i kept waiting for
the revolution
to be televised
instead it got
corporate sponsors
and was monetized
the unurly mob
in branded solidarity
utterly commercialized
by the bastards
in the one percent
they had demonized
and none even
noticed as their dreams
were swiftly liquidized
the people didn’t
check the fine print
thus were victimized
and the loudest voices
of dissent were
quietly ostracized
and the revolution
never really happened
as hope was euthanized
the talking heads
appeased the masses
life was trivialized
for all the bluster
and ad campaigns
no change was realized
just higher inflation
and joblessness as
the businesses downsized
and the billionaires
built rocket ships
as the markets capsized
to rule new planets
that unlike earth
had yet to be cannibalized
we sat and watched
unwilling to help
unless incentivized


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