in the shed is a paint can with a dent in the side drippings of gray that once was pale lilac dried in faded refrain rust speckles the the once burnished metal dead zones of oxidized daydreams colonizing around the peeling label with a child’s shaky meaningless scribbles the lid sits just low enough a […]

bartering for berries

seething, she draws the knife from the small of her back and prowls across the rooftop like a crazed cat on a mission to cause havok, all the while smiling with sharpened teeth like the mouth of a shark with nose full of blood and jet black marbles for eyes a catatonic ambulance driver with […]

lost again

lost in translation the emancipation of flagrant anticipation left to boil in the fervent need of another day in nowhere another night spent chasing wishes casting lines casting nets casting spells casting calls the call of the wild wonder of whimsy cashed in like chips at the table chip off the old block old denim […]

driving illiteracy

stream of consciousness dream of unconsciousness ream of paper beam of light reflected off a skyscraper scamper to the hamper to answer the questions hawk circles thermals drift slowly rabbit hops in the thick underbrush beneath the mesquite thorns corded muscles the vein pulses in his forehead another lost soul drifting in the middle of […]


swimming through bleached coral as the choral orchestra stands on red algae that feels of rotten meat in the corpulent heat of another episode of the damned souls seeking salvation while living beyond the meanings soar beneath the surface of polluted unfulfilled wishes, eyes burning from toxins, man-made filaments of electro-mechanical angular screams into the […]

spatial incognition

spatial awareness lacking, general unfairness stacking, banal existence venal persistence, creeping across vascular thoughts avoiding the mirror like it is a tiger trap, bamboo stakes through the heart of the matterless horizons of skeptical spectacles reasoning logical fallacies like seasoning logistical failings, when you are too tired to sleep yet too awake to properly function […]

krylon pigeons

she moves across the floor like a marble statue granted sentience by a prankster god with too much time and too little control i lay on the couch watching her, wondering is she knows that she was meant to be hanging about a park of church somewhere instead she makes oatmeal while telling me about […]


the sense of self lost in the dense foliage of shiny plastic trees an aluminium age plastic pressed tightly onto every petroleum based wet dream this craven sense of self hiding among the fevered topical depressions of tropical regressions of passive aggressions of unsettled fears demanding recompense for recollection agencies that never forgot to tax […]


i pray with doll hands clenched tightly in my fists a rosary of spent shells a crucifix that has seen too many last fixes a burnt spoon a crusty needle empty baggies with residues of days spent lost i pray with indecent devotion the belief of a magician the truth of a trickster the hope […]


he flapped his lips like an epiglottis in perpetual loop none of the things he said carried any weight yet the gravitas in which he spoke them beguiled like the steam whistle on a train in the middle of nowhere riding the track towards the end of the line a controlled study on uncontrolled radio […]


a culmination of events a fractal shifting kaleidoscopic nuance bedazzled with extraneous narratives from the fourteenth dimensional fracture it pieces together slowly, but not beginning with edges and corners an ink blot rorschach vision from italian horror directors trapped in a blizzard in the desolate wastelands of pluto’s elliptical orbit the pressure so intense it […]


it was a transitive state of dissonance, a celestial paradox, a pair of ducks on a riding lawn mower, a snow blower, a snow globe with happy new year written inside it was watching the water go down the drain, drained of wherewithal, with out while so heavily content that tears flowed down onto the […]

