So this dude at work has a major crush on me. I never really notice, terrible with signals and all, but it has become the source of the entire teams pleasure.

They have pointed out how he walks by me multiple times a day. And giggles every time. I have headphones in and nearly no hearing in my right ear anyway so it is lost on me. Am I inadvertently playing hard to get by not acknowledging him? Maybe my cluelessness is obvious.

I am doing something right with the men and wrong with the women it seems. Maybe if I adopt an air of cool dismissiveness My odds will change. Seems out of character though. This tiger cannot change his spots.

So I am flattered to find myself the Apple of someone’s eye, it is unfortunately not the eye of whom I want to Apple in. 

Always the bride’s maid never the out of touch uncle that tries to convince you 9/11 was an inside job.

I am going to color tonight. Been thinking about it for a bit and my sketching has turned into repetitive nonsense. Words are fine and dandy but they leave me unfulfilled lately. This general malaise and deep psyche diving are not for the weak spirited. 

Have a great day and remember it isn’t you, it is them. And remember what Uncle Spanky always says, Fuck them, burn down there houses and salt the fucking earth. A pox on their future generations. And may syphilis anoint the eyes of their pets. 

Love you

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