a womb with a view, act I – dementia


fireworks flare

crescent moons burst into acidic tears that shower down upon the open mouthed faces of all who witness the destruction of all they knew to be real

the pachyderms strike against the rusted cogs of the machinery, bow ties etched with keroscenic vistas, tremulous eruptions of soot fill open spaces between

hypothetical, parenthetical misgivings as the fireworks sputter out

as the skies above fill with images of daffodils and off color remarkabilities

as it all sputters out


the polar ice caps drifts on and on towards equatorial incidental ignominy





chasms open into the hollow world, spilling the half elven regurgitations into the massive sink holes that once protected the technicolor dictators far beneath the surface


she strums the strings of her guitar, her voice a horrific mishmash of broken glass and tearing tendons

pain flows from the bowels of jupiter’s moons

a psionic wave of passionate terror sweeps across the latency between hearts


an ink block relief carved from the supple flesh of insignificant tumors

stamped across the nebulous foreheads of the misshapen overlords at the edge of space



desperate measures lead to desperate search and grand mal seizures

just breathe

in and out

ignore the kaleidoscopic nightmares in the corner of the room

a womb with a view into dementia


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