-decahedronically speaking-

decahedronic hydroponic – hooked on phonetically speak and spelling – the sails of sundered hope doth flutter in the sapient sunrise of the soul across missing missives misty and misdiagnosed poisonous – a rivulet of slime from snail mail sent letters of adoration – the hunched back of the letter carrier carrying hope from eight […]


lavender dappled torture chambers in fields of saplings stunted by the chemical spills the hum drum horizons overlook the bent shapes of agonized pupas forced into spiked cocoons iron maidens and rusted chains with crimson stained shackles litter the pavement along side amino acidic rain slicks with pollywogs evolving into meta displays of darwinian dismay […]

sanguine lips

the fevered wound borders the sagging sky of howling infidelity infectious splinters of sharp pain induced nightmare trail markers greenish purple bruises swell beneath bloody leather skin a smile tempered with blooming insanity on sanguine lips

crawling across the lava yet freezing

carrion crawl the clarion call strongly suggested need boils into the lava field of unkempt irrationality lost in the space of compact thought bouncing across the headstones of every daydreaming ape acting as if the banana of wonderment is really a knife in it’s sheathe cannot complain when the blade slices deep enough to draw […]


rarified air this clarified glare left terrified and bare, tripping over shoelace retention, detentionary practices of self punishment fundamentally unscarred, unmarred, cast aside for the disbarred disenfranchised youth of scholarly disdain left to wallow in the unfurled brow of happiness in broken glass car accident of home without the familiar scent of then youthful indiscretion, […]

a womb with a view, act VI – detraction

recalcitrant sorrow, sorry, pleading for relief, begging for forgiveness, crawling on knees leaving awkward steps across the despoiled fabric of ever lasting she owned his heart, his soul, the lone queen in a crown of razors on a throne of broken dreams bloody tears trail down tanned skin, crimson trails of torturous misgivings, her thick […]

a womb with a view, act V – deluded

reticent the farther the fallen drift, the more romantic the words sound as they float back from the edge of reticent meanderings all of the stupid things done in vain, they seem so quaint in rose quartz stasis hell is reaching out nothing but the void responds heaven is curling up the void wrapping itself […]

a womb with a view, act IV – degradation

fear eight legs in the darkness, the hint of venom on tiny fangs, the ridges of vertebrae in curved repose what moves in the shadows under the bed, in the closet, beneath the sheets the icy hand grips, chokes, gently caressing exposed flesh fear is all in the mind but mindless terror delves deep from […]

a womb with a view, act II – delusion

trepidation swimming through oceans of ashes, watch for sharks, watch for red eyes in the shadows they shut my power off again jackals in the underbrush, lions in the trees, fish flopping on rain clouds as falcons drown beneath ice recharge the static between bare feet and hand reaching for the door knob shuffling slowly […]

a womb with a view, act I – dementia

parenthetical fireworks flare crescent moons burst into acidic tears that shower down upon the open mouthed faces of all who witness the destruction of all they knew to be real the pachyderms strike against the rusted cogs of the machinery, bow ties etched with keroscenic vistas, tremulous eruptions of soot fill open spaces between hypothetical, […]

statuesque meanderings

she was still, as if her cloven hoof was encased in amber slowly bubbling up from the ground beneath, topaz highlights in the low light of subterranean strip malls and nail salons glass bones wrapped in copper wire like ganglia, fine rubber hosing threaded carefully, fibrous roots bunched like monocotyledonous musculature covered with brown paper […]


there is a maze in my skull get lost with me mitochondria make my cells continue on continue on how long have i hugged the edges of the whirlpool seeking the center infinity at the center of her eye calm in a turbulent safe zone left left right the ball of yarn loosely spread out […]

polka dotted daydreams

he carved little dragonflies into his thigh with rusty fishhooks while the wind sang in coffee cans by the rocky shore she danced on one foot while vipers hissed and struck at her when the swelling got too bad she switched feet they sell drugs out of metal lunchboxes to the men with no eyes […]


if egress means to escape and regress means to become less developed then my only means of egress lately is to regress stately and fall into the patterns of the past/evolving means revolving upon some bitter happenstance and seeking a solution to this mental revolution based on luck and chance/skywriting my feelings into the black […]


there are bees behind my eyeballs buzzing stinging rats with moth wings bite me as i sleep my blood is poison my venomous pain seeps over broken lips i am tired drained weakened but still strong enough to burn down everything with a lackluster smile


she slammed the door with a crack like a sniper’s bullet through the heart each subsequent slamming dealt further into the law of diminishing returns how many times can a heart be shot before it a) kills b) becomes desensitized there is a reason the arm goes numb during a heart attack, i try and […]

