41 Deaths, a farewell

I die tonight another year burned to ash, a new me to rise and suffer and struggle in the mess the old me left behind another notch that signifies how much closer to death I am and still all alone am I in crisis, falling apart, feeling the icy claws of death approaching from the […]

Squircle, words

my brain feels like it needs fiber, like it is constipated, like it needs a vowel movement there is so much thunder but no lightning noise but no illumination crashes and collisions but nothing makes it real my heart thunders like a stallion broken free and racing through the night or some other overly masculine […]

Turkeys Circling a Dead Cat

I saw a video tonight and I don’t know what I think, it looped over and again and I could not look away or understand the basic fucking concept of what I saw it was turkeys circling a dead cat in this perfect fucking choreographed dance strutting in victory of a stunning win in the […]


I don’t know when I found art. it must have been a mistake, stumbled upon it, tripped over it looking for something to ogle. it feels like it came from punk. or the basic aesthetic originated there. graffiti as well. the train cars and murals on the underpass. I remember it took being shocked to […]

Surfing, words

flipping the channels on my non-existent cable package not even sure the television is on been watching a documentary about a man living with manic depression. it is so sad. he sits on the couch smoking weed all day. he writes nonsense and drinks himself to sleep. he is teetering at the edge of oblivion […]

Noon, series of nothing

I tell myself you are going to the store and will have interactions with people. it is healthy and you have been trapped inside getting wasted for almost two full weeks.  I tell myself that. then I go and make evil face so no one approaches and use the self check out. then talk to […]

Checkity Check 1 2

hey there my dear reader how are you doing today? good, good, at the edge of darkness, swirling ever closer and threatening to drown you? good. that is great. knocking it out of the park there. me?  honestly? No clue. none.  cereally. I got nothing. discovered honey whiskey. then discovered vanilla whiskey. hmmmph. story time? […]