no clue, words

blind, tripping over everything

including my tongue

the blank picture in the yearbook

as if sick on the day the photos were taken

insert face here

like a plane about to hit the mountainside while the pilot tells stories about his perfect record

the perfect attendance record and a late case of mono

numb fingers

deadened by disinterested bird song

a plate of meat set out in the summer sun to thaw and forgotten for a month

now a feast for blowfly larva

deadend roads and bed and breakfast horror stories

as alive and well as the newspaper industry

as valid as crypto currency

as trust worthy as a politician

only as strong as the weakest link

brittle tensile neurosis in the backdraft of a raving inferno in a darkened warehouse and the molly is laced with hanging participles


deemed unsavory by the necrophiliac association of abridged llama farmers incorporated

good night


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