(un)titled image II

i saw a photo of two women happily gazing into an oven from the fifties. there was no context or words. whatever it was in there must have been glorious judging by their expressions. it could have been anything. or just an advertisement for ovens. i will never know. but in my head it was […]


this application incarceration tinder setting myself on fire lime wire downloading viruses directly into my mania frame can’t explain can’t contain won’t refrain woeful disdain ones and zeros fluctuate punctuate deteriorate commiserate inundate antiviral mediation feel the bass roll across your skin goosebumps flicking tongues probing fingers phantom limbs growing numb kingdom come banish the […]

sermon of sin

she was a vision in revisionist history, hysterically visionary in the way a vice vanquishes virtue, a shimmering sign of holy power and brought the good book to life hard the hairy angles swing, glory to this sweet, sweet thing brothers and blisters, let us bluster and prey upon the deaf, dumb and blind bindings […]

oh well

is this heaven or hell, i can’t tell the difference that well, kneeling before the throne in supplication, or in a pit of flesh eating ants sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of lies, until the best parts of this child atrophy and die i sit on the wall awaiting the fall […]


shutting down the system for maintenance, stuck in the same loop, depression, loneliness, silence, not enough, set a sail in a rickety boat with more leaks than leg room on a dry river bed of desire distant howls signalling they come to feed again, slavering maws and jagged fangs, eyes devoid of all but hunger, […]

go fish

restless leg syndrome has taken over my entire frame vibrating molecular motion in tune with another dimension occasional bleed over occurs tabbies with moth wings sentient knives with thick eastern european accents my legs are caught in a fisherman’s net and the tolling of the bell on the buoy calls out staggered steps towards the […]


irradiated in the solar rays isotopical failure half life full life no life left mutated designated reinstated ridicule falling farther from the light of day ensconced in shadow left with waxy feathers and an expired lottery ticket roaming the world alone a modern day daedelus craftsman destined to watch the ones he loves scorched and […]

vinegar and pennies

the voices whisper constantly a litany an invocation white noise in the background of every quiet moment gentle tolling of the bell the dagger the cup an entire tarot deck come alive thousand fates unfold at once don’t go that way this path is fraught with peril death danger failure inconceivable torment allegorical ache irreparable […]


just another social anxiety flare up one of those public autopsies encouraging hashtags and in depth analysis no one cares what i think so when the inevitable breakdown occurs audacious ineffectualness a murder of crows settles silently on the fence a conspiracy of ravens on the church steeple universally inept coroners conduct a social autopsy […]

brink of jazztinction

thunder lizards on the horizon subtle shaking as they roam closer stark technicolor nightmares viscera a low upright bass off scene buh doom boom boom boom boom boom boom buh doom boom boom boom fingers run down the ivory keys the tyrannosaurus snaps a brush across the cymbal nostrils flared the scent of prey on […]

you will know

give it a couple minutes to kick in, she whispered in an evil tone playfully how will i know it is working i asked nervously you will know my head snapped back as fireworks blossomed across my optic nerve i was on the back of an otter, if it was huge or i was small […]


i loved, i lived and i lost, ghosted and roasted by an egregious flame that sputters and flickers chasing shadows across the lawn, invisible puppeteers and the strings they tug and yank,jerking movements and motion sickness on full display my soul is a greasy soap bubble floating through a forest of thorns, anxiety and ill […]


the steady hum of the dual solenoids firing rapidly, needles driving deep into epidermal artistry, wiping blood and excess ink away as the pattern takes shape, like a thousand nettles, an angry swarm of beautiful bees, lost in the endorphin surge, elevated the story of my life with another indoctrination, every new scar, every new […]


