it was cold, bitterly so as the wind cut through my shirt i slipped on my jacket to check the mail normally i avoid the mirror, an aversion to seeing the puppy dog eyes staring back at me, a reminder of how long since those lips were kissed, the beard not covering enough of the […]

gray drops under a magenta moon

manic under a magenta moon, the stars in the sky aren’t familiar, can’t get my bearings, baring myself to an alien moon, spilling all of my secrets to another dimension, out of synch she tracks sand into the house, perfect footprints from the back door through the kitchen, the ball of her foot and heel […]

make it last

the time it took me to realize time was exactly what i needed was found too late if patience is a strong point add another weakness to my fractured list of failings so i elected to man the unmanned ship to be the test subject, the crash test dummy, the petri dish, colonized by a […]


my mind is racing but there is no cohesion to the thoughts like a lightning round of idiocy and insecurities bouncing from disparate to desperate and all points between salivate retaliate procrastination salvation a fine line from confusion to disillusion with a healthy dose of defenestration seven happy heartaches eight offending offers nine and ten […]


two days in a haze a black cloud of perpetual illness sorrow blanketed me nothing shook the desolation then last night thinking this could be my last i fought against the pull i opened my eyes to find her floating above me claws in my mind fangs dripping poison onto my lips the succubus had […]