I am going a million miles a minute right now. Blowout on the highway going 75. Spun out. Nearly did not make it. Goddess fucking help me but that was close. 

Never did that before. On ice sure. I saw that barricade bearing down and the truck as well. I was doomed. Fucking doomed. For sure. 


I would like to sound like a badass but i was not. At all. I just did not panic. Barely. Until I stopped. Then there was this moment of pure adrenaline laced super freak. 

The life flashing thing happened. 

Not life exactly but the important things in it. Maia and Dax. The thought of leaving them has me more on edge than normal. I need those perfect little ones. They are my everything.

Did I mention X Gon Give It to Ya was blaring the whole time. First I shit my pants then I kiss my ass goodbye. Then I let it pop. Fuck me.

Also clarified something in my head. Another face popped up. One I long to see again. The beautiful artist that has so captivated my mind and heart. She was as prominent as the kids. Fuck. I may be truly infatuated. And she doesn’t need that from me. 

The pop. The jerk. The spin. The wall. The truck. All a blur. All less real than the flood of emotions going through me. I need to process a shit ton of things. It has been 30 minutes since death waved hello. I imagine I will be a wreck later.

Sounds like it will make a helluva blog post.

Love you. Cereally.

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