a simple guide to resolutions

don’t this is gonna sound lame. but tomorrow is just another day it isn’t a magic portal to a wondrous new world tomorrow is just that so take a tip from me, buckaroos, trust me on this one be the best you no matter what day it is, do not accept anything less than fucking […]

wilted elegance

the snow crunches beneath the heavy footsteps loud in the silent night the sheet of ice on the river cracks as the temperature plummets there is a subversive transience in matter when the air seems to move slower as atoms vibrate out of sync with the desolate variance in the end all succumb to the […]

a moment

she stares at me with huge brown eyes that shimmer like a black hole drawing me into the powerful gravitational pull of eternity my every urge is to wrap my arms around her neck and hug her tightly to accept her gift of pure innocent affection with no ulterior motives we stare for the entire […]

drained of emptiness

saffron colored whimsies circle my half vacant skull traversing the moments between incandescent daydream and inclement sorrow it smells faintly of dandelion tea with a faint undertone of cyanide so i practice painting my face for my starring role in the screaming mine trying to ignore this impending doom perched like a raven with tentacles […]