in these hastily written odes to her, to life, to depression, to home, to loss, to pain, to tender refrain, to bloody knuckles, to jazz, to music, to muses, to ruses, to rhyme in tanka, in haiku, of sonnets, of soliloquies, free form, rigid structure, dialogues and diatribes this is a dedication to you, i’m […]


indistinct mutterings from the other side of the veil, frail, stale and lost under the stove, kingdom of discarded spoons and lintball fantasies, gone the way of the slotted spatula and hope captured, enraptured, fact into fiction, friction, mistakes in diction, restrictions, restricting, conradicting, evicting the childhood to make room for adult condominium desires compartmentalized, […]


quiet time on the side of the road when i write i hear the voice of the writer boom in the hallways of my mind when i spin in place long enough i can feel the space between thoughts that little moment of doubt a cask of wine floating in wispy seas of nothing rocking […]


complicit iliicit reticent abundant flame retardant incontinent marginal decreed self serving subservient denial rejection retention injection infection inflection insidious acclimations of endowed virtue like the first summer breeze or the last week winter snow avalanches of devotion and fair weather frenzies of donning masks from the sacrificial after glow rebirth girth deified refried torn asunder […]


i am an amateur astronomer, studying the tidal affects of ever growing hunger and insatiable gravitational pull on light waveforms caused by black holes in the darkest reach of space i am cheating though, watching in the bathroom mirror, witness to this dark birth in the pupils of the eyes that stare back, all of […]

grand mal caesar

transcendental meditation, slipping through the veil, floating through the commonality of luscious acruements and sadistic sacraments, the void and time lines of dimensional abnormalities one step out of phase, congruent inconsistencies sticky and sated, plated on copper with silver piping, tasting of blood and dreaming of supple lips, the fragrance of sweaty ultimatums, chores to […]

lunar lunacy

the moon was lined up perfectly between the buildings that rise into the sky beside me reflecting off of the tapping buildings in either side it cast three pale orbs i stared at it and felt the as if entire world was off three moons affecting the tides pushing down on me while calling out […]


she asked me what my spirit animal is and i said a lion she laughed at me that figures lay around all day while the lioness hunts and takes care of the cubs only getting up to fuck and feast you’re no lion i say back and thought about seemed ideal really a bone in […]

private i

as my eyes opened this morning, the chill of an empty room compounded by the fan blowing ever steadily onto my freshly shaven head, the effects of the pills that stop my ceiling staring antics still fuzzy around the edges, focusing on focusing my pupils, ever the indignant students lately, i felt as if today […]


jagged broken teeth glass covers everything like glitter after a stripper shakes her head over your lap save the mosquitos, nuke the whales, there is a feral cat epidemic like an anti bubonic plague you are my albatross, my sign of land, my lonely flying friend flotsam and jetsam and ambergris, floating whale vomit that […]

for one

tiptoeing across the graves of the not so recently deceased, masoleums of lives gone past, gone passed, gone too soon the stench of decay like expensive perfume, permeating and penetrating and passively erasing all olfactory common scents wilted roses in a vase, dessicated and distracting from the flickering reminders of what was supposed to be […]

end of recording

serial, milk and cereal, venereal, bumps and festering sores, soars, flying above, a dove, piece amongst all mankind, the succulent and the trucculent, the redundant ex-pundit, reluctantly repugnant and created to obey crass, immature, more machine than man, cyborg, half breed, centurian centaur, the workhorse and the buried burro singing gregarious gregorian chants, chance, luck […]


farewell to the darkness resting in my mind to the writhing agony that pervades every movement to the things i dreamt of in the quiet moments the echos of more subsonic insubstantial simperings subtly vanishing into the shadows a flash of light a cloud of smoke drift into the reflection of future incomprehension the lone […]

