news from the Fool

so it is almost the holidaze and the end of 2019 and The Fool is fighting a sinus infection that is keeping him from writing

but all hope is not lost, dear readers, I broke 18k words on my latest epic poem and am hanging right at the one third point in this tome. I think it is turning out pretty good but the last week has had me swimming instead of casting a net to capture the words correctly.

Death’s Head Press has informed me that my western/horror story will be the second one out of the gate. They have an incredible cover artist that hand paints his work and I’m excited to see what he can come up with. I already have a scene in mind I think will look amazing.

been scribbling some short story ideas out in the down time in the hopes of having enough to make a second collection.

All in all, I can’t complain about 2019. It started off very rough but things have gotten better as it progressed. Don’t mind me as I wait for the floor to drop out beneath me. It isn’t pessimistic if it has proven to be true over the years.

I hope every single one of you has a wonderful whatever the hell you celebrate. That you love one another and make sure it is known because you never know when it will be too late to say the things you should have.

It’s not too late to get either of my books as stocking stuffers for loved ones or hated enemies. Either works.

(UN)POETIC: a collection of poetry
Notches: A Collection

as always, hugs and sloppy wet kisses to each of you and thanks for putting up with my constant stream of writing


9 thoughts on “news from the Fool

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I have the same crap. Been trying everything… mucinex, nyquil, sudafed…. nothing is working. I have the speed of a turtle at this point. So tired, but so stuffy I can not sleep. Also, trying to keep up with a 5 week old kitten that likes to pee on my bed all the time. I have washed sheets and blankets so many times this week. But…. shes so damn cute i cant be mad at her. Besides, shes just a baby… I just dont know how to stop it from becoming a habit.  Love ya!!! 

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  2. Damnit, I should have said floors like you to make it less weird.

    And congratulatatatiaions. (That’s what my dumb iPad does when it gets tired of my typos, exaggerates them to make me look dumber. Lol

    Sorry for your sinus aches 😔

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  3. Hey Love, the bottom has always fallen out before.
    But I suppose you have to say that because there is always another bottom to have the possibility of falling, good things have to have happened first and some where to have created a bottom for the lovely things on top of it.
    Perspective? Always two or more ways to look at things. 🤷‍♀️

    So many bottoms, but this is definitely not a comment about anatomy

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