insignificance with a yearning for the salt on your flesh tasting the air for a hint of home on the howling gales a cyclone of whipping petals slashing angrily across an empty afternoon on the pothole ridden streets a calamitous convergence of […]

knot lessons

my mind can unwind the gordian knots along your supple spine but my fingers fumble when i try to tie my shoes as if the disconnect between will and ability is irrationally severed the slow degradation of indecisive waking after so long sleepless has permeated my hands with the same paralytic that keeps my tongue […]

sun dawns over a mockingbird nest

sitting alone in the stark nudity of dawn sunlight illuminates every blemish each trailing scar the slick streaks down weathered cheeks as the coffee sits untouched steaming morosely into the stagnacy of shattered repose mockingbirds roost sarcastic dimwits singing the songs they never felt never understood but seeking the same response in pallid echoes i […]


i have always been partial to moths over butterflies there is something in the muted tones of fluttering wings as they dart around the heavy sodium glare a hopeless curiosity consuming their short existence velvety browns and noble grays unpretentious compared to their daylight cousins but there is a profound beauty in plain hues a […]

bluebonnets are blossoming

the brown grass is green and the bluebonnets blossomed to cover the side of the highways with purple oceans waving in the warm breeze spring has sprung as the world alights with verdancy beneath heavy rays of golden saturation it happens in the blink of a tired eye the land reborn as winter still grips […]

temporary catastrophes

i will race across the city from traffic jam to traffic jam only to sit in a parking garage watching birds in a constant cycle of going nowhere to accomplish absolutely nothing except be alone with a different view no music playing just the same feelings of reckless self endangerment as the ground shakes with […]

yellowed journals

her scent reminded me of a library yellow pages filled with mysteries that would take a lifetime to fully reveal i grabbed a tome hoping to unlock those secrets dancing behind brown eyes only to find my feeble understanding of language unburied questions i could never hope to answer with shaking hands i opened each […]