one last (re)quest

i was barefoot walking through a garden of carnivorous plants their pollen was intoxicating and i barely felt the stinging bites as they slowly consumed me piles of sun bleached bones barely a tendon withered and dried remained on i traverse inexorably drawn deeper in until the sun is blocked by the canopy of leaves […]

intergalactic flight recorder

full speed into the wall head first, no helmet, on repeat for the last six months, no longer an accident but more a designed failure, seeking traction on treacherous terrain, loss of direction, affection and inspiration, wheels spinning, feet slipping, gravel spitting, driven insane, lungs burning, muscles torn, palpitations and vision blurred, speeding well past […]

stage left

a maelstrom, a whirling dervish, a mannequin on stilts in the rain a nonexistent knot, gordian, cut in twain like a child in a biblical tale if i brighten whiten dye and pluck will someone see me for me or will i just fall into the pack of lemurs unaware of where we run but […]

full circle

mint flavored ridicule and almond smelling kisses the steady iv drip of saline solutions and serendipitous rainbows comatose copulations and salutations rinse the stained sheets of teenage secretions wet dreams at the dry cleaners milk shakes and ipecac soda fountains focus on your focus to weed out the weakness of rabid earthworms and tentacled terrors […]


he ran into the room shouting “i’m a unicorn, bow down before my majesty” he had fastened a gloriously floppy dildo to his forehead and was prancing about neighing at any who met his gaze his entire body was covered in gold glitter and it rained as he spun paper mache purple laquered hooves wrapped […]


it was a triumph of tragedy a new glistening peak in the mountains of suffering that have sprung out of the craggy exposed bits of his spine those shards of calcification and ignoble regret filled with fluid and the cabling necessary to control the puppet bone spurs jutting carving new issues lamenting laminating broken by […]

assault and bakery

off kilter psychedelic butterflies with hypnotic wings entranced bewitched beguiled bewildered gentle lapping waves of barely tangible delight in an ocean of tickling fingers and carbonated whispers one plane removed gumdrop bridges of coarsely sugared dementia a hint of spice the lashes of cinnamon whips across your deserving back jawbreaker ball gags and licorice restraints […]

of unbidden hopes and flayed skin

my horoscope said today would be the day my fondest dreams come true apparently my fondest dream is to be stuck in this pit of torment a reliquary of fermented lapses in judgement of unbidden hopes and flayed skin saline solutions and idiotic meandering of lies and half truth horrors the stars have no more […]

hidden in plain site

juxtapose the missionaries passionate throes the crux of the matter the flux of the bladder madder and madder he chased after the hatter common causality coincides congruently catastrophically allow me to demonstrate the proper way to asphyxiate wait a psychic shockwave originating on a farm in central montana a flock of blue jays fly into […]


i’m leaving she said, bright eyes suckered by the greener grass of new sides pulled in by white lies and brighter dyes, the facade of what she hoped would be true i let her go, knowing that once she traipsed barefoot through the fresh manure coating everything she would come running back while what i […]


flying down the sidewalk, see the line, live the line, olly into a kickflip to catch the crooked grind down the twelve set, varial heelflip and pray for no traffic the board goes its own way halfway through the kickflip, my trajectory is straight for the rail, feet flailing, the ting of metal and feet […]

pick up line

any port in the storm any snort in a porn any hope is all worn every loss is still warm the ratatatat of a snare drum the crackle of burning tobacco no matter how intricately the mirrors are set up are you listening? no matter how intricate the mirrors are set up never look the […]


flashes of metal, again and again, arterial spray, vivid and robust across everything crimson jets, mist and plumes, hot and fresh from the teat as these things go over and again, in brutal machine like efficiency that blade kept raining down longing for the days of the air hammer and rustic thump hiss thud of […]


as the mushroom cloud erupts in the not so distance, the first shockwave sending the ground in front of me into ripples, the first wave of fatal radiation a heat flash making all who stand against into shadows falling to my knees and accepting the cleansing bath, the last full body orgasm before nothingness, sweet […]

metaphorical warfare

the shared consciousness of the hive mind tethered thoughts are they all in this much pain or is it just me is this mass communication array set only to receive on my end is this not transmitting it’s a thursday that means the lawn crew begins the marathon session at seven am they swarm en […]

always goes sideways

the sickness burns through parts once soft now hardened with infection covered in sweat yet so cold absolute zero vertigo inducing spirals of bleak hopelessness assault in waves a vortex of sound the urge to drive drive into the distance race the sun to the horizon when the engine eventually sputters and die tires shredded […]

today was a thursday, words

my friend called it isn’t often that happens so i actually answer he is lost needs to figure out which path in life to take the safe and simple two and a half white picket fence or take a little chance get himself a mcmansion and a trophy wife in yoga pants on one hand […]

red with white interior, words

mnemonia pneumonics cancel the world i need a break from the absurdity of reality let’s make a headline together steal a convertible, cherry red with white leather interior we are staining the hell out of everything drive it until the engine explodes cool slow motion shot of us walking away from the wreckage as the […]

triage, words

time froze i could see every drop of venom she sprayed at me the vein in her forehead popping out fury i did my best to dodge the liquid as it splattered on the ground with a hiss and plume of smoke her deadly accuracy and my innate ability to dodge responsibility working in tandam […]

tornado, words

tornado warning the summer before i moved to texas tornados destroyed a good chunk of ft worth funky town as the locals call it i don’t know why i am hard pressed to think of a less funky town salt lake city probably moscow strikes me as more vibrant underground house or techno i like […]

no clue, words

blind, tripping over everything including my tongue the blank picture in the yearbook as if sick on the day the photos were taken insert face here like a plane about to hit the mountainside while the pilot tells stories about his perfect record the perfect attendance record and a late case of mono numb fingers […]

murder conga, words

some days i feel like i am at the front of a murderous conga line like the person right behind me has knife poised at my throat a series of dangerous intent follows poisoned needles syringes filled with air machetes, machine guns and other phallic shaped implements of my unwitting demise not to say i […]

sync, words

tick tick tick the metronome keeps the time of the beat inside my mind i tap my foot with it eyes closed the world synchonizes with me soon all throbs with the same all encompassing urge i napped fitfully on and off in restless dream states waking with need dodging sunbeams like lasers from a […]

wine stains, words

gonna live a true poet’s life too much wine, too much debt, too much internal angst ink stained fingers and suicidal daydreams embrace the rot within does any thing else matter besides clever word play and vague substitutions no start drinking coffee as four a.m. wine at six whiskey at ten supplement cocaine when the […]

shedding, words

crystal clear delusion extinction level resent gratitude and superfluous share a common threadbare charm as i lay upon this altar, offering myself to the angry skies behold the fallen son the fabled archetype the supple sullen sacrifice open a vein to demeter, offer a coin to charon, spread the word of athena, send an ox […]

sparse, words

one foot in reality one in the void head in the clouds heart out on loan the crumbling masonry work, dust from every shift in the now settling space rumblings of divine misfortune a broken wine glass and pool of sticky red is the centerpiece of the table blackened flowers, wilted and benign the remains […]

stones, words

each prayer a stone cast into the stream concentric circles, ripples in time, the cascading waters of eternal hope swept in the currents of ego and void pulled through magnetic fields, stretched thin, inside out and reversals of fate the gods throw tantrums, drain the wishing wells until naught but coins remain belligerence and belittlement […]

dams, words

built a dam and now the sirens blare flood warning not going to give in cannot decipher smoke signals or solve puzzles not going to play games asked the fates for a sign friend zone by thundercat came on the radio well played you bastards well played indeed so cutting the anchor and letting the […]

economical dissaray, words

the law of diminshing returns states if one production is increased while all others are held constant invariably the increased output will lessen therefore i postulate the more one seeks something, the less likely that thing is to appear by dedicating myself to the search for intangibles and barely recognizing the real world i find […]

soliloquy, words

i have come to a conclusion this voyage of loneliness, the futile search for someone to share this life of misery with is illusionary the she i have spent far too long looking for is an intangible thing like trying to catch sand with a net, no matter how tightly woven, the particulates are always […]

sunshine, words

consumed by heat, the photons make for unsteady footing, finding purchase as the waves roll on the flesh seared, blackened and blistered on my calves, tattooed flesh rendered into ash nubs where podiatry is rendered worthless the tongues of blue lick upwards, my thighs aflame, aerobic activity feeding the fires greasy black smoke fills the […]

guilty as charged, words

these thoughts build the frame, the words the bars of my cell hanging over a pit of sharpened stakes made from the bones of broken lovers rocking to and fro with the subtle sighs and blanketed by the with heavy silence of a thousand unspoken thoughts i crafted this cage, made the lock from my […]

cardiac arrest warrant, words

spent the day learning the electric rhythm of the heart of ventricle and atriums, current and flow, the machine that keeps us going how beautifully crafted a pump so strong, so important so easily broken I have been in a state of asystole for so long, a state if no electrical activity, self imprisoned by […]

Arrhythmia Sole, words

i don’t have the wherewithal to weather another storm an aerosol parasol, no protection from inclement precipitous downfall soaked to the bone, so far from home, alone and attempting escape she told me to dance and on worn soles, with a torn soul, i let the music take me away shaky limbs still have rhythm, […]

danse misanthrope, words

over tired, under performed wilted my sense of equillibrium is off the excitement of the day has turned this infernal feeling if wanting more burns and leaves naught but ash want home trepidation and feeling insufficient exhaustion magnifies the broken edges less shattered more mangled shades of self indulgent misanthropic melodies flood through my mind […]

compass, words

thank the silence for the kids, the tenuous loneliness of the perpetually alone broken by these brief interludes of joy baking for them, cooking for them, having someone to take care of is a slice of heaven all too quickly it vanishes and i retreat into the spiral of depression and emptiness but as the […]

wolf, words

metamorphosis joints popping out of socket as bone breaks fuses over and again wails of agony snapping vertabrae, elongating jaw, jutting fangs, eyes flashing yellow howling over the crackling sounds of becoming something more heightened senses, the smell of blood in the air, succulent fear and sweat transitioning to something more, than human, than predator […]

Another Shipwreck, words

pre-emptive apologies, reactionary dodging of the shrapnel from my sleep addled brain spent too much time thinking of the unknown of falling wishing for a controlled plummet but knowing it is free fall and all i see are clouds beneath did i allow this set myself up for another collosal failure on the road to […]

insomnia tinted barb wire kisses, words

slowly pushing needles into the corner of my eyes i can feel the drill boring into my temples as the ice hammer thumps the top of my skull sense it as they flay the skin from the soles of my feet and bath them in salt and acid all while rabid monkeys beat my shins […]

notes, words

following the chord progression, singing along to my depression, my former flame of obsession the staccato drums and gently lifting horns, bass driving the mix, stunted and undertonal dissonance beauty in the beat, safe harbor in the lyrical longing, a reflection of my own dismissive drone reverb echo chamber smooth, soothe the savage bestial moans, […]

Cooking, words

when everything is falling apart, dissolving back into the baser bits, simmered down and gently deglazed, white wine and butter, heartache and tears, take stock, add broth, low heat and immense pressure life is made equal parts butter and flour, salt and pepper, smiles and throaty chuckles, skip to the roux my darling i miss […]

Missed Call, words

i may have missed my calling i have wasted so many words, so much time, seen so many things that seemed to be succulent insanity traversed through time and place to find myself fraudulently forward facing always looking back and drifting off into memories of things best left forgotten, of things that didn’t happen